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In which I, EldestSon, give a tutorial on laundry.

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Hello wonderful people that interwebs I am eldest son and thank you for joining me today for another Prison architect tutorial today I’m gonna expand on my previous video about prison labor by talking more specifically about the laundry room a laundry room is a pretty important room within your prison because it allows you to meet the leader to do the the clothing needs of your prisoners by providing them with clean clothes.

So without the laundry room you’re not gonna be able soon to meet this need so ideally every single prison should have a laundry room as soon as possible but in order to build a laundry room there’s a couple things that you need so namely some research to be done you’re going to need the cleaning research to be unlocked before you can make the laundry room and hire janitors to work in there and while you’re at it you should probably also get the prison labor research because this allows you to assign prisoners to work in the laundry room and in my opinion there’s really no reason not to have prisoners working in there just because there’s no there’s no real drawback to it so the the laundry room as we can see here doesn’t have any contraband associated with it even if you have the nastiest of nastiest prisoners working the laundry room you’re not gonna have to worry about them picking up like a some scissors or a knife or a needle or anything really of that they can use to do harmful things to your prison with that being said the laundry room itself has a few requirements so we’re like all rooms requires a cup of piece of furniture so we need a laundry machine a laundry basket and an ironing board and there’s kind of an ideal ratio for these things so for each lining machine you’re going to want to ironing boards or laundry baskets and five workers to operate all of these things and the like that that’s a that combination of workers and items allows for your prison to support about sixty four prisoners and provide them with clean clothing so in my prison I’ve got Forlani machines just a little bit overkill.

I must admit for only 80 prisoners but this just ensures that all my prisoners are going to get clean laundry on a regular basis and there’s never going to be like a blood a backlog of dirty clothes hanging around my prison so now I’ll kind of give you a rundown on how the room works itself it’s pretty logical it’s kind of how you’d expect it to work so either one of your prisoners or your janitors will take a laundry basket and we let around your prison collecting dirty laundry once it’s full they’ll take it back to the laundry machine put that dirty laundry laundry in the machine to be cleaned once it’s cleaned it’s a it gets put on to the ironing board to be ironed and folded and put into another basket then that basket is wheeled around again by a prisoner or janitor and the clean clothes are distributed through your prison and that’s really all there is to it it’s pretty simple however there’s a couple nuances to this the one thing that I usually forget about is this tab right here the laundry distribution normally the game will kind of just auto fill where your laundry is being distributed from each laundry room however I like to tweak a little bit just for efficiency efficiency’s sake so what I like to do is have the cell blocks that are closest to the laundry room be serviced by that laundry room so for that reason I prefer to have several smaller laundry rooms rather than one large central one is because that limits or it reduces the travel time between like the farthest place to back to the laundry room just makes a little bit more efficient your prisoners are spending more time working less time walking so to edit this normally it’s it’s a dashed line if it’s been Auto filled but I’ve done all these manually if we select this if you’re trying to select multiple cell blocks you’re going to need to actually hold shift while you click each cell block that you want the laundry room to service so shift.

Shift-click and you can also have multiple laundry rooms serving each cell block which can be useful but in my case I don’t I don’t want that because other reasons that I stated before Oh how do I get back here there we go so I’ll keep the way it was another thing to note that I uh that I often forget about go away is that the reception room also needs laundry sent to it because when your prisoners arrive they are strip-searched in the reception room and they’re given new clean clothes so just one thing to not forget about when you’re setting this up if you’re editing your the kind of auto filled laundry rooms you’ll you might forget about this so just don’t forget about it that’s pretty much all you need to know about the laundry room just the ratios between the different items and the number of workers the requirements to build the room so you need those those two researches you don’t need any reform programs which is nice any single prisoner in your prison can work in this room and then just this logistics screen in order to set things up the way you want and make you a little bit more efficient yeah I’ve covered everything that I wanted to I hope you found this useful if you found it entertaining useful or you liked it in any way give me a thumbs up if you didn’t give me a thumbs down that’s perfectly fine too and additionally give me some questions if you have if you have any I don’t mind answering them I in fact I would love to answer them that’s one way that I can learn and that you can learn about this wonderful game and also subscribe I put out these videos every now and then kind of on a semi-regular basis I try to put out one per month at the beginning of the month and that’s all I have for you I hope you have a wonderful day and bye.

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