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Zdarova people.

In this video we will look at one of the builds on Barda, aka Minstrel. It was based on the skilldates of the site.

To compile it, you will need 300 skill points, but for the first time you can sacrifice the third tripod of one of the two DD skills.

This way you can get 272 points, or even less if you donate two. This build is designed specifically for playing in a group, so you should not use it for solo adventures.

Let’s look at each skill in more detail.

Soundstrike — our spam ability with CD in 6 seconds. In addition to little damage due to the second tripod, we apply a debuff to the target, increasing incoming damage by 15% for 2-3 seconds, for which the group will pour more damage. Holy Sound is the main and, I would say, the only full-fledged DD bard skill in this build. In addition to damage, it has an average Encap, allowing you to quickly bring down the weakening scale of the boss.

The skill itself has cast time, high CD, so it is recommended to use it when the boss is stationary or broken for a long time.

Well, there is an opportunity to increase damage due to attack from the back. Harp of Rhytm is one of our two skills focused on Charge Generation of a bard’s class ability. We try to use it on CD in the case when there is a goal for the harp and we are sure that she will shoot, and not stand idle, all her life time. Overtorture of Storm is the second skill for generating a charge of class ability. Unlike Harp, it has a cooldown of just 14 seconds, which allows us to spam it more often. Do not forget about the 2-second stun, which will allow you to get out of the environment of monsters and control the crowd and targets without an imun to the camp. Now let’s talk about buffing bard skills for a group. Winds of Music — a mastered skill in any build of the Minstrel. Thanks to the third tripod, we impose a shield on ourselves and the group for 4 seconds, the size of which is 25% of the maximum hit points of the target. Thanks to the first tripod, the cooldown is only 16 seconds + the ability to charge the Bard’s class ability faster.

It is important to remember that the shield is applied only to allies located near you, which means that often you yourself will have to run up to the group. Guardian Perfomance is the second skill saving your group. It has a high CD, so we try to use it in more severe cases and when Winds of Music is in rollback.

Thanks to the selected tripods, it allows you to throw buffs on a group that reduce incoming damage by more than 25%.

After it is finished, a shield is hung on the group for 15% of the maximum hit points, which holds for another 8 seconds.

And yes, Winds of Music shields can stack together, giving a total of 40%. Top Perfomance — the main skill, in addition to the class ability, for the pro-buff group in damage.

Let’s take it.

Increases attack speed from 4 to 8% + an additional 8% from the second tripod for 8 seconds. Increases mana regeneration from 12 to 40% for eight seconds. Increases the damage of everyone in the group by 40% for 8 seconds. Thanks to the first tripod, we cast this beauty every 26 seconds. Thus, if you throw this skill on CD, the group will be without this buff for 18 seconds. But I would recommend that you first make a start from chat troops, because it is in your voice that you will know that the DD skills of your party members are not in the CD and buff with great efficiency.

If you are without a force, then push off from the boss. As a rule, the maximum gulf of damage under it goes at the time of breaking the weakening scale or certain long animations.

Sound Vibrations is the second powerful DD skill that the bard has in this build, but it is also often used for the group’s pro-buff. After the first part of the animation, during which targets are thrown into the air and fall to the ground, taking damage, an area is formed on the ground within three seconds that deals damage in 4 ticks.

As long as your allies are in this area, they gain an additional 40% attack power for 2 seconds.

Thus, if they stand in this area all the time, then the maximum buff time can be up to 5 seconds.

Those. after the third second, the buff is hung up for the last time and you take extra damage for 2 seconds.

As you understand, you need to throw this circle under the boss and be sure that at this time he will not go anywhere.

In addition to this, add the second-level encaps and the mechanics of the desks with destruction, which also allows you to quickly bring down the strip to the boss. At the same time, the caste itself, thanks to the first tripod and superamor, is almost impossible to interrupt.

With regard to reducing skill point points to 272, I would recommend that you temporarily remove the third tripod from our spam abilities, as it has practically no effect on the debuff on incoming damage, and the damage from the skill itself is not so large. If the skill point is still not enough, you can remove the third tripod to expand the radius of the skill by 40% of the third tripod of the Sound Vibration skill. Yes, the group may have to stand more closely and it’s not always possible to buff all, but you will save 28 points of skill points at an early stage, thus reducing the total number of points to 244.

In the end, the damage should not be done by you, but by your group. Well, now let’s move on to pressing the buttons: As for practice, it’s quite difficult to describe everything and show it in the training room. In my understanding, Bard is one of the most difficult classes and I will explain why. His tasks include: firstly, monitoring the group and, if necessary, giving shields or, in extreme cases, heal from class ability, which may be relevant for the Guard. Secondly, monitor the attacks of the boss himself, so as not to accidentally fly off. Thirdly, coordinate your probafs with the group so that they do not go anywhere, but to the maximum outbreak of your party members, therefore, ideally, you should be with them in your voice.

If not, watch the boss, see what your group does when animations of strong attacks and pro-buffs of other members of the group go.

Yes, you can be the initiator of the attack — they say, I threw the buff, everything — go kill, but the situation itself may not be suitable, and powerful skills of the group members can be in the CD, as well as rotation. This video series is a clipping from a stream, where we first sorted the current build in the training zone, and then went to spend Guardian and Wickley raids with a cube. The link to the stream is in the description, if you are interested in looking in more detail. And on this review comes to an end, if you liked the video — put a thumb up and subscribe to the channel.

Also write in the comments what you think about this build and how useful it seems to you.

With you was SWORD.

See you soon.

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