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If you love games like SimCity, the city simulation game, Rollercoaster Tycoon, and OpenTTD, a transportation tycoon game, then you’ll love Prison Architect. This prison management game lets you build your own prison from the ground up and make sure that prisoners behave during their stay.

It’s a game that can easily suck many hours away from you, so it’s worth trying out if you haven’t already. In this video, I’ll give you a very brief overview of the game, and then give you five tips that you can use to improve your prisons.

Be aware that unless you don’t mind doing some major demolition and rebuilding to existing prisons, it’s a good idea to keep these tips in mind as you’re planning out your prison from the start.

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Hello everyone i’m danny steven from make youssef calm and today I’ll be sharing some tips for Prison architect if you’ve never heard of this game before Prison architect is very similar to Sim City or rollercoaster tycoon in that you have to build something and then try to maintain it so that you can get profit out of it so in Sim City you’re building a city and in roller coaster tycoon you’re building an amusement park so of course in prison architect you are building a prison now as you can see building a prison isn’t as easy as throwing up some walls and then throwing a bunch of prisoners inside of those walls you actually have to make sure that the prisoners basic needs are taken care of so as you can see you have to build various cell blocks to make sure that they’re all that they all have a bed and can sleep in them you also have to make sure that you have a canteen and some showers right here and a laundry room and also a workshop and some classrooms there right here to make sure that the prisoners learn the skills that they need to then go work in the workshop and the canteen so there’s a lot more involved that you have to consider while building a prison and that is the beauty of prison architect and that there’s so much that you can consider and have to balance out to make sure that you can make money the prisoners are happy and don’t riot and don’t kill all of your guards so I love this game a lot and if you haven’t gotten it yet you definitely should I highly recommend it it’s still in development so there’s still plenty of extra features that are being added on a regular basis but even now it is very playable and lots of fun but for those people who do already have this game let me share some tips with you so you can get the most out of this game so whenever you first create a prison one of your top priorities is to make sure that you will not have to worry about the money.

If you ever come into problems with money then you might not be able to further expand your prison or finish up a project that you were starting on or you won’t be able to hire any staff that you need to continue on so like I said it’s very important to make sure that you have your finances in order before you go through with any plans so the first step is always to get more money now you can see that you have $30,000 in the bank right now but we can always increase that automatically before we even build a single thing so we can go into the grants tab here in the reports and then you see that there are various grants available that you can choose and the cool thing is that a lot of these have an advance payment not all of them do like this one for example it has a completion bonus but all the other ones have an advance payment so this means that they give you that much money right when you accept that grant and then the rest you get whenever you complete the grant so you can go through these grants and see what is already in line with your goals so of course the first goal is to build a basic detention center because you’re going to have to do that anyways when you’re building your prison so this is the obvious one to accept so you just click on it and it’s already accepted and we receive $20,000 in the bank so now we already have more to work with now the next thing is to make sure that you’re not using too much of it all at once so it’s very easy to pause the game then go into planning and then plan out your prison just all of it at once and then you might feel tempted to build too much at once and that will drain out your money really quickly and then you can’t finish that project that you were working on to build out your prison so it’s always best start out small you know just have lower corner build that out and you can have more planned out here of course if you wanted to but just build at least just a portion of it but not all of it so that you can at least start making money off of the portion that you’ve built so that your finances are more secure whenever you build the rest of it and another great tip is to make sure that you plan for a storage room as soon as possible so for example in this planning.

Right here I have my storage room right here this is actually still a little bit small for storage room and if you have bigger prison then you’ll definitely want to make that room bigger but a storage room is great because whenever you dismantle an item instead of it being just completely thrown away it’ll be sent to the storage room to where it’ll just sit there until you might need it again this saves you money in the long run because then whenever you do need an item again that is already in the storage room.

