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Description of the video guide «5 best tips on how to properly organize a prison’s work in Prison Architect»

Hello guys and welcome to todays video, today we are gonna take a look at the game Prison Architect and how you build a successful prison. We are going over my Top 5 tips for you guys which inable you guys to copy these and use them in your prison to build a economy healthy and safe prison.

The game is a top-down 2D (with optional 3D mode) construction and management simulation where the player takes control of building and running a prison. The player is responsible for managing various aspects of their prison including building cells and facilities, planning and connecting utilities, hiring and assigning staff, including a warden, guards, workers, and more. The player needs to recruit staff to unlock more aspects of the game. The player is also responsible for the finance, and keeping their inmates content. The player’s role is of both architect and governor with sandbox micromanagement themes such as choosing where to put lights, drains and how they connect together. The player is also able to add workshops to the prison as well as reform programs that reduce the specific prisoner’s repeat-offender rate. The player tells the prisoners what to do indirectly by setting their schedule. The game takes inspiration from Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper, and Dwarf Fortress.

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Hey guys and what is that welcome to this Prison architect video today I’m going to show you all five really easy tips to build an amazing and secure prison that gives a lot of profit in the process because really I’ve seen that so many people asking how you build a good prison that gives profit because all of you are confused on how the system works so I’m going to give you five tips to make it amazing alright guys the first thing I want to discuss is the choice of prison you take because the choice of prison is really important for your play style a lot of you will say is that choice is between the prison you make yes there’s a big difference I see a lot of people building open prisons or closed prisons that’s the major differences in prisons you can find ah so the first prison is the closed one in my opinion and the best one that is the one you see right here it’s where you have a lot more structure than in an open prison you have a lot more poisoning you can keep track of your prisoners in a whole other way like a whole to a whole new level because here they have to walk within the path I get have given them they kind of walk outside as they please they can only walk to the yard in the free time and when I have told them they can go to the yard and basically it’s just way more secure because as you can think I have built this as an entire course called structure or building and then I have a fence without outside and guard towers which makes it really hard for people to get out and it’s just way more secure in my opinion but of course there’s some bad things too as well the bad thing is that the path finding and the path for the people is really tough because as you can think when that is like maybe I say let’s say 50 people running down.

Like small paths right he they get really close and actually well hello people probably don’t know but the prisoners are not happy when they are in so close.

Places with other prisoners it makes them unhappy so that’s a con but another con which is the biggest one is probably that it’s way more expensive to do this because you have to have this big-ass building but it’s something you can keep in mind body mapping is just way better because you can also separate your buildings as you can see I will show you a little quick it doesn’t take long my prison is separated by two big ones I have my minimum security down here prisoners and my medium security prisoners up here they cannot get into the other ones what we are going to like places of prison is basically two prisoners within one prison space it’s really hard to clean but they cannot come in contact with each other there’s no way the always this hole where Eddie and this small hallway buddy but this one right here I have closed it off as you can see people try to avoid access only so much as possible which means they’ll only go this way they really really have to and that is when I get new prisoners in they’ll go this way and in being placed in here when two guards put them in down rifle cells and all the staff can walk here so these medium and low risk prisoners will never get in touch with each other which in my being is really important well that’s up to you son so the open prison as you can see this except I build this real quick because I don’t build these guys I don’t like them it’s just in the sandbox that’s why I have like a million dollars and — but just look besides that so basically the oven prison is as you can see and a complete your prison with a fence around it and that’s all that keeps them in I don’t like that at all I like to have a wall and a fence and God tells on I have God’s house as you can see it’s just not the same feeling because they’ll only shoot when they get outside here basically all the see toggles well that’s really I don’t like it it’s just not my thing and they’re off costume if there’s someone attacks each other which is a good idea with the open person but the pros with a open person is the pathfinding is way better the pick the prisoners will be way more happy if you have an open prison with the path finding because the it’s way more free they can war as they please and it’s just not as I would say lockdown like it’s an open prison compared to the other one to close this is the it’s in the words kinda and people are just more happy because they’re not pushed together in such a small base which they actually don’t like as I said before that’s a really big pro for it another Pro is it’s way more cheap or way cheaper than the clothes was because you only have to build these small sections you’ll have to build path and the whole building as you can see all you have to do is build a fence and then build the structures within it that you need them it’s an easier prison to make because you don’t need as much planning and stuff like you can just build as you please ah but it’s nowhere near secure as the close one and you don’t have any structure in it at all so it’s up to you to.

See if you want the structure and secure building compared to them cheap and open and happy prison of course people are so happy in the clothes world is just not as much it’s up to you and what design you like completely up to you so guys the next tip I want to talk about is planning this mostly comes to the close prison part what it might be is so important as you can see right here and you think probably holy that’s a long time not really it depends how much you want to put into it but as you can see I built the prison that I love I built a prison that I think will work so good because I have my staff walk in a path they only can walk in I have my kitchen separated from the entire prison no one can go in and kill the cooks which I have encountered so many times and I hate it.

