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Hello guys and welcome to todays video where we are gonna talk about how you build a good and profitable workshop in Prison Architect. If you wanna know more about how you build a succesfull Prison then check out my other videos! Peace!

The workshop is a room where Prison Labour is used to make license plates or carpentry items. As of Alpha 18, prisoners will need to be trained by a foreman in order to work in the Workshop.

Completed license plates will be placed on the floor unless a table is present in the workshop. If there is a table in the workshop prisoners will place the finished licence plates on it. If there is no room on the floor or on a table, prisoners will place the license plates in a storage room.

Stacks of finished license plates are taken to exports by prisoners or workmen. From there, they will be loaded into trucks and you will receive $10 per plate as soon as the trucks reach the border.

As of Alpha 16, wood can be sawn in the workshop to make planks; these can either be placed on a Carpenter’s Table or moved to Exports and sold. As of Alpha 18, prisoners must learn the workshop safety program before they can work in the workshop and can study the Carpentry Apprenticeship Program in order to craft the wood into Superior Beds, which are sold for $200 each.

Workshops overflowing with Boards and Logs will cause the prisoners to mope about doing nothing. Sell excess Boards manually using the sell object tool to create demand and your prisoners will start sawing logs again.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hello guys and welcome to another video in prison architect so today we’re going to talk about workshop and house build a proper workshop that gives you the most profit profit out of it because our people tend to forget the most important thing which is the forestry I’ve seen way too many people forget it that way they just build cabbages tables in the workshop and they can make them work because they don’t understand or missed out on something because the game doesn’t tell you about it but that’s where you need a forestry out here as you can see I just quickly builders to show you the proper way of filling in the most profitable workshop you can build so first of a workshop can only hold 20 workers no matter how big you make it if you make it smaller it will discrete in size of workers that be able to work in there so yeah so what is the proper size you want to build well in my opinion this build the 1817 all the 1917 is the best built you can go with because as you can see also real quick here oops.

Notice I I can hold 20 people any ropes on YouTube because I don’t want to build away I can hold 20 in both of them if I disc Reese one in this size even though if I move in I will show you okay if I move the wall into like here instead it will go down to 18 people if I wall here and over here if I had to do it like there I will go down to 18 so basically my opinion this one is the best one but you can of course do that one as well I will explain why I think this one is the best one right now because when you have a workshop with a lot of people work in it you need a lot of tables and one table is never enough in my opinion because you got the wood coming in all time if it doesn’t have any plot where to be placed in it it will normally go to the export over here and they will just sell it and that’s not good for you at all so have as many tables as you can in your prison.

And then you want to have around 20 to 25 workbench with of cabbages tables and work shall press so how many do you build well as you can see I have built four of these because normally you don’t have that many people who build superior beds and a lot of people don’t want to build the what is called the plates license place anymore because it’s not really worth it at the late game but you still need them for the workshop to work so I have six of them because you can never have a lot of these people working because they’ll get off out of your prison by getting released or something something or anything else I just don’t want to come in for work or something so I have as I can see here eight of D no not 8×8 Damas I have 12 of these thingies and I have six of these and four of these and I just find it a really good combination that you have these making into license plates and the woodcut up so you can make superior bets so it works it go smoothly fool and all people think you cannot build like this because they can’t access they can access them I will show you real quick down here this is my shitty workshop that I have a small part of as you can see this guy is in the middle of it and now you can’t could you go back police camera for a second thank you you see the middle it works perfectly there’s no excuse there same up here uh that guys actually worked on that one but he couldn’t work on that one if you want to do this one I have to redecorate this because it’s bad and it’s not working well you honest um but as you can see up here this will work so don’t be afraid of using it and have a lot of tables well but remember just build around 1917 because if you build bigger than that you you don’t get anything out of it and you’re just wasting space this is the big is the smallest you can build actually this is the smallest you can build when.

While having 20 prisoners work in it and you can of course use up the space as much as you want I just like it to look kind of good so I have it like this and of course remember you cannot turn these so you need to remember that when you build it and of course have a forestry so your workers can deliver wood which can may be made into superior beds which is so much more worth it because as you can all show you real quick this thing right here that sells know you can actually does come visible these right here when you have a one is sold for ten bucks right and twenty of these twelve the sold for 200 bucks and I do have any wood laying around they’ll go sake you have any wood no but I believe wood is $50 per wood and I believe they stack up to four which is 200 bucks but I’m not quite sure but it takes two words if I burn more correctly the creature again to build one superior bet with cells for five hundred and it doesn’t take much longer than building license plate I believe it takes as long as to make it five license plates and five license plate as you can see output self ten bucks so what are you doing is actually ten by building a superior but you earn ten times the amount you would earn from a from what you can you make of licensed place in the same time you can build one very bad sorry about that so always go as hard out on the spirits as possible if possible of course you need to have the general education qualification no that’s not one what is it workshop safe carbon — I don’t live in out on down it is bad I do not have them on that’s weird.

Well you need to carpentry a print and ship on them to learn it you guys that’s not really that many who is interested in it unless you get to like to 300 prisoners which I have in one eye other prisoners prisoners prisons but in the other game it’s you just need less and don’t ever build your workshop places or grooms began this because you’re not going to get anything out of it because you cannot have that many you can’t have any more workers working it than you can actually have in this size so but this one I like the most because I have I can fiddle more around it looks better in my opinion it’s just it looks neat and nice but of course if you’re not into that you can of course just go with this kind and just fill up the room as much as you want as possible and of course you can fill this out with work benches different tables but in the end you won’t really get anything out of it as you can see I have six plus that’s 12 18 I have 18 are work benches tables thing and then I have five cabbages table that’s 23 to table sum total and I can work twenty people in here and the same over here it’s just one less carbon to table I have 18 tables and four of these which is 22 so basically I have 18 where anyone can work in and 4 where the print and printing ships can work in our combat we get pretty cold I can work in so it’s this is the proper way of building one build an 18 hour 17 wall and within just fill it up whatever you like I would recommend only have around having around 18 maybe 60 I think you can go with 16 to be honest but it’s up to you have 16 to 20 work benches or shop where they got workshop press and worship soul and I would say have three no two-thirds of your workshop bench slash source being the sole and then the rest being the press because you want the soul the most for the pair covered the table later on and then have four to five covetous tables and that’s it so simple and then fill it up with tables because later on when these trees start to grow and you they cut them down you need a lot of tables for them to be in because also go to the export and I’ll just sell them and that’s not good for you at all so you guys remember this I’ll quickly show again how I build it so you can check it out I will give you the exact measurement of it if you want to build this one 1917 and this one is 1718 fiddle around with the guy’s figure which works for you the best and how you like it the most I like these ones because they look good to me and I have the amount of tables that I need and I have a lot of like workshop benches that I need and I have a lot of tables which I really like instead of stuff laying around on the ground I hate when they do that it’s just annoying I think they’ve done it down here maybe no they haven’t but I just don’t like it when they do that it’s annoying to me and this is the way I like it so yeah guys I hope you enjoyed this video and found it it occasionally or some sort helpful for your prison to work better because you’ll earn a lot more money with a profitable workshop so guys I hope to see you all next time guys peace out everything changes.

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