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Description of the video guide «Top 10 Prison Architect Tips»

10 easy tips on managing your prison and increasing efficiency while avoiding some issues that can arise. If you found it useful give the video a like and leave a comment if you want me to do a more in depth tutorial. Cheers!

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Oh good day to you Jimmy bring you here you’re bringing a tips and tricks video in prison architect not really a tutorial but a few pointers to help your prison become more efficient let’s never out of it.

So the first two things is gonna be when you start off right off the bat few things that people don’t really know that they only have 10,000 in the bank but if you click on bottom right there go to grants click on all this do and you will get a whole bunch of money but the conditions are you have to do all the stuff on the left here it build all this blah blah blah I can read for yourself but you’re gonna do all this anyway so there really is no benefit then not taking those grants second point is stopping prisoners from enter your prison while you’re just starting out you don’t want in 22 hours you don’t want eight prisoners to come in there is an option when you start the game whether you want this to keep happening all you have to do is come in here click these open or closed closed means that you won’t get any prisoners into your prison and it kind of helps you in the beginning of the game or you know if you’re running low on money and you don’t have enough cells just close the prison off to prisoners well yeah close your prison off and just maintain the amount you have at the moment boy numero three is conserving power so here we’ve got a building that we’ve just built and we’re gonna pause it here it’s got a power generator of their utilities got a power running into the building the ways you want to conserve power is removing white box guys there’s so many light bulbs they put in these rooms it’s really unnecessary all you really need is a few light bulbs so you can before they put in the lights just cancel all the jobs like so and you know when they put these light bulbs in here we go.

You know it lights up the room enough and this is really gonna help your power consumption later in the game oh oh so many buildings so many lights really unnecessary there you go my guys point number four is regarding water and rebuild water pump station about two options a large lightness or Mike Marshman costs a bit more small pipes pretty cheap large pipe can the water will flow forever and ever need to be one run out of power to run it the small pipe however has a limit to it so when you’re powering new toilets and all that rubbish in yourselves now you can use some complaints from that but I’m pretty sure the limit is for 39 metres so down front here I’ve got water running for 45 meters in a small pipe and eventually it does run out of power right there so after this the water will not flow in these small pipes and I’ll quickly do this to show you how far it’s 39 meters of a small pipe that you will get to power your water and it’s just something a few people don’t know and they built large pipes into many large pipes me this will save you a bit of money and I’m not sure if it saves you power it might do not — sure enough right point on a fire I’ve got my lovely office set up here look at this delicious office is the next point is to get your ward in as soon as possible.

Where is he warden what Rick sees my daily budget just gonna have to fire your swimmies work is there here your warden as soon as possible because once you unlock your ward and your unlock block you see and through this you can unlock a whole range of stuff mental health is something I go for quite early on because it will give you a psychologist that will provide you what it says there inside to what your prisoners needs are so whether they’re hungry they’re dirty whatever and this is a really important to keep your prisoners happy the other thing you want to research as soon as possible as prison labor.