And it’s just such a good prison and all comes down to the planning because if I just went ahead and started building I would maybe build out like a cell right here maybe or here out our kitchen up here something and I would not think ahead of what I was doing because right now you can see how much this space I have used I still have all of this left basically I can build this all over again on this side which is amazing and I can make my prison twice as big because I plant all of it ahead and I really think in planning how you gonna build a prison is really important because it also comes down to infrastructure and you think how its infrastructure important because the longer you have to run the less money you will make our explains so you have a cup a workshop sorry this is my workshops down here if you had a workshop a place up here and your first you was down here you have to run long way back and forth and you don’t need that so my father’s going to be right here it’s going to be really easy for my people to access it because this door right there and they just run back and forth kinda and it’s really easy to get the resources to the place where I produce it.

Another thing is I placed my kitchen and I can’t scene in the center of it all I want to show you how simple it is well right here.

There is 73 from the fence also oops sorry.

There is 75 from the outer wall or the weather map ends to the kitchen wall I’m going to do the same on the side and you can see 75 again my kitchen is the center of it all that is really important my opinion because the kitchen is where people have to run every single day and where your staff need to be to make food for them where most of you men or people are staff prisoners is going to be together at once that is the kitchen slash canteen so have it centered and build around it what I have done as you can see because I planned ahead I have built a run our pathway around it as you can see and they can still exit access to the printer kitchen sorry but the prisoners cannot access my kitchen that’s the most important thing and as you can see this is staff walk up path where when you will call it only the staff can walk this path because when my prisoners are right there arriving here they’ll walk into the reception by it’s going to be a door right here and they have to go this way around and when when they get past this wall right here or this wall actually buddy.

They cannot no longer access this part and if they walk inside this part they cannot no longer access this all all this it’s only possible because I planted a head so many things in this game you have to plan ahead and think forward you can’t just build for the moment this is why I find planning one of the most important things in the game alright guys so next thing I want to talk about is your prisoners itself I’ve seen so many people who just start out with a high risk or normal risk mostly no because that’s what you’re normally given but please stop it just go into your reports come on over why is no one else there you go uh and go on the intake and just track this down it’s simple as that drag that down close it up just don’t take it in and now explain why right now you chuck oh I was close someone almost escaped that was me I have so much room to do this if it was an open I could like that oh well the prisoners don’t do medium because especially early and because you can’t simply can’t afford it there’s no way your prison and the map the amount of money you make at that point can hold prisoners but many are normal security say because you need extra security security you need extra wall metal detectors you need extra CCTV cameras there’s a lie right CCTV yeah and you need less work in the workshop which is just bad as because they’ll get mad if they don’t all these things but mostly you cannot afford it or you just simply cannot afford having medium risk prisoners in your present early it’s fine if you do later I don’t really care how at when you say I have a thousand dollars in the game maybe and I know exactly how anything works I don’t really care because I bet you if you start off with minimal you have to play for such a long time before you actually start making it these amount of money.

Look at mine right now I make 28,000 daily cash and you think how the heck is that possible.

I build up my prison and I will show you my finance right here look my exports this is the like this is what it is and if you build a prison with only minimum this will probably be half of it because they don’t want work as much as you can see my regime ready they work less buy minimum uh-oh sorry my minimum work more and my normal work less but me no risk prisoners just takes a lot more to keep on the control and they’re just so expensive to have around to make to keep them happy so please guys start up with low risk prisoners and build up you can always change there’s no one who tells you cannot change it at any point and a good way of doing this is simply do what I do and go in and separate prison your prison into two sections build a I have I need to remove this build a normal risk or low risk sorry a section of a prison and then build that first build up your economy and then go or to build a normal risk and then you can extend they go to a high risk if you feel like it but always keep in mind start with minimum risk prisoners don’t go to normal it’s not worth it trust me the next thing I want to talk about is the economy side of the game a lot of people’s simply don’t understand the the money part of the game economy part cold wouldn’t want a lot of people think that you.

Don’t get money for you from your prisoners.

It’s simply and you think who is so stupid well that’s stupid they just don’t understand the game understand are in like details basically if you got any finances you can see right here prisoner grant eighteen thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars that is the amount of money I get from having the amount of prisons I have this moment every single day / month because in the game it takes this month but for you it only takes a day so here it takes a day but that it takes it’s comfy.

That’s confusing but basically I get to eighteen thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars per day for having the amount of prisoners but then you have to count in if I have to spend eleven thousand dollars on security on my guards every single day that’s more than half that’s like sixty percent of the income I get already then you have to put in the workmen the administrators the staff which is the cooks the genesis the guy the gardeners and it’s anymore oh yeah you snipe no sniper cousin to God I think I’m not quite sure about that I can remember and then you have your food which is the food you give to your prisoners and then reform programs which is your programs to get them to go to class get them to take an education do the alcoholic group therapy and stuff like that um finance again um and all that simply is above the prisoner grand you get every single month and then you get the federal grant which is basically you having a prison so you get oh I get right now twenty thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars for having a prison with the amount of prisoners I have but all my expensive on the guards actually our ways plus the taxes of course our ways that money because if you look at the.

