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Zdarova people.

In this video we will look at one of the builds on the Destroyer. As usual, it was based on the skills used by the skills and tripods on the website.

To compile this build, you will need 300 skill points, but you can reduce it to 272 by temporarily sacrificing one of the third tripods, which I will discuss later. As you can see, in this assembly, each skill has an additional encap effect, which allows you to quickly bring down the weakening strip of the boss, which is under his hits. There is also Destruction in half of the skills, which allows breaking certain parts of certain bosses vulnerable to such attacks, i.e. the so-called Partís Destruction mechanics. Both in most builds and in this, the main role in the group is assigned to the fast knocking down of the boss attenuation scale, but at the same time we are able to bring good damage.

Let’s look at each skill in order.

With blue skills, we mainly generate Gravity charges, with violet we do the main damage and spend these charges.

I remind you, according to the mechanics of the Destroyer — the more charges hang on you, the more violet skills you hit, and the more shields are thrown to absorb damage. Heavy crush — our spam ability and masthead in absolutely any destroyer build. This skill allows us to generate one charge of Gravity every 5 seconds, and with the second tripod we have a 30% chance to get two charges at once. Power Shoulder — this skill serves as an alternative to a space — allowing you to run out of dangerous boss animations, and also, if necessary, break into a crowd of enemies, receiving an additional charge of gravity.

Running Crash is a great multifunctional Destroyer skill. Firstly, you can also run away or break into the crowd, while having a state of super armor. Secondly, if you do not pinch it, then instantly end the animation, at the end of which an explosion occurs.

Thanks to the second tripod, this explosion hangs a debuff on the target, increasing all incoming damage by 20% both from you and from the whole group. Well, a 50% chance to get two charges of gravity at once will be very helpful. Endure Pain — This skill hangs a buff on us to reduce incoming damage from 15 to 40% for 5 seconds, but with a third tripod, incoming damage is cut as much as 90%! With the second tripod, we lower the physical and mage armor of the target by 60% for 6 seconds.

Skill can be called an excellent safe-ability, if all the escapes are in rollback, there are no absorbs of damage either, and we clearly understand that we will now arrive and there is no salvation.

Jumping Smash — this skill is the only one in the branch of generating gravity points that we do good damage.

To do this, we have 1 and 3 tripods set.

The second allows with a 50% chance to immediately generate two charges of gravity. As a last resort, it can also serve as an alternative to a space for avoiding boss animations or for breaking in.

Seismic hammer — thanks to the second tripod, the defense debuff is hung on the boss by 60% for 4 seconds, which allows you and your group to pour a large amount of damage into the boss, so try to catch the best moment for its use, because cooldown as long as 30 seconds Perfect Swing — The most powerful boss damage skill.

In addition to tripods that accelerate damage and reduce the cast speed, it has the highest encaps, which means damage on the boss attenuation scale. In addition to this, we are immune to micro-stun, which increases our chances of successfully applying the skill.

And do not forget about the ability to increase damage due to an attack from behind. Full Swing — in addition to the accelerated attack and damage speed, this skill, like the seismic hammer, has a high encaps.

Allows during the cast, like Perfect Swing, to have an immunity to micro stun, as well as from all purple DD skills — there are only 22 seconds of CD here. Thanks to this, this skill can be rented not only to the boss, but also to ordinary mobs, receiving probs from class ability.

As for the reduction of skill points from 300 to 272, then I would consider the following skills.

Either we sacrifice a save-ability from Endure Pain, removing 90% of the incoming damage reduction, leaving 15-40, or weaken Jumping Smash, removing the main third DD tripod (it is most often used in pvp), and changing the first one, because it is already becoming useless.

In my case, I set the jump range, because if we donít do this damage, we get an improved version of the alternative to the space.

Well, now let’s talk about pressing buttons: In fact, everything is quite simple here. 3 charges arrived, threw a debuff, hit the finisher. I would like to touch on the debuffs in more detail here. We have three of them — one increases incoming damage by 20%, the other two reduce mage and physical armor by 60%.

Look at the screen, now the damage with debuffs is clearly demonstrated. Despite the fact that two debuffs are hung at once on the target, minus 60% of protection, there is absolutely no difference in damage with the same debuff. Therefore, you should not hang them all at once, the profit from this will not work. Well, the priority skill for the boss, as you understand, is Perfect Swing. And on this review comes to an end, if you liked the video — put a thumb up and subscribe to the channel.

Also write in the comments what you think about this build and how useful it seems to you.

With you was SWORD.

See you soon.

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