Эксплуатация душа для заработка более 1000 очков репутации в Prison Architect - Prison Architect гайд

Автор: DangerouslyFunny

Description of the video guide «Exploiting the showers to earn over 1000 reputation points at Prison Architect»

The goal was escape, I used the showers. Turns out there’s so many breakable things in there that you can earn over 50 points before you’re caught, at which point you can pay 1 point to skip the punishment and go right back to exploiting them. Points are used to recruit other inmates and upgrade them. I decide early on to earn as many points as possible to try and make an overpowered prison gang. Many attempts and results later we find success? Prison Architect gameplay with my commentary as always!

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Now I’m ready to come out now idiot McGann down already he can take his weapon alright well what is fight away through this.

Well bi someone’s got a shotgun that’s gonna do a lot of damage but the zombies were in the hallway I think we’re okay a mega prison city with 700 prisoners and what does and staff members should have lots of potential night I even have a good name so if nobody minds I’m just gonna kind of take a free-range at the prison now I’ll see you guys later are we actually gonna get away with this like there’s no one care this guy apparently does never mind oh all right we’re in The Naked room already Lygia takes me at least two minutes before when starts getting naked in the games I play here we go oh I was hoping I could say naked for a while my plan is to boost my reputation and get all those reputation points cuz I need things like deadly deadly this prisoner is a master and lethal combat can sometimes kill with a single hit and that’s very important because leave no witnesses if a guard spots you fighting you’ll get punished for it so everyone must die.

My roommates name is peach that’s adorable I can’t wait to murder you my cellmate is Maria peach it’s nice of them to start this one in the middle of night when it’s very hard to see anything at all so my plan basically built up as many reputation points as I possibly can without getting caught because I don’t want to spend time waiting and eventually I’ll have such an incredibly strong prisoner that he’ll be able to dis bust his way out murder everything Wow where’s everyone going oh I think the showers are flooding your suspicion no I’m not sure this is supposed to be happening I got away to the guards code I’m gonna try breaking stuff hopefully get some rep points oh they’re all moving on I guess I’ll just follow the herd for now and can I see what the routine here is I’m also gonna slow things down a bit so I can actually keep up and I can’t really go through these doors unless the guards open them for me so I need to make note of that if I want to get somewhere they’re gonna have to do it for me I break stuff without them noticing oh I get to rep points it wasn’t me man how do they see though their dart was on the other side oh uh nice to me to come and grab me before I bleed out I sit and punch the shower what do you want from me oh I’m in a room with lots of good tools now and a nurse and glad I didn’t pick that up if they get caught with contraband it’s a bad deal in fact I’m mostly gonna avoid the contraband for quite a while and dis cause my name is ship until my guys are ready to level up oh okay apparently were not staying in myself or going somewhere else for a while.

Oh I’ve got a six hour punishment I would skip that with a reputation point but I’m gonna need each and every one of these i wad.

Deadly and maybe quick I need to be able to sprint to.

Get places unnoticed and so far I’m just doing a damn fine job of that solitaire I guess it’s only for six hours so I’ll sit here and wait but yeah that was quick all I did was punch one shower head and I get solitaire here we go excellent thank you guard for letting me out never mind hmm you think it would have tacked on sometime for that I need to be aware of when I’m wearing handcuffs too cuz as long as I’m wearing nose I can’t really do anything I can’t even break stuff it’s a big prison hey times up someone come and get me wait does it art is open when the time’s up.

