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Автор: EldestSon

Description of the video guide «How to properly organize the work of the prison in Prison Architect — Guards, Patrols, Schedule»

In which I, EldestSon, give a tutorial on deployment.


  • Guard deployment.
  • Patrols.
  • Prison access.
  • Deployment scheduler.

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Hello wonderful people interwebs I am a son and thank you for joining me today for another Prison architect tutorial today we are going to talk about deployments so this was picked by you guys as per my poll that I set out on my previous tutorial videos I will put a little high card at the top right of this video where you can vote you can also vote on previous videos if you feel so inclined so we’ll check those out and yeah let’s get started so as I said we’re gonna talk about deployments first thing you’re gonna need to do is unlock it in bureaucracy so we’re gonna need the warden security and then deployment so the other thing that isn’t unlocked right away is patrols I believe so to get patrols you’re going to need security patrols and then to get dog patrols you’re obviously gonna need to research dogs as well let’s get down to this tab so let’s talk about each of these so this guards button is how you can assign guards to different areas at different different areas to just kind of stationed them there they’ll stay in that cell block or a room or whatever it is until they have a break and then someone will come and relieve them so let’s do that to you that just click on the guard button click on the room you want super easy right or the yard so you want it there next we will look at the guard patrols so in order to make a patrol you just click and drag like so and then you can add a car it and click it so you can have these going wherever you want currently these patrols have nobody on them and we’ll talk about to this schedule or in a little bit so you have that you can have the patrols but not necessarily have people on those patrols all the time and the same thing goes for dog patrols you just pick a patrol click on the patrol route that you want them to be on so this at this time I’ve got dog patrols going around a circle here and at my entrance patrolling back and forth same thing for their armed guards.

Next we will talk about these shared min only medium only max only so if you put this on a cell block no other security levels will be housed in those cell blocks so that’s why I’ve got my prison is mainly max security except for I have one guy that is in productive custody so I needed one cell block that was um just shared because I had that one guy in there so that one protective custody guy will never be housed in here on it or any of the dormitories all right and the same thing for the medium security and all that stuff you can set that for laundry rooms and all that all that stuff too as well and only that security level will use those facilities so if you’re gonna have a yard that is only medium security you better have another yard that is maybe shared or for Mac security if you have those types of prisoners in your prison so then yeah so the same goes for all these and death row so I have my little Despero section up here because that’s where I have my execution room no other security levels will go in here or try to make this their home that’s the way I want it you can also set areas to be staff only so obviously you don’t want people in your staff room so you can put staff room as staff will only seen with these washrooms and that’s what these areas here are so I got my security room and all that stuff this access only thing is essentially people won’t try to go through your prison that way so this kind of directs all my traffic my prison straight through here to get into the prison otherwise they might think it’s a good idea to walk through the parole room to get to the yard or something which is that what I have intent intended for my prison which is why I have those as access only unlocked kind of does what you would think if I set this to and locked all the cells in this area will be unlocked all the time but I don’t want that so I’ll right-click that to get rid of it so yeah that’s kind of the basics of deployment in prison architect and the the only way you can kind of get a little bit more fast is to set up different you can set the deployment schedule so let’s pause it and we’ll take a look so this little white arrow indicates the current time and it shows how things are deployed at that time so it wasn’t go to the different tabs and show me all the different things where people are at this time if I were to click say at 3 a.m. now this little red arrow shows up and it’s showing me how things are deployed at 3 o’clock in the morning which is part of this blue 3 Block in the schedule so this is when my prisoners are asleep so while they’re asleep I shouldn’t have I don’t have any guard patrols in the middle of the prison I don’t have any dog patrols in the middle of prison but I do have dog patrols had to be at the entrance and surrounding my prison so there this dog patrol here is looking for tunnels essentially so they’ll sniff out the tunnels and warn me about them if there’s ever a tunnel there and then armed guards I have none so they’re they’re all resting same with the guard so I have my guards only stationed in cell blocks at this time because I don’t really need to be anywhere else which makes sense right so to change this you just you just click on the hour that you want to change and you can change it to one of seven different options although there’s eight because there’s the blank one I wanted to repeat this at say nine o’clock I would put three and then it would go back to this deployment kind of formation I guess you could say but I don’t want that two o’clock I’ve got a whole bunch of guards in the canteen because that’s food time and I’ve repeated that for eight to nine o’clock which is where they eat again and you can see as I click back and forth it doesn’t change it just repeats one o’clock I’m not this is the yard time so I’ve got lots of guards in the yard and then back to the regular and that’s how I’ve deployed my um my guards throughout the prison and throughout the day I’ve got dog patrols in the middle just kind of logical things you can do whatever you.

You can set up a bunch of different stuff with this so you could have like guard patrols at night going through each and every cell I’ve done that in the past just just for something to do that’s quick and dirty everything that you need to know about deployment in prison architect if you if you found this enjoyable if you thought it was help helpful drop me a quick like and subscribe and you will get notifications for further videos that I upload I try to do one of these tutorials at least once a month and when I do that I try to get feedback from you guys I’ll put out a couple options on tutorials that you guys might like that you can vote on as I mentioned at the beginning of the video and once again thank you all for watching my videos I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see you in the comments or another video in the future I hope have a great day.

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