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Description of the video guide «How to easily make a gang member a leader in Prison Architect»

Very Easy Step by Step on How to finally Get a Leader into your Prison!

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Hello everyone.

Deviant 30 here and today I’m going to show you how to make a gang member a leader so if you’re having troubles getting a gang thing going then I have your answer and it’s pretty easy now if you did my previous tutorial on how to add gangs to your prison then this will just be a breeze for you but if not then I’ll have a little link right here I recommend you go and check this out first to get your gangs ok now if you didn’t check that little box in the beginning when you’ve made a new prison post off of 34 then you’re going to have to do this just edit to your save file so go to this little thingy right here get gang to your prison you’re still gonna have to get gangs brought in as well okay I don’t know how to yet make a member a gang remember sorry a prisoner a gang member that’ll be next that probably should have been first but.

Step at a time all right so get the gang members in and then I’ll show you how to make each one of different type of gangs a leader and then you can start having the good action all this good stuff alright so let’s just find the guy we want to make a gang leader we got two guys right here let’s just start with actually it’s start with in the core McVicker boy Nicoli yeah I can see his name alright so what I asked you to do before was to find your safe folder the same file that your prison is the offender so the easiest way is to go to escape and hit open the saved folder BAM alright okay so I am in so you have to also go to saves obviously alright so here we go this is it that’s maybe too big now I’m in prison p100 rate right here prison file you need to prison file not the PNG okay that’s just a goddamn picture alright so the prison Fowler now you’re gonna open it with notepad WordPad those two I know for sure you can also drag the file over on to notepad because my previous Windows Windows 8 this is Windows 10 wouldn’t let me open with that it was just some stupid app crap right so anyways open it with WordPad.

Now we have to find that prisoner what’s his name GUI GUI MCE boy all right let’s go back here.

I should probably pause it so we don’t lose buddy stay here bro here we go.

All right now control F okay control F will bring up this find Little Debbie Debbie Debbie.

Now we look for the prisoner n cevo why.


Yeah okay oops come on sink so finicky okay I got you I got you there he is Andrew McCoy McCoy all right look at this look at this magic number boom okay so never forgetting word change this to leader hit save BAM that is it it’s done okay what is this sexual it’s weird now obviously if you scroll this through the stuff you can see that you can do clearance anything to your browser all right so we save it save save okay just have to do it once now okay look at look at look at see he’s still not a leader.

That’s because we have to load it load prison p100 load it boom re Wallace oh no sorry McCall you’ve gravy yeah I’m gonna find them no we don’t have to we can just go to telogen s’ gangs and look for there he is boom there in see that he is now a gang leader.

He’s not legendary but that’s okay we made him a game later we promoted him let’s so the three circles means he’s a leader one is it as a member so while we’re on it we’ll do another one quickly all right let’s find this guy here Lacey all right so let’s try it again super easy find the guy you want to find the sort the gang member you want to change.

Okay he’s a gang member you’ve confirmed it.

He’s part of the Green Bank gang which looks like a skeleton with wings holding two really saggy boobies maybe strange okay so here we go.

Lacey let’s pause it it’s not like he’s going anywhere anyway so let’s go back to her save file okay let’s just ctrl F okay Lacey is his name v next he’s ready right here soldier change that to leader huh the lead dear I’m not doing it right here we go leader hit save back to the game but we still have to load it right okay so load it bam bam and here we go watch this this is the magic the magic of the Internet we have two gang leaders now oh yeah so that’s super awesome.

So there you go I learned that just recently and I thought I’d share it with you guys again if you would like to know how to add gangs to a prison that’s already running then check out the link and that I have a shared here and if you’re interested in seeing this prison being built and any other prison that I’ve worked on well a few others then check out the prison architect playlist I have alright peace out and thank you for watching.

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