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Description of the video guide «How to create a Holding Facility in Prison Architect»

Confused about prison architect? I’ll show you how to make a holding cell. Like an actual tutorial (weird, right?) Share if you know people that are a little lost when starting Prison Architect. Peace. 😀

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I have sunk so much time into prison architect I love this game so much but I’ll admit it’s confusing at first look at all these buttons what do why are you giving me so many buttons I’m actually gonna play this game a little bit show you how to put together your first basic prison and show you kind of how to play the game hey you hit escape to bring up the main menu you can create a new prison my computer cannot handle a large prison this game starts to slow down I always stick with medium if your computer’s not so great definitely go small that’s okay too but I’m gonna stick with medium for now for the size of prison that we’re gonna be making doesn’t really matter fog of war I play with that on it’s more realistic it’s cool generate forests I turn I turn that off cuz I don’t care yeah I leave the failure conditions on because you know I’m playing the game if you are just learning how to play the game it is ok to turn unlimited funds on if you just want to build a prison and see what all the buttons do but I don’t I don’t play with that on because I want to show people how you can actually make money you know playing the normal game alright here we go.

Play a couple of things that you should notice at first if you look in your upper left you’ve got a to-do list I just try to knock out things on the to-do list that’s all I’m ever doing in this game here’s what we’re gonna do first read the CEOs letter why not hey look he’s telling us some stuff you need a warden you need some jail cells we’re gonna hit delete to delete that thing look clearing stuff off the to-do list next we got a problem we got prisoners in 24 hours but here’s the thing let’s say you want to build your prison for a little while you’ve got thirty thousand dollars you want to spend that money if you wanted to lay those prisoners coming in you can do that at the bottom right hand corner of the screen there’s an icon that says reports click that open up the tab that says intake it should say intake at the top you see these sliders here you can turn these sliders all the way down and now look no one is coming in up at the top here now it says your prison is closed to new inmates so this means I can spend a few minutes to build as I see fit and not worry about random prisoners running around and messing everything up that means pretty much the to-do list is empty so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put some more stuff on the to-do list here’s how you add things to your to-do list go back to reports bottom right hand corner of the screen and then you can just go to your grants grants are additional tasks that you can take on and you always want to take on a couple of grants they give you things to do and.

Also give you extra money take a look at this one says basic detention center you’re gonna get $20,000 just for taking this grant then you get another $10,000 when it’s finished so definitely click on that we’re gonna click on that right now when I click on it it adds it to my to-do list isn’t that easy I’m also gonna take on this administration center grant.

Look we’re get an extra $5,000 right away boom got it so now we’ve got some extra stuff on our to-do list let’s start working our way down the list by the way.

WASD moves the camera isn’t it great ok what’s the first thing on the list looks like we got to build a holding cell when you want to start building rooms the first thing you do you lay some foundations bottom left-hand corner foundations if you want you can use brick or concrete I don’t think it makes a difference so I think I’m just gonna use concrete because whatever first thing we need is a holding cell right let’s just make a room we can always adjust things later or we can always start over if we don’t like it just try to make the rooms big enough to fit a bunch of people you say how big these people are right you can’t make the room too small example of a room that’s too small look at that room you can’t fit anybody there I envisioned this right here to be the holding cell we’re also gonna build a shower so I think I’m gonna make that the shower so this is gonna be a shower right here you need a yard and you don’t really have to make a yard because yards are outdoor so I’m not gonna worry about that the next thing you need is a kitchen and a canteen I like to put the kitchen as a part of the canteen so I just make one big room and I’m gonna worry about dividing those up later Hey look I’ve got three rooms got a problem though I didn’t build any doors one opportunity knocks doors are found in the objects tab check it out it’s right here it’s got like a picture of a box on it click on the objects tab I like to use large jail doors I almost never use standard jail doors I don’t know I just I like the large jail doors I’m pretty sure you can press R to rotate oh look our rotate rotate rotate I’m gonna put a door here put a door here or here I’m putting some doors once you place some doors you just wait for your workers to install them you’ll notice that once the door finishes installing the rest of the building will fill in with a cool cascading look he’s finished the door steps out of the building oh yeah so now that we’ve laid down the foundations for these rooms we have to designate which rooms are which you do this by clicking the rooms button right here the first thing we wanted was a holding cell so you click holding cell what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna box the holding cell boom just like that notice it says holding cell now we want this big room to be the canteen we want this thing to be the kid.

You do need a wall to separate the canteen in the kitchen so we’re gonna we’re gonna build that right now see I’m making a wall to separate the canteen in the kitchen.

My other room was gonna be a shower we’re gonna select shower and once again I’m gonna box this room Hey look shower I also want the canteen to connect to the kitchen so we’re gonna put a door that’s a good idea right so we can get into the kitchen we’re gonna put a door right there.

And if you’ll notice I made this example room a little while ago I’m trying to bulldoze it you cannot even bulldoze it this game has some glitches sometimes you just got to ignore them sometimes you do that for a game you like okay we got some good things and bad things the good thing at this point is we’ve laid down some foundations we’ve zoned the rooms the problem is that the rooms are not complete until they’re furnished let’s do the holding cell first if you put your mouse on the room it’ll actually tell you what else the room needs this room needs a toilet and a bench let’s give this room a toilet and a bench these things are found under the objects menu we’re gonna click that objects menu oh look I see the toilet already boom toilet man we’re gonna need a bench let’s put another bench actually you know what else we’re gonna need probably many more toilets I’m just gonna put toilets because I anticipate that when my prisoners come in here they will need to poop.

