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Description of the video guide «How to use Logic Circuits in Prison Architect»

In this tutorial I show you how to setup Logic Circuits and each mode they have. This is in Prison Architect as of Alpha 34.

Always make sure you connect from the trigger device (like a pressure pad) to the logic circuit. Then from the logic circuit to whatever you want to control (like a light or a door).

  1. And = All inputs must be «True» for the LC to be «True».
  2. Or = At least 1 input must be «True» for the LC to be «True».
  3. Not = LC is True by default and any input makes it «False».
  4. NAND = Not And, so the opposite of And.
  5. NOR = Not Or, so the opposite of OR.
  6. XOR = If 1 input is «True» the LC is True, but if both are True then LC is False.
  7. «=» (Equals) = Same as OR.

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Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

What’s up guys profit Beal here welcome back to another.

Prison architect tutorial today we’re talking about logic circuits and this one is a fan request so if you guys have requests hit me up in the comments let me know what you want to see or what you’re not sure about and I’d be glad to make a video on it this request comes from a sergeant crap hammer he says uh can you get a video explaining and or not and nor and XOR which are all the different settings for logic circuits I’m not overly familiar with this so I did spend some time playing around with it learning the differences in the nuances in relation to Prison architect first things I’ll talk about is bureaucracy so you have to have remote access under bureaucracy unlocked in order to be able to put down these logic circuits and door controllers and stuff like that.

Basically they’re all considered high tech equipment.

So what you guys will see here is I’ve done is I’ve created a logic circuit object and a status light okay you’ll see a got two pressure pads up the order that things are connected is extremely important you have to remember so the logic circuit itself is going to have the functionality to say it’s gonna accept inputs and then it’s going to have an output so in this case I’m using each pressure pad as an input into the logic circuit the logic circuit is going out and turning on a light as this example is set up here right now the light is off no one is on either pressure pad and we’re set to end mode which means that I need two people on the pressure pads so I need two trues and know if the lights come on let’s now switch it to or mode and what or mode does is as long as you have somebody on at least one of the pressure pads the light turns on now we’re doing not so when not mode you’ll see that when no one is on the pads it lights up but as soon as someone touch that pad then it turns off we’re right now in NAND mode which is basically stands for naught and so it’s the literally the opposite of and so when you have two people on the pads that will turn off the light everything else turns the light on now we have Noor mode Noor as you can see the light is on by default and then once we get any one person on a pad it turns the light off.

So it’s the opposite of or it’s not or the next mode is XOR which essentially is it’s just like or where one person stepping on the pad will turn it on however if you have two people on there two positives equal to false so basically what we’re trying to say is that if one pad is used then that’s a positive signal but it once both pads are used it’s false the next mode is equals and in this sense I am actually not really sure that means it appears to work like an or where as long as one person is on there it triggers and both people being on there also triggers all right guys well thanks for watching this tutorial let me know if this actually helped you understand these logic circuits a little more or if you want something more in-depth or if you’re just a viewer out there and you have other questions let me know in the comments I will always up to make more videos if I don’t really have on the subject or it might be something I can just reply to you right there in the comments all right guys I’m prophet Bo and I’ll see you later Hey look at you you made it’s the end of this tutorial if you want to see others I’ve made for this game click right over here or click over there on the right to see what other games I’ve been playing and as always don’t forget to subscribe.

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