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Zdarova people.

In this video we will look at one of the buildson the Leader. He relied on the skill of the site.

To compile it, you will need 296 skill points. As you can see, in 6 out of 8 skills we havea good encaps (it’s exhaustion in localization) and in 4 of these 6 there is part’s destructionmechanics, which puts us in the group to play the role of breaking the boss weakening scale. There are also skills on the group safe, theboss debuff and, of course, agr. Let’s sort it out in order.

Fire Bullet — our spam ability.

Its charm is that it immediately has the secondlevel of boss exhaustion and with the first trip there is a 50% chance to reduce the CDby 4 seconds on hit. At the same time, our attempts are doubleddue to the third tripod, as well as several times more if we hit the crowd, hitting severaltargets at once. Shield slam — the main task of this skillis to hang a debuff on the target for the whole group to reduce physical. and magician.20% armor for 8 seconds. TEXT — PICTURE ERROR!.

There is also an exhaustion of the third leveland a rather low cooldown, which, in aggregate, make it possible to break the boss attenuationscale well. Counter Spear is one of the most interestingskills in the build. Firstly, it acts as our save game, imposinga shield for 2 seconds in 100% of our maximum hit points.

Secondly, in the first second, if we takedamage, we conduct a counter-attack, which has a high level of exhaustion of the boss’sscale, part’s destruction mechanics, immunity to stifness and increased damage from behind. Thirdly, after a counter attack, we buff ourselvesfor 4 seconds for an additional 15% damage from skills.

Strength of Nellasia is the skill by whichwe save ourselves and the group. Reduce incoming damage by 50% for 6 seconds.

Additionally, we throw a shield at 30% ofthe maximum hit points per group, thanks to the third tripod.

CD, even with the first tripod comes out in34 seconds, so it is desirable to save the skill until the most dangerous situations.

A shout of hate — the same agr.

In addition to aggression itself, it is valuedfor 2 seconds by the ability to bring down animations to bosses and also by debuffingthe target for an additional 20% of damage when attacking in the back for the entiregroup. Also, the third tripod instantly throws a20% charge of class ability, which will immediately go to the protective rack, if necessary.

Well, in the end, it is important to notethe high damage in the crowd of ordinary monsters thanks to the second tripod.

Charge Stinger — the most powerful DD skillin the build. It has average exhaustion to bring down theboss scale, as well as the mechanics of part’s destruction.

For maximum damage, it takes some time tocast, but thanks to the third tripod, we can charge the skill at a medium distance, andthen immediately get close to the target. Excellent skill for boss damage.

SPEAR SHOT — This skill has a low level ofexhaustion, as well as the mechanics of part’s destruction.

Regarding the other two main DD skills — thedamage here is the least, but the cooldown is only 16 seconds.

Often used by a crowd of monsters to quicklybreak packs and clear the way. Burst Cannon — this skill loses a bit in ChargeStinger damage, but has the most powerful fifth exhaustion effect, which means it breaksthe boss attenuation scale as quickly as possible. Also, thanks to the first tripod, the levelof Destruction from part’s destruction becomes immediately second, which allows you to quicklyopen the attenuation scale for monsters vulnerable to this mechanic.

Try to always activate the skill in the so-calledperfect zona during the casting of the skill, for maximum damage.

Well, now let’s move on to pressing the buttons:If we talk about the maximum probaf, then first Shield Slam goes to the armor debuff,then agr, and then our DD skills according to the situation.

But just passing the taunt for the sake ofthe buff is pointless; we keep it for the sake of shooting down a cast of especiallydangerous boss animations. During agra, the boss hits you, which meansthe party members can come from the back and inflict increased damage due to the debufffrom the taunt. Taking damage to the face, we live the classability with an absorb in a protective stance, as well as Counter Spear — if necessary.

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With you was SWORD.

See you soon.

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