I just spent a thousand dollars on toilets but hey sometimes you need some toilets you know alright let’s talk about the shower shower needs showerheads I’m pretty sure you find those under the objects menu also we have some shower heads we’re gonna put a bunch of shower heads in the shower looks like we can have like 10 people showering at once don’t forget every shower needs shower drains make sure you take some drains put them near the exit so that water doesn’t leak out of the room all right what does a kitchen need kitchen needs a cooker a fridge and a sink we’re going to objects we’re gonna make a cooker and I’m gonna rotate the cooker so I can put it against the wall we sink we’re gonna put this sink right here and we’re also gonna put a fridge we’re gonna put a fridge in the corner over here easy alright what does a canteen need it looks like we need a serving table normal tables and a bench all right so we’re gonna take a serving table we’re gonna take the serving table and we’re gonna put it right here I think that might be fine where I put some normal tables here I don’t think I made this room big enough but we’re gonna see what happens and next to each table we’re gonna go ahead and put benches so that people can sit down it’s gonna be a pretty crowded room I wonder how that’s gonna work alright it looks like my whole prison is blinking because I don’t have any power and I don’t have any water supply let’s take care of that if you go into the utilities menu right here you get a little picture of a fall click the faucet we’re gonna drop the power station we’re gonna put it a little bit away and we’re gonna drop the water pump station a little bit away also.

These are capacitors put the capacitors you just gotta you’ve got to put all the capacitors alright they’re installing the power station we need to lay down some pipes I only use large pipes I’d think they’re the best drag the pipes and make sure you hit all your toilets and your showers look at that putting down those pipes oh there’s also the sink in the kitchen got to make sure that that’s got a pipe look at that that’s a water Network alright electrical cables all your rooms need power start from your generator draw the power lines into each main room notice that I don’t have to cover every single tile in the room I can just draw the line straight down and as long as it runs down the center of the room it’ll actually power the whole room we’re gonna let that finish just to see what it looks like.

All right great look the rooms are powered oh I need to connect the appliances directly so we’re gonna connect those alright they’re connecting the appliances for me alright the little lightning bolts have stopped blinking but I’ve got a problem with my water because if you notice the water is still blinking look at those things oh you got to connect your water pump station to the power station that’s and that makes sense I’m so smart so once our little guy installs that cable looks like we got some power and the water is flowing so when we close the utilities menu by going back to a different menu our prison is empty but lit what’s next on the to-do list we need at least two guards let’s do it staff alright let’s put two guards we need two cooks there are some cooks Hey look we got it almost everything oh I messed up I forgot to build the yard your yard is just an outdoor area you just go to the rooms tab we’re gonna click on this yard all we gotta do is draw a yard Hey look it’s a yard the yard is missing one requirement that has to be secured behind at least one door so we have to enclose the yard somehow I like to do that with fences if you go into your materials tab it gives you different types of floors and walls the fence is your cheapest kind of outdoor wall what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna draw fence around my entire prison because we don’t want anybody getting away I’m gonna draw this fence it’s gonna be the best fence that’s amazing notice that there’s a gap in the fence near the road because you can’t build a fence across the street but you can put a road gate that’s under objects under objects one of the icons says Road gate if you don’t see it immediately there’s a plus sign in the bottom right of this tab if you click that and more items will show up look for the one that says Road Gate we’re gonna put a road gate connecting the fence look at that we’re gonna put another Road gate so now I have an closed perimeter fence check that out well they gotta finish building it when that fence completed a couple of things happened first of all the yard finished being a yard and now there’s no longer an alert telling me that the yard doesn’t count secondly my to-do list cleared up and I got some extra money so this thing should count as a basic facility right let’s see if it works I’m gonna go into reports I’m gonna click intake and I’m gonna bring in some prisoners I am bringing in six normal security prisoners at 8 a.m. now I just gotta wait for 8 a.m. to get here here comes the prisoner bus oh so excite the second the prisoners step off the bus my income shoots up to a thousand a day which is actually not too bad one of the things that I noticed slows down the officers is that they have to open the door and lock the door every single time they pass through it if you’re feeling good about the design of your prison and if you feel that you’ve correctly secured the perimeter fence you might find that opening all the doors actually saves you a little bit of time I click on all the doors and I set them all to being permanently open this is kind of a risky move but it does save a little bit of time and this is pretty much a basic holding facility at this point if you’re wondering what to do next I’d say take a look at your to-do list and see if you’re happy with it for example if you don’t want any more prisoners coming in remember that you can turn the prisoner intake off again by going to the reports menu and clicking on the intake tab look at these guys this guy’s named dark thorn let’s click on him see his file he has 44 ex-wives 19 daughters 25 Sons 28 more daughters and 71 mothers holy cow this guy’s had a busy life I don’t even know how you get 71 mothers Hey looks like all my prisoners got fed pretty sweet since I want to build some more in a little bit I’m gonna turn off my prisoner intake and at this point we got to remember that we can take another grant I guess the next thing we want to do is just a health and well-being grant so just click on that one give you extra money from this point what you want to do is work your way down your to-do list if I end up doing a part two I’m just gonna continue working my way through the to-do list from where I am right now thanks for watching hope you found this helpful what is happening Oh No Schaefer overdosed on drugs and I haven’t hired any doctors yet.

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