I don’t you get escorted by a guard alright well let’s see if there’s something else we can break without getting attention don’t never mind who is she’s late back where I started now to figure out her next maneuver I gotta get some more rep points but I’m not really sure how any time I do anything that guards possibly for it the common area seems pretty quiet if I break something here am I gonna get in trouble yup well whatever we’ll just break a few things then get a rep points up at least I’m gonna hit any guards oh I feel like that’s gonna be extra trouble three rail points so not bad how long we got now only six hours great in theory I could probably just keep breaking stuff going to do my six hour at a time punishment and is leveling myself up that way before long I’ll be a monster of a prisoner all it takes is a little bit of patience and I might even have a little bit of that today for reputations I do they know what skilled fighter because I can actually disarm people and take their weapons from them so in the case the guards trying to shoot me I’ll get the gun back on track basically I hope we’ve learned so far is breaking stuff is good for rep points but you’re gonna get punished for it pretty much no matter what it is and where it is once I get strong enough I probably will attempt to kill the guard that comes to arrest me because then in theory no one else you come to arrest me cuz no one’s gonna notice the only witness is dead why did I get a new cell honestly I feel like a lot of the time instead it is waiting for morning I shouldn’t be waiting in the punishment zone after breaking something cuz it would be more productive oh never mind we’re being escorted somewhere I don’t have my freedom anymore you just put me in with this guy now I don’t want to be with this guy never heard of maybe I should diss recruit him let’s see what this does.

So he is pretty well useless I probably should have picked better but he’s coming with me come on fella get a teammate now I didn’t get five rep points so so we’re making progress actually a lot better than I thought I would as long as he doesn’t bleed out and die I think since I’ve got some surplus points I’m gonna get tough that way I can hopefully worst and a Taser once in a while and wrong that way I could beat some people up instigator I don’t really care about but I was took up three extra points so we’re so laughing my partner-in-crime seems mostly just be unconscious somewhere no one’s really attending to him or helping them but he’s got six hours left on his punishment so eventually we’ll mess with him he’ll probably be a sacrifice he’ll maybe be the one stealing stuff and stashing it for a night cuz nights gonna be the victor in all this everyone knows he’s just a pawn and I’m ready to sacrifice them very quickly that’s so tempting visitation there’s a pack of smokes and a cellphone on the ground I don’t think those are gonna be of any use to me though Heraldo yeah I’m up for parole that’s my parole officer he’s get me out of here.

Very tempted right now to assault these poor people well let’s hopefully find somewhere we can do a lot of damage before we get arrested again thank you sir I did want into the infirmary where our comrade is lying dying and there he he’ll be here to have my back but I start breaking stuff infirmaries gonna break three points oh okay the Taser thing didn’t work this time but we still got more points we’re up to four again at least we’re in the infirmary they can take care of us right away he seems to be work you know every time I break stuff I just get six hours in solitary that’s easy I’m just gonna do this a million times and this idiots just straight-up dead so that was a waste of points on my part moon these people just get worse and worse I’m also gonna wait till the morning to attack things because in the cell I can’t really break that many things I’ll only get so many points methodical destruction is the best destruction I think for maximum damage I’m gonna try the shower again gonna be hard not to hit people though bang and do it in the corner how many did I get.

Five nice pretty sure I didn’t even hit any guards but I did do quite a bit of damage I’m gonna add tough tonight that way he can take even more abuse that way he can break more things before he gets sent back here look who’s back alive again eight days later perfect timing just then were allowed to go back out into the world you can break these I didn’t know that I could be breaking these to smuggle contraband thinks whoever did that I’m gonna take a gamble here I’m gonna assume this is the longest response time being way up here so let’s start breaking things seems to be working good people aren’t in a big hurry to get to me well I got three points out of the deal so that’s alright let’s go for it skip punishment hopefully that only takes one point for both of us yep we’re free again which gives me ample opportunity to break more things so no response time and ow okay the guards can tase you from a distance I gotta remember that but there’s five points right there and one more time this time hopefully I can take a tasing or two.

Before I go down ow you gotta keep moving that’s the key you’d think at some point they would stop letting me into the shower considering every time I get here I just break everything I can I got a 30 hour punishment for that what did I do.

