Как активировать 3D мод в игре Prison Architect — скрытая функция! - Prison Architect гайд

Автор: TheLogical Lowdown

Description of the video guide «How to activate 3D mod in the game Prison Architect — a hidden feature!»

I’ve found a hidden feature in Prison Architect, 3d mode! Simply hit ESC, go to Extras and then in the bottom left hand corner of the folder there is a tiny greyed out button. Simply click it and be amazed! I wonder how long its been hidden in the menu?

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Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey guys logical lowdown here and I’m going to show you something really cool with prison architect are you ready alright so here’s some just old a slain prison I’ve got here nothing too fancy right regular prison architect right escape extras see this little button down here right there this button right here you see that totally hidden see that thing you click that button and you’re going to be blown the away it takes a second.

Alright guys there it is prison architect 3d look at this look at this look at this.

Are you serious.

3d prison architects right there you’re seeing here first guys this is it I don’t think anybody knows about this 3d prison architect I’m sure we don’t know about it yet just because of some things like certain things aren’t model these desks aren’t modelled yet you can see those if you come up here you can see the shower heads are still on the ground they’re actually 3d models but they don’t attach to the right point benches but yeah I mean this is it this is 3d prison architect this is not a mod you guys this is all stock just hidden in the extras menu that’s it right here this little button it does work in a skate mode yet the camera does not it’s not like first-person it hovers above your prisoner like this and you can zoom in to about like this point here but it makes it really hard to walk but you can’t see your guy in Asia but yeah here it is.

Prison architect 3d pretty cool if I do say so myself I would say this is where the game is headed maybe it’ll be completely optional still you know like you’ll still have the regular view but then you’ll have this new three dimensional in the cafe was not on camera cameras on the floor but I mean I mean maybe we maybe this is optional I mean I don’t think they’re going to change what they’ve already made you know they’re just going to throw this in here for the people that liked it and I like it I think this is cool look at these walls this is the entrance you know and the exit to my prison this is cool this is too cool all right guys one more time just to show you guys one more time hit escape extras bottom left-hand corner there’s a little greyed out button you can barely see if you don’t touch it you see that right there you just click that button that’s it Prison architect 3d mode hidden in the extras menu you seen here first guys thank you for tuning in come back again for more with the logical lowdown.

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