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Hi people.

In this video, we will look at one of thebuilds for Summoner. This time I did not take ready Korean builds,but decided to push off the lostarktree resource, which contains statistics of the most usedskills and tripods in builds. To compile it, you needed 268 skill points.

You can make several variations, and thisis just one of the options that I offer you. Build is open to discussions, write commentsand comments under the video. THEORYFirst, let’s discuss immediately the pros and cons of this build.

Pros:+ This is without a doubt one of the most damaging Summoner builds, with excellent damageto the bosses and good damage to the crowd. + You are useful for a group hanging debuffon defense in more than 60%, ideally under the bay of a broken boss.

— Large CD from 20 seconds and no spam abilities- No escapes As so, you ask — how then to run away, exceptfor a space, what to do for 20 seconds, while everything is in rollback.

And here already in more detail.

Let’s start with the fact that the Summonerdoes not have a single skill — that would have drastically moved you, blinked, threwaside to serve as a spare space. There is an ability that pushes away fromitself, there is one that will allow one to pass through monsters, there is one that hangsup a shield. But just like this escaped.

Therefore, take care of the space until theworst cases, where without it in any way. Now let’s look at each skill.

Spirit Rush is one of the three main skillsfor elite and boss damage. Loses to two other skills on damage, especiallyif 1 to 3 spirits have passed on the target. If the target is large and all 5 spirits haveentered, then the damage will pleasantly surprise you.

Compensates skill instant cast, long range,as well as an increased chance of crit when selected tripodsFauru — this skill is one of two of our summons that will run around and do damage, so tryto alternate it with the second summoning spirit so that it does not happen that bothwill go to CD. In addition to high damage, thanks to thethird tripod, we can blow our spirit closer to the time of his disappearance, fallingto a damage comparable to ancient spear damage, or rather to one of these copies.

Winged Spirit is the second of three basicskills for elite and bosses damage. Higher damage than Spirit Rush, but we haveto stand in one place for 4 seconds in order to make maximum damage.

The goal should also be fixed at this moment,so the greatest profit from this skill is either under the broken boss, either duringhis long animations, well, or under the taunts of one of our summons to the extreme.

You can change the first tripod on the situationyourself; I just set the most popular one. The other two accelerate our direct damage,as well as crit and chan. Sticky Swamp Moss — the main skill for whichwe are loved in the group. Thanks to the third tripod for 6 seconds hangsdebuff physical and magical protection by 60% in the selected area.

Again, in the case of the boss, it makes senseto take care of this skill when it is overwhelmed and sits on the ground.

If you are in a team with teammates, thencoordinate with their main dd skills the skill of this skill.

Masthev in any build.

Elseed — these flowers are almost always takenwith only one first tripod, which increases the damage from our skills by 4% for 4 seconds. Also mast in in any build.

Water Spirit — this skill is used, as a rule,either to contain the approaching pack of ordinary mobs, or to quickly reduce the manadue to the first tripod. Maririn — our second summon, respectively,recall the need to alternate it with the first. In most builds of the second tripod, anotheris used to stun mobs for 2 seconds. Here the tripod to taut is chosen, i.e. heagritates himself around for 2 seconds. I chose him specifically for the battle withthe bosses, who often have a stunning to them, but they attack on the taunts, and thereforeit gains us time for long castes of our powerful dd-skills.

Ancient Spear is the summoner’s most powerfulskill, it has a CD of 35 seconds, a casting speed of 2.5 seconds, so when we cast it,we must be completely sure that the target will stay at least 2-3 seconds in the selectedarea. The first tripod increases the damage by 30%,as an alternative to it — you can take a reduction in the speed of the cast, which will be 2seconds, but I would not advise. The fire spear has a pillbox and additionaldamage, but I’ll show you more clearly about the third tripod.

As you can see, with a tripod on one spear,the damage is slightly higher than from one spear with another tripod + reinforced pillbox,but in a tripod with three spears it is enough for us to hit at least two — and the damagewill be higher. And if you try and use it as I show on thescreen, you can hit the target with three spears, which completely discredits the tripodwith one spear. Practice:.

Well, now let’s talk about pressing buttons.

I show the example of combining puddles andflowers, but no one tells you to always wait for their cooldown for simultaneous prokast.

It is clear that in battle, you can alternatethem and look at the situation. Your main task is to throw a debuff on thetarget, if possible a buff on yourself and cast one of the three main dd skills in thisspace, namely Spirit Rush, Winged Spirit or Ancient Spirit.

Actually, such examples are now shown on thescreen. Parallel to this, we alternate our summonsso that there is always one of them on the field, if necessary, we use taunts to delaythe boss for 2-3 seconds and give a raskast. If we are on the Fauru field, then also atthe time of the raskast of flowers, puddles and dd-skilla, we can blow up our sammon,causing a good increased damage. But try to do it in the case when you clearlyunderstand that you will live for a while without Sammon.

And of course, do not forget about class abilities,such as a leg or a fire worm, which carry a lot of damage and will be a great additionto our skills. On this review comes to an end, if you likedthe video — put your thumb up and subscribe to the channel.

Also write in the comments what you thinkabout this build and how useful it seems to you.

With you was a SWORD.

See you soon.

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