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Автор: Boav Yittan

Description of the video guide «Cheat for money in Prison Architect»

This is a money cheat to allow you to set the amount of money you have in your game. If you enjoyed please comment like and subscribe! (This was made in alpha5 but works on all versions).

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

What is up everybody this is a whole Naropa and today I’m gonna be showing you how to set the amount of money that you have in the game of prison architect so prison architect is a game where you build a prison and you need money for you to be able to do this and sometimes you run low if you’ve got wanted to just play sandbox and we’re going to just set your own money make it unlimited and have just however much money that you want then here’s how you can do it first of all we started a brand new game because I don’t want to ruin my existing ones put the balance of 9990 which is what you start out with and yeah this is just a small world matter so we’re gonna save this save prison I’m just gonna name it cheap so we can find it when we want to okay and then from here once it’s safe we’re gonna go to our desktop make sure you exit first so we’re gonna get to our desktop alright so now that we’re on our desktop we’re gonna go to start and if you’re on Windows XP type and run first and then type in the Sun sign and then app data % you’re gonna come up with a roaming click on that and once that opens up you’re gonna see you roaming now click back over here to app data and then you’re gonna find a local if you’re on a 32-bit it’s gonna be in local low but here it’s gonna be local and then we’re gonna find the introversion that’s what it’s called so just click I if you don’t want to look for an introversion prison architect saves and then you’re gonna want to find the one that you wanted so cheat it’s not gonna be a WordPad at first most likely just click on it and it’ll ask you what you want it to open with and then just click on notepad be able to open it so it’s gonna give you this and this is your save so you want to type it you’re gonna hold down control and press F and then type in finance and I’ll take you right to here with the balance and you can see 99 90 so we’re gonna set that we’re just gonna give myself a million one one zero zero zero zero control s or save whatever you want to do and then close out of all of this and we’re gonna open back up prison architect and I’ll show you what that’s gonna look like when we get there okay so now I’ve loaded the world and there you go it’s a million now if you come back in and you see it’s not the number that you sit that’s because it like auto-saves and Otto joins exactly where you were all you have to do is press escape and then load prison and then click on the one that you’re using and it will refresh the money and give you exactly what you put in so yeah you can set this to whatever you want um I think there is a max limit to it but I’m not sure but a million is a good number I think you could even do a billion I think it that’s the max but I’m not sure but again if you run out you can just do it again so it’s no big deal whatsoever so yeah I hope you guys have fun using this and I hope this video helps you leave a comment like subscribe if you want to and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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