Muster I accidentally hit someone it’s fun because if you get quick enough the cars just can’t catch you you just take them around the shower constantly punch him things in getting points and it’s not really anything they can do about it apparently because they’re really bad guards the trick at this point is basically not to accidentally hit a neither repairman or the guards otherwise they’ll get more trouble and I still want my freedom okay time to surrender but there is 42 points just like that is 121 points enough I don’t think so we can do better since we’re now up to 228 rep points I think we could spare a few to upgrade young Knights here I mosey one strong that way he can hit harder and do more damage to things some more damage you do to things more points you get quick also I want to be faster and that’s all we rarely need for now I don’t want to get my guy too dangerous because if he kills someone this is gonna ruin the whole thing right now I just want to be able to beat up shower heads and beat up shower heads I will I think I accidentally killed someone I forgot about that whole one-hit-kill thing luckily were over 500 rep points but this is probably gonna put a whole damper on my plan at this point because I’m not really sure if I’m gonna have free access to much of anything anymore which kind of really sucks I worked very hard to get all those points maybe we should just go for it now since we got the card here anyway hey do you want to die which I’m stronger than you are oh that guy’s got a gun though that’s probably a little bit stronger than I am well it was worth a try we skip balls hurts of punishments in here since I assumed Knight is pretty much gonna be locked up right here forever in his red coat we’re gonna use him again as much as we can and just continue our little shower exploit before we get started let’s fix Magan up he’s gonna be strong that way he can do extra damage to the shower he’s gonna be extra tough so he can take hazings he’s gonna be quick so he can dodge but he’s not gonna be deadly that way he doesn’t accidentally murder anyone in the shower I’m also thinking I should probably recruit one more regular orange person who’s not on death row or whatever that way if this guy goes down I’ve still got one more to work with always got to have a contingency plan I like the look of Tom Hawkins here skilled fighter I think that means he can disarm guards hopefully that doesn’t mean he’s gonna get killed or anything three points sounds like a deal to me guys can I get into the shower please thank you I was very kind of you never mind who knew prison showers could be so much fun.

Alright guys good chase 16 plus 996 we can go over a thousand in resting I am gonna start recruiting more people to see just how many I can have following me along K fine Sam Finney you’re part of the team now loli were piling him up he’s at a 24 hour punishment don’t worry I actually have the power to set you free oh they go up in value every time that way everyone is eight the next one’s probably gonna be sixteen seventeen I’ll take it he’s quick sixty-four points for one man and he’s not even a particularly useful man before we do anything I’m gonna upgrade the guy I’m currently playing as okay he wanted to be deadly and a skilled fighter instigator I don’t care about 746 points left but they’re gonna start costing hundreds each Thomas here is gonna cost 250 by himself how many people do we have three four five six seven eight nine well I have to get an even 10 it’s when they start costing 500 each I might have to pump the brakes just a bit which is kind of unfortunate because I could have had a lot of fun with a lot more people or now let’s say that them all loose and maybe give them some upgrades you know what I’m gonna give them the basic for everything at least obviously cuz I need them to be just a little bit better than what they’re at the only thing I’m not sure I want is instigator because I don’t really care about that this is gonna be a riot in itself everyone seems to be working it’s just me alone so let’s see what happens if I start attacking the shower is everyone gonna help are they gonna be doing their own things I got four points out of that Evernote’s is just kind of doing their thing I did just save so let’s see what happens if we cut Knight loose can we get him out of here okay perfect now I don’t have to waste time with that idiot anymore hopefully the next guy can recruit isn’t quite as expensive than 256 so I’m not sure if that actually reduces the price or not but I’ll take him is an army of 10 gonna be enough to overcome to prison like there’s 500 of us here if we attack the guard can we dis overpower him take his gun and we’ll go from there I think it’s worth a try let’s do it guys everyone attack him I got his baton why don’t why did my friends helping and we’re unconscious well that was a pretty weak attempt I thought my gang mates would actually help good job guys glad to see you’re on my team several very poor choices later and we’ll just pretend we’re still here and nothing bad happened I need a tool or weapon at this point we have the manpower we have lots of manpower we just need something to do with it all visitation always has the best contraband a lighter that’s just what I’m looking for probably need to find an actual object light on fire so let’s give that a tiny Infirmary and yes I did try to light a person on fire and no it doesn’t lead to anything good oh right don’t mind me just gonna see what happens if I like the prison on fire.

