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Hey guys welcome to Prison architect 10 tips alright first tip you can use forestry to quickly remove a bunch of trees like here somewhere these trees you see the red box let’s start to get chops then you can just remove the alright second tip you want to get wood all your workshops because then they’ll be used to make these wood stacks which can also be solved they’ll be made in the saws which will really be helpful because you get a lot of money also you can sell the wood that you get chopped down so that’s pretty nice it’s tip number three for your prison blocks you want to have a little choke point here that’s what this allows is you can have metal detectors at the prison blocks instead of outside every single room you can also have a on a patrol which allows them to sniff for drugs and alcohol and all the things like that right tip number five this is good for the early game you want to quickly build a fence around your whole prison this what this means is that the prisoners will have to dig all the way out past the fence to actually be able to escape instead of just digging to the closest open area where they can escape because that will get annoying this really helps prevent breakouts and you can do shakedowns a lot earlier therefore if all right guys tip next tip you can use road gates in between the fences so if I got this fence to here I put a road gate there and then continue it on the road Gate is basically a gate which or fence which you can plot on the road and can be opening close well I do recommend though if you put it all the way out here put a guard patrolling here so that he can open and close the gate when trucks want to get past or else there’s gonna be a massive queue up just get annoying next step I would recommend making the prison without bricks so when you when you go to make your prison yet either brick or concrete I would recommend brick because when you use the quick build you can easily select all of these things that you want a quick build as they’re all made of brick next step if you did make the prison out of concrete don’t worry you can use the clone tool and you can highlight an area so say I want to clone in these cells you just hold right click you drag it to what you want and then you can place these cells wherever you want.

Alright guys next tip this is this can be used for the quite early game you want to go into the intake selection and select fill capacity that way you won’t be getting too many persons for your prison.

It will constantly be giving you money without you actually having to change this when you want it to the right over it’s like closed if you don’t want any prisoners that’s good for when you’re planning out your person at the very beginning total prisoners that’s how many one number per day only you want and all available but fill capacity is what I recommend as that will limit them both and final tip I would recommend constantly saving because that way if there’s a riot or you have too many deaths in one day and you’re about to get shut down then you can just go back to the old save and you can either repair prepare for what you know is to come or you can easily go to reports vacation sorry valuation and you can sell your prison giving you the money for the prison and you can start fresh with a lot of money from the beginning as you see this is how much my prisons worth but my prison is pretty big enough to see you guys thanks for watching that if you guys want to see a series on this game then just leave comment in the description hope hope these tips helped you and goodbye.

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