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Description of the video guide «How to find and destroy tunnels in Prison Architect»

Hello guys and welcome to another video where i do my best to help you guys out with some tips and trick, tutorials and How To. This time we are taking a look at tunnels and how you remove them. What do you do when prisoners escape, how to you find the tunnels you use. If you have this problem this video is for you! Enjoy! Peace.

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Hello guys and welcome to another tutorial video where I’m going to show off some tips and tricks on how to make your game easier still we’re going to talk about tunnels Taunton person architect is a big big thing and you really want to make sure the Christmas doesn’t escape it do not escape a way they will do this is by tunnels of course and other ways that they somehow go out through all your doors but I want to print off when you get later on in the game the first stage of the game it can happen I haven’t had to have hat it happens and not that many but tunnels have big problems so how do you discover tunnels the way you do it is simply you go around here is use for box dummy and once it’s free five and once I check down the shakedown will make sure to check everything every cell every every everything in the entire map so to speak and you simply just hit and then they will start to shake shake down on it’s on the way if you can see like found and that is like contraband they can find can see this window right here is a tunnel that is popped out because I have fences on each side and these are what they call a perimeter wall and cells can’t go through them so it’s basically blocked out it’s pretty annoying but I’m surprised faster hopefully that will find some times while we do that I’m going to make show you something that will help you out find tunnels even off more than even though you don’t use check down at often go to your boss go down to policy for the policy the red one and go in here right and make sure they search him and the silk normal walk actually koala smell and then put these up so you like they they get light into solitary something happens to lock down it’s going to change this to Salter which is just soft messing around as you can see right here that will a how to take it oh well yeah shakedown fine settles and you find like if the run future there will be and they have this a some contraband on them and they found some weapons that my guards will go to the cell and such a cell if you then has a tunnel in there they will find a tunnel as well that’s a quick way find tunnels and the way you removed it it’s pretty simple you go under materials like that and it says the new tunnel right basically black there you can fit up like this hold on controls and then they will go in and and they have notebooks folders this is actually good hard to get out let’s get out the page.

What plans nope.

Okay Chicago they escaped not their type of to get I guess it’s just so I Stella certain tones and find them I hope this helped you out if you have some problems with it please tell me in the context below that’s anything else you need me to explain to you how you do I will see you next time guys peace out.

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