Then it’ll just take that item from the storage room and then you’re all set to go you will not have to buy a new item that will ultimately cost you money so as you’re playing you might realize that although you have all of this room right here on the other side of the road there’s this little sliver of land over here and it’s hard to think of what you could use it for because yes you can use it but a lot of functions in a prison such as a holding cell or a canteen or a shower laundry room whatever things like that they would be inappropriately placed if they were on the other side of the road and so the question becomes what can you actually even put over there because since that area of land isn’t really that much you can’t really do much with it to begin with but as you can see you could actually make a storage room over here as well as any other room that doesn’t have any major size requirements such as a storage room you can also see that you can easily place the power station in water pump station on this side of the road and have it work just fine you could also potentially build walls around them or in the case of the power station build capacitors around it but since is on this side of the road it’s rare for the prisoners to try to attack those whenever there’s a riot as long as you handle it appropriately still not the best situations.

It’s much better off than later whenever you can buy additional land because then you can buy more land on this side and then you can expand buildings further and actually have rooms over there that do have size requirements so then a favorite is to place offices on that side of the road because then offices just take up administrative space in your main prison and if you place it on the other side of the road then that frees up a lot of space for other prison items that you can then place there and then the administration stuff is a way to the side it’s not really bothering you and that just makes things go a lot better another great tip is to keep in mind the proximity of certain rooms to others so what I mean by that is that you need to be smart when designing your presence in where you place various rooms so for example a good thing to do is to keep the laundry room as close to the individual cells as possible so that the dirty clothes of the prisoners can be collected and then delivered to the laundry room as quickly as possible and then the freshly washed clothes can be delivered back to the prisoners as quickly as possible additionally you can place the staff room in the center of the prison as you can see here it is pretty central and this is good because staff are going to be all over this map once you have a sprawling prison set up and in order for them to get to the staff room as quickly as possible it should be in the middle so that it only takes a certain distance to get there if it was say like in this corner and a staff member was way over here they would have to walk all the way over here and that’s just not as efficient now this is a bad example actually because I’m sort of not following that rule myself by having the storage room over here because the storage room would probably also be best placed near the center if you’re doing of construction because then a workman can just come to the center of the present and then get what he needs and then go back to wherever the construction is going on it won’t take long before you have enough prisoners in your prison to where contraband will become an issue and staying on tabs of the contraband in your prison is important because if you let the prisoners have as much contraband as they want then it’s a lot more likely for them to attack each other or to try to escape from your prison so you could of course always search your prisoners on a regular basis or a more efficient way would be to install metal detectors now metal detectors aren’t cheap they cost a thousand dollars apiece and require a direct electrical connection but they do make it a lot easier to find certain contraband and they are pretty easy to install all you need to do is make sure that you place them in key points so right here for example is the entry into this whole prison block right here which you could say just limit to minimum medium or maximum security prisoners if you want to segregate based on that so this would be an entrance to this area and then you can have prisoners be scanned as they are entering and as they are leaving and then also you can place another one to where they’re entering their cellblock and leaving and actually another good place as well would be right in front of the canteen because this is where they tend to get their spoons which is also contraband but they are very important and it is worth installing them because you do find a lot by using them so it’s money well spent lastly it is possible to research multiple items at once what you will need to do is first hire the warden from the staff menu right here and then choose warden and place them inside an office and then you’ll need to go over to bureaucracy and research finance maintenance security and whatever other CAD.

That you may want to have so for this example I chose Finance maintenance in security once you’ve done that you should be able to hire a chief performant and an accountant and all of them need their own offices but once you hire them then you should be able to research more things so now since you have a warden a security chief a an accountant and a foreman they can all do their own research and I’ll show you this by giving each one something to research you can see the accountant is currently researching something and it is working because the time is going down the foreman is researching something and it is working because the time is going down the warden is researching something because the time is going down so it’s working and the same thing for the chief so they are all doing their own research wait which means that you’re currently researching for different things at once and it is working so they do not have to be researched one at a time in succession and that’s all I have for you today like I said I absolutely love this game and what recommend it to anyone else who would be possibly interested in this and since the game isn’t completely finished yet.

There’s still plenty of other features that are going to be added sooner or later and I can’t wait to see what all those are going to be but like I said if you’re interested go ahead and get the game it’s currently around $30 and I really don’t think that you’ll be disappointed don’t forget to head over to make use of calm and have a great day you.

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