Deployment deployment and prison labor rather prison labor will allow you to your prisoners to work in workshops and laundry and laundry is quite important because one of your prisons needs it don’t doesn’t get a as much attention is clothing and you want to get there quite early on and deployment will allow you to deploy them to the various rooms to work in and it can work in the kitchen and they can work that as janitors as well so they will clean your prison for you so yeah that’s really important to do early on and the finance isn’t really that important and health isn’t really that boiler as well at first you want to do it later on legalism in the game so you’d have to worry about that now I’ve loaded one of my small prisons here just to show you the next view which is that build your kitchen close to the deliveries area and this one reason you do this is because they will keep running back and forth and ingredients and stuff and it will just increase efficiency and what you can do is what I’ve done is linked storage and the kitchen through a kind of staff back alleyway fenced it off put staff doors in there so they could just rush up here and stuff so this guy is doing right here and what this will do is will just increase our goddess with the dirty looking I they will just reduce time between collecting and cooking and slopping back and something else related to that is the canteen you want to build a canteen as close to your kitchen as possible quiz your chefs will run back and forth from the kitchen to the canteen as the cookies doing right here to collect stuff but garbage collect trays deliver the food and so on and so on and what you can do is just put staff doors in their fence off these areas here so the prisoners can’t really access it easily and by doing this you do increase the risk of prisoners escaping when there are riots and and stuff like that but um I’ve encountered any problems so far now the next is considering building yourselves and if you want your prisoners as cramped as possible and as little space as possible to build your foundations 9 metres 9 metres down and you know this will this will give you this kind of area so you can build cells opposite each other and however yeah I’ve experimented with doors prisons prison doors and cell doors and if you’re doing cell doors then you need to expand it by two so it will be I think in eleven eleven down so you can put the wall here at a cellar door but out in one prison I would sell those and it doesn’t seem to affect them that what shape they do still feel to go in here freedom freedom is down you know they’re feeling really free because they don’t have cell doors and we’ll come to clothing in a bit I’ll show you why this is red the other thing you want to do is build your showers as close to your prisoners prisoners as possible so that when they do come to shower time it takes as little time as possible and I’m building them close to your cells is an easy way to do this and the other thing that you can do is build your laundry close to as well they’ll reduce the time taken for prisoners to collect dirty clothes wash them and put them back in and there is a thing with alpha ten where the laundry is bugged and that is why my clothing needs are high right now I’ve got you know all these clean clothes in the in the laundry basket and I will show you when it comes to work time what happens what happens with the workers they just stand about the middle and not doing anything I don’t know why I think there’s the bucket with half of ten but the end of the game is in house or guys.

No complaints there now this is why I tell you to build your laundry as close to your cells as possible it’s because they take so long to get these laundry baskets to the cells and having it down here I’m really just planning for the next set of cells I built down here but look at them they just move too slow and having a laundry up here will help out a lot with that problem now the other thing is your yard guys your yard is your best friend and helping your prisoners knees look at them all rioting out here they’re all demanding clothing because of my laundry pod but in your yard you can do a few things here and I want to tip I picked up by watching videos is toilets he put toilets outside your cells and I really help our prisoners there because they were just queue up to take our shits in the arc and if you put a few benches and weights bench will help your exercise and just benches will help general comfort and pool tables will help recreation go down quite a bit and the other thing that is quite important is putting a lots of phone booths cans because putting phone booths for help with your the need for family here and yeah families it’s quite a big issue you know you can’t have visitors every day so they will use the phones to call their parents unless everything with the yard there that will help you out oh my god I spotted a naked guy now the last thing is with the regime you know I’ve found that this kind of regime is is beneficial to the prisoners they don’t seem to complain too much about anything I mean I’ve got a lot of free time here maybe too much free time I could put in more work but I’ve got 1 2 3 4 5 6 hours of work at day got 2 meals a day 2 hours each a bit of yard time and they sleep from 11 to 4 and that seems you know plenty of sleep for them.

So I’d say at least at least 3 4 hours of free time of day put 2 hours a yard in there two meals a day works fine and yeah that’s it for a regime all right let me just show you one or two bugs that I am experiencing in my game one is with these workshop presses that I have built in a stray line here but they just seemed tickled nuts during his these workshop presses you’re crazy.

The other bug am experiencing guys is with the little laundry they don’t seem to do anything as long as I deploy as many prisoners possible to the laundry they just kind of stand out huddle huddle in a bunch here oh excuse me they huddle in a bunch and don’t do anything at all which is kind of annoying and it’s really affecting my prisoners solving needs and it is gonna be a riot sue I shave now hopefully this has been helpful to use just a few you know simple tips to help keep your prison more efficient and some of them do seem like common sense but you know a few people do miss them out and hopefully you picked up one or two things that will help you out playing prison architect and if you do give it a like and hit subscribe for more personality tech videos you can watch my playthrough of it but I did kind of mess up and I was just starting the game and I think is kind of went a bit hairy but I’m thinking about creating a new prison something that looks a bit nicer than this one this is just to kind of learn the basics does look kind of boring if you know what I mean anyway guys thanks for watching this video and I’ll catch you in the next one Cheers peace.

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