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Description of the video guide «How to use Prison Architect Prisoners»

I was having trouble getting my prisoners to go and work in the kitchen, laundry and cleaning cupboard. once they work in these places then the «Prisoner Acclimatization and Engagement» grant will be signed off. This video shows you how to get your prisoners to go to work in the laundry, kitchen and cleaning cupboard.

Please Note: «Prison Labour» is in the «Logistics» menu in newer versions of the game!

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hi guys Dibley here today I’m just going to show you a quick how-to it’s something that’s been bugging me for a while and finally I discovered how to do it a bit of a bit of a numpty but maybe there’s a couple of you out there that also don’t know and if it just helps you solve the issue then then that’s a good thing so the issue I’m having is my prisoner acclimatization engagement I just can’t get this to get signed off and and people just won’t go and work in my in my laundry or in the cleaning cupboard or in the kitchen as a few go in the kitchen which is just not enough so in deployments in jobs you can see that I’ve got these areas marked as jobs and you know it shows how many jobs are there but but they still won’t go in there anyway what I have discovered now which probably everyone else knows but me is you actually have to click in here to assign people to go and work in there so we’ll get the maximum of 20 in there is that maximum 20 year 6×6 18 20 year maximum 20 in laundry there we go and get a maximum of seven I’ve only got a small cleaning cupboard down there probably need to get a bigger cleaning cupboard so now I need to assign some in the kitchen is well Oh what’s going on jobs right it looks like actually a jobs isn’t going to work in kitchen so what have I done wrong there is it’s got to be shared or is there because there’s a door open hang on a second it might be because I’ve got a door locked I haven’t got a door in that end of the kitchen okay okay I expect I read I’ve had people running into that and there I did they arrived i mighta clipped it and deleted it so we’ll just get them to hurry up and build that I written building door thank you very much hopefully then all right okay we’re back on normal put it back on jobs jump stop stop stop stop yourselves deployment that is jobs there we go kitchen say get these in there we get maximum of 14 in there look they’re already on their own oh this cleaner cleaner guys there’s a cleaning guys going in so if I go back to there and we also see that the acclimatization program has gone from here now and there will hopefully be some staff coming to work in here there’s a guys waiting so hopefully a couple of these going to come a working kitchen there’s already a prisoner working in the kitchen at long last yeah it’s a couple of couple of prisoners working in there probably a good idea to fix due to the thieving it’s probably a good idea to fit all your onyx objects metal detector there there and there just in case they try to get out.

So hopefully up in the laundry we’ve also we’ve got some guys working the laundry he’s in there and this would also I had massive laundry needs on the clothing was terrible hopefully this is going to start going down now looks like it might have started oh here they are they got a little trolley so they’re waiting to get out so hopefully the guard will let them out and they’ll be out with a little trolley set off rounds off around the prison distributing all the laundry with any luck we must have we must have guys in the clean that have gone in the cleaning room because they there’s a prisoner with a cleaning mop and stuff like that so hopefully this will get with a bit more help in the kitchen and it will keep track of all these because I’ll skin a lot of these trays lying around they just can’t seem to keep on top of them so hopefully if there is anyone that was struggling to get deployment to those areas with any luck that would have helped you Oh powers got out I probably need to go and sort that out so good luck getting your getting your prisoners into the deployment that you require and thank you very much for watching.

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