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Description of the video guide «How to set up Remote Doors in Prison Architect»

In this tutorial we will show you how to setup Remote/Automatic Doors in Prison Architect as of Alpha 30.

  1. Go To Utilities — Select Door Control System.
  2. Go To Utilities — Select Door Servo.

FYI the gear icon of the server must be placed over the door itself.

  1. Once built select the Control System and choose «Connect».
  2. Left Click on the Servo.

Reminder the connection must go from Control System to the Servo or Automatic door… it won’t work the other way around.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey guys profit bill here welcome back to another how-to in Prison architect today we’re talking about remote doors aka automatic doors and where it’s — if we come down here to utilities you’ll see that they have to our controller we have door controllers doors servos what’s a bunch of logic bricks and door timers pressure pads I have a bunch of different options we’re going do some basic stuff here so we’re going to build the door controller which actually works very similar to a camera or a CCTV monitor and then I’m going to show you where the door servo and we can take this regular prison door here and turn it into a remote door so we’re going to put a door server right on top of it now what you have to remember is when putting in door servos the actual little little teeth there the little teeth of the door servo needs to go right on top of the door you want to control so it needs to be hanging over that little entrance area but at the same time I will also show you to a timer drop the door time right in here okay door servo door control system basically works real simple you just click click we’re doing cameras connect.

Then you click around to the door server easy-peasy and so what will happen is any when the officer that’s running this anyone comes up to this door they’ll automatically open it and close it so you don’t physically have to have a guard walking over there you can do this with any prison door now the advantage is doing something like this as opposed to physically putting in a remote door a remote door can only be operated remotely so if a guard walks up to it and has a key he can’t open it someone at the control system must let the man with these regular doors with the servo added a guard can still open it so if power goes out or if someone just happens to not be manning this because the guy went on his break you know what they can still go in and out of the doors with their keys that is a huge bonus that’s why I usually recommend not using remote doors and so for your door timer door timer is a pretty simple thing so you can choose when you want the door this door to be open so let’s say I want it to be open during sleep hours but closed the rest of the time and I just simply go connect like that.

Basically you can tell it in the schedule when you want it to be open when you want to be closed and it will automatically open all doors that it is connected to at that specific hour all right guys.

Let me know if you have any other questions about remote doors hit me up in the comments below and I will get back to and I can hey look at you you made the end of this tutorial if you want to see others I’ve made for this game click right over here or click over there on the right to see what other games I’ve been playing and as always don’t forget to subscribe.

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