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Description of the video guide «How to train interested (qualified) prisoners at Prison Architect»

How to get prisoners interested in participating in reform programs and thus qualified for various work activities in Prison Architect.

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Exciting time six sighting times her prison architect it was just released about a week ago and this is now version 1.0 hard to believe after years in alpha it has actually been about a year since I since I made my last YouTube video and that was actually a tutorial on how to make a most efficient workshop in this game which we can still watch it pretty much all still applies to this game today actually all of it as still applies so definitely watch that if you want to find out how to make an efficient workshop but a lot of the questions that are received on that video were how do I actually get prisoners interested in working in the workshop in the first place you know how do I get them to actually take the take the reform programs they need in order to actually start working as you can see there’s actually no one interested in the workshop safety notion course in this prison right now I do know a thing or two about getting prisoners interested in that I have 105 that have finished the class that might have something to do with why there’s no one interested they would have already taken it right and I have made a lot of money in this prison I have two hundred and sixty thousand dollars that I made just yesterday at theme time but there’s no one interested in the workshop stay tuned option well why is that it really boils down to just one thing and that’s suppression there’s two ways that prisoners get suppressed the first way is through punishment you know they can get locked up in solitary they can get stuck in their cell from his behavior and that will suppress them but another more widespread method of suppressing your prisoners that I see a lot is armed guards you can see in this prison I have armed guards patrolling the cell blocks I have armed guard in the canteen I even have armed guards in the workshop at the classroom and it definitely keeps my prisoners behaving whoa you can see is 14 serious complaints but absolutely no danger because I have pretty much all of them on suppression right the reason why this is bad is because they don’t get interested in reform programs it’s just how this game works if your prisoner is suppressed they won’t be interested even if they do happen to be interested even though they suppress they’re not going to be able to pass the course nearly as easily as if they weren’t suppressed because it affects their concentration in the class and as such they think they won’t pass the class in the first place and then they won’t be they will be qualified to work in the workshop so the best way to deal with this is obviously to remove a lot of your armed guards let’s see I have armed guards like I mentioned in my cell blocks just take them out cell blocks are bad they’re going to be suppressed all the time when they met with them in a Cell whenever they’re sleeping that’s really bad take them out of the shower I know it’s really tough to put them in the shower because that’s where a lot of mishaps can happen in your prison but take them out of the shower take them out of your canteen and by all means take them out if your class or in your workshop as your prisoners are trying to learn so and it’s directly affecting their concentration now I’m not saying get rid of your armor entirely because it so definitely serves some purpose as you can see I still have some armed guards patrolling in the outdoor areas and that’s still not totally ideal because prisoners will sleep you suppress walking past them but it’s a lot better than keeping them in individual rooms but really I would just try to eliminate I would try to eliminate them as much as possible and you can keep them towards the entrance you notice the prisoners won’t really escape if they’re out here anyway there they’re probably trying to escape otherwise it would be out here so having an armed guard out here is not a problem at all and then also you can fire them which saves you a lot of money that’s another benefit of this it is when you fire your arm guards you’re saving I want to say $1,500 every day your salary so it definitely helps out your income both in terms of getting our prisoners interested in working in the workshop and other reform programs as well as does not having to pay your armed guard salaries so it definitely helps do keep in mind that it will take a few in-game days for the suppression to wear off you had a lot of armed guards in your prison and also make sure that you have a balanced regime if you know of a balanced regime then your prisoners might kick it off because their needs aren’t being met and then no longer suppressed and you can see that this regime is pretty balanced it incorporates some free time plenty of work and enough sleep and enough eating of course and speaking of eating one more way to get prisoners interested is through making them well fed well fed is a satisfy that can happen if you have a good policy to come to your food so you can see in this prison I have a high knee low quality and a high meal variety and as such a lot of my prisoners have the wealth as that is satisfied see it’s right below stress which will slowly be fading off and having your prisoners well-fed actually helps in the pass reform programs and it contributes to the reform grading so it actually has oh and also they don’t kick off as easily so it sort of has some of the benefits of suppression without any of the negative consequences of suppression the only negative consequence of keeping your prisoners well-fed is it will it cost you some money but bear in mind that that’s more of an investment and having them be able to work in the workshop which will earn you a lot more money than it will actually cost one more spot that you can also put armed guards at every gonna mention is of course in your Supermax wing which they actually made a video about so be sure to check that out if you want to see more about this little wing of my prison over here.

But anyway if this video has been helpful to you I really hope that you please hit the time to give it a like want to see any more YouTube tutorials on this channel be sure to subscribe leave any questions that you might have in the comments I’ll Drive I’ll do my best to answer them I think it’s a lot for watching.


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