What prints out lady need infirmary on fire crashes the game for here’s what I’m thinking it’s really the only option I can think of that’s left everyone is gonna be an instigator that way when they cause trouble everyone causes trouble we’re gonna make a whole big riot.

We’re gonna just kind of work through the chaos to see where that leads us all so everyone’s gonna be extra deadly so if anyone gets in a fight they can all die they don’t really need to be quick but I’ll make if you haven’t quit because I have the points all right there’s lots of people here so let’s riot break stuff yeah look at him go such an instigator okay we’re gonna hit people whoops did me to kill that guy so click I like oh man like gang mates don’t actually do anything man this guy’s killing everyone one punch one well we need help f1 start a riot I can’t do it on my own I get it you gotta press R then you buddies follow you now we could murder people properly all right that one’s leaving so we got one guard here oh there’s a sniper tower that’s why I was wondering who is shooting me all right this one here let’s get him dead one shot all right this guy got a die they get the keys what is leaving I don’t think we can do anything about the guard in the guard tower but we can finally just run out the front door really at this point this guy’s got a die pretty sure I’m just hitting him with the keys all right we got a move we’re losing people fast to dead I got the keys and I’m making a break for it they’ll never take me alive I’m pretty sure I could one-shot that guy if I wanted to oh oh what’s that laser I’ve been shot hey the other guys should be sacrificing themselves for me obviously I’m the most important then I got to get out of here we’re almost there just gotta make it out the gate as soon as the guards get close we go with them.

Oh we went that close and since we lost most of our crowd we’re gonna go ahead and reload not even sure how we got here but we did look at Hawkins go Hawkins is the right idea I got a teammate for once meanwhile Hawkins is just going like a laser uh-oh if he gets out without me I’m gonna be so mad Hawkins did escape oh wait we can still get out go Magan go don’t get run over we get out we got out the rest of the team not faring quite so well I guess that makes it a success cuz I did manage to get at least a few people out the door and the one I wanted was McGann but we’re not done quite yet let’s take all of our goons go find more of the inside goons and really go start making a mess of things nothing suspicious about this she has a bunch of prisoners wanting to get in okay we’re gonna take this I’m gonna murder that guard who let us in because he was being a nice guy dark I’m ready to come out now idiot McGann down already we could take his weapon all right well what is fight away dude.

Well bi someone’s got a shotgun that’s gonna do a lot of damage but the zombies were in the hallway I think we’re okay we lost Vinnie and pretty much everyone else is dead or otherwise boned let’s try the fire thing again but this time with some teammates on our side guard letmein.

We’ve got stuff to burn okay lighter we start by killing this guard now let’s just like self on fire and see where this takes us.

Yeah we can kill the guard when guard is down stuff is on fire this is all going to plan we broke through the wall — okay I got the keys — yeah come on in I dare you it’s nice and safe in here yeah what a dummy they actually came in yeah you better run fires spreading guards are dying I still have some teammates alive time to make a run for it Oh.

Sniper cops got his eyes on me no dead that’s okay we get some more of them out come on guys we’re going this way no stupid almond always back here not being any use to anyone what the very least we started a nice fire in the prison again still going strong give me your gun give it give it well I got it oh I’m dead is that I’m thinking for the grand finale we’re gonna get the lighter come out here like a yard on fire and then make a break for it the fire here should prevent anyone coming back out and I think that’s gonna work actually the hardest part of all this is just getting all these idiots to follow me like that one’s stuck Thomas we need you come on buddy Oh No there’s a guy with a gun right here — okay — be quick about this wait everything on fire and we’re gonna make a run for it oh don’t you be in the crowd can’t shoot a crowd can we leave the fence on fire.

No only select objects well it’s okay it’s a good start I got his gun again nice alright we’re gonna shoot our way out of here.

Everything’s on fire okay we need that guy’s keys so my god I’ll get his keys no we’re good these guys are all dead we can just walk right out of here oh no they’re coming out the other door forgot about that door well everything’s on fire and I’m having fun so it’s not that much of a failure but overall this isn’t good well this one clearly needs a little bit more work.

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