Right now you’ll see I have exports from yesterday which is $32,000 which is a lot and you look at my subtotal or my total or profit every single day which is 28,000 186 I’m sorry 68 armed and then you think I make 32,000 which means if I didn’t have my export I would not make any money which means you should always do your exports exports people are thinking what is X bar this is just sharp it should do what is it and I will tell you right now you’re sharp hazard zone what’s not going on your shop has its own as you can see right there shop rent revenue it’s not that so you have to think what is done it’s your workshop it’s simply this thing right here which is mine and all people simply don’t understand the workshop to be honest I’m gonna explain it in very small details right now if you want to know more I’ll leave a link in description to a video where I talk all about the workshop but all you need to know about it.

Okay so basically a lot of people only build what is called license license plates and yes that is good if you want to make say 5000 a day if you are 5 doubled 6 doubles that a day you wanna build superior beds and other people simply understand how that works so basically you need a forestry because that is where they get the wood from and the wood goes into new forestry and stuff like that so you need to understand how to build 2 period beds to get an economy where you earn what is now it just went down because my exposure wasn’t as good as the state but around 20 thousand dollars a day and that is a really healthy economy I understand how the economy works in the game and the way you need to understand is basically understand the workshop so check out the video where I explain all about.

So alright guys so the last tip I want to give you it’s probably the second most important thing in my opinion where is the workshop are / economies to put most about me this is about you prisoners this prisoners that’s not worried said oh your happiness of your prisoners all right and all people think how do I control this and a lot of you would simply don’t seem to understand how you control this because they think they just need a laundry of parole place and a sharp and a yard and common room or whatever they need right yes but no because if you build a yard that’s an example if you build this yard but in a 24-hour cycle I will only give them one hour in the yard that means nothing to them they’ll not get happy then what get the exercise they need they will simply just run amok they don’t like such a little flow program in the yard so what I will recommend go see reports go on the regime and change this up if you look at the one you get from when you start the game to mind it’s completely different and as you can see I’ve changed mine between normal and minimums security prisoners because they need their own specific way of working my normal is right now in development because I still I pretty much just build the normal security part but as you can see I gave them one more hour sleep and I pretty much just pushed everything and remove one hour of work and you think how is that going to change anything this is really important and so many people don’t understand this part because they go underneath if you got a needs right here.

As you can see my height is really high right now and that’s because whoops they are sleeping while is leaving their bladder hygiene and food is the highest one Leslie hi dream a bladder just went down because unfold like that and exercise of course so you need to see which one is the first thing they need they need food as the first thing in my opinion because I’ve learnt they’re gonna go marking the showers that they don’t get it so I put in food that’s the first thing then I go look okay what do they need next okay they need hi tree hygiene hygiene and exercise and family which means I go into my machine and look okay I give in our free time which means visitation which mean whoops sorry about that yard if they feel like it go to the cell take a shower because I have laksa results so they have a shower in there they can go in and watch some TV read a book whatever they feel like because if you go on the needs again the high tree exercise family is high and all those things they can get in free time at my prison you have to change it if you don’t have luxury results and you’ll have the normal cells so you need to put in a shower and it’s more complicated layout but you have to look what your people need then I give them an hour of the yard because the free time really takes down the exercise from that many so if you give them an hour of yard time they can go out and exercise with all of these weight benches and then that will keep that down as you can see right here exercise went down a fair bit yes they don’t a lot of people just walk out to the yard I just walk around and you cannot change it because there’s that choice to exercise or not then I go in and look ok what do they need no they don’t really need anything in particularly give them work this is where you’re gonna shine where you’re gonna earn a lot of money get a lot of people to go into truck of the drug addiction therapy or what’s called and go to the chapel and do laundry and all this stuff and most important do work in the workshop and all of these who basically Muslim will go up as they work or do whatever they do in the work time and when they’ve done that they need to go to the bathroom maybe they need to exercise whatever and that’s why I have my free time first so they can go to the bathroom take a shower maybe then have a yard to do the exercise and then food at the end because they don’t really need food at that point because they ate at 1:00 p.m. so I put a lot of effort into making the regime look into what they need put it into the sister that the time period they need it in because this will make your prisoners so happy and make them less likely to attack staff or the prisoners try to escape escape stay in drug abuse or Salalah.

And of course your programs which is the alcoholic group therapy will stop them from doing drugs but only temporarily if you don’t keep it down by keeping them happy with everything else so if you don’t just do I’ll call it group therapy and don’t keep them happy in the prison it will not help all simple just you’ll just make waste money to keep them off drugs for let’s say four days and then the drugs are back it’s not good at all I’m just recommending keep an eye on your regime right here keep an eye all the time on it go look your needs and see okay are they happy right now do they need anything and then go no they don’t I can put them to work if they need anything particularly put in a if they need to go to the bathroom put in a free time so they can go to.

The bathroom stuff like that always keep in mind your prisoners happiness is the most the second most important thing in the prison after your economy and you only keep your currently good if your prisoners are happy and want to work so that is it guys my five most important tips for you to build a good strong safe and economy economy good person that must be a word but yeah guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please remember to throw it on the like and subscribe to my channel I hope to see you next time guys peace out everything changes.

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