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Okay hi today i’m gonna click talking about Sokka Sokka is a hiker insurance class so you you can cut question from red dot and read us and knows don’t report this report this report give you twenty questions for the 62nd dismal don’t report give you twenty five Christian for for second in circle form you got free thirty percent Christians I can show you you can check form this right now I have ten questions if I call so form can see.

You can get got 30% we shall fall in the soccer fall.

So that that means you don’t need many quit on you that you don’t need many creates therefore for the second class I mean you can you can come in it is a dress special for moderation or you can call me in special and then dress edgy for unexplained videos get him down or something is up to you but for me I think energy is a better for me because any other speed a nice move speed and it is so important video skill cooldown that’s mean if you let have less skill cooldown that’s mean you can do more damage okay so let me talking about our combo with a couple about Monica.

I recommend motorized and I can speed report for boosting your attack speed emission you can call ladies you can you think go open with a multi branch then read us and cause he’ll bread or you can go molten brass with us right well then strike let me show you some chips and you can see the order of Delta P begin beginning of the rare disc you strap if the target stands and ordered I mean if picking up the skill if disc you explore others target you can cut a multiple hit like this if Hawk did not stand order now you can see all you are here.

It’s Hackett not stand on the beginning of the skill only one here but if forget an order explore on the Mickey Thomas Q who you can see you can get multiple king of the skill so you can call this later sir where every stride because you use once in France for increase your attic speed do you dare it does for you Chris your damage is right wave and this hump everything for its flow you can use a starfish strike for more increase your damage 20%.

By their this is some Sun trick here this are in care of our they call it is very short can build okay yeah then wash it Jeff thank you for watching guys see ya.

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