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Zdarova people.

In this video we will look at one of the builds on the Mechanist. Based on the skills used on skills and tripods on the site To compile this build, you will need 284 skill points. As you can see in the picture, in 6 out of 8 skills we have an encaps, which means that in addition to damage, we also bring our own to the treasure in the scrapping of the weakening scales of the boss.

Let’s look at each skill in order: Enchanced Shell is our spam-abilities, thanks to which every 5 seconds we can apply a debuff to reduce the target’s armor by 20% as much as 8 seconds, i.e. essentially permanent.

Blast is our second spam-abilka, which, in addition to encap, has extra damage in the back and can cause not weak damage during a critical hit. Napalm bomb — this skill does good damage, perfectly breaks the boss’s attenuation scale due to high encapsulation, and also hangs a debuff on the target, increasing incoming damage by 20% for 4 seconds.

This debuff is different from the debuff of our spam abilities, therefore both effects will hang on the target at once.

Flamethrower is one of the three main DD skills. It is possible to disperse damage when attacking from behind. As for the third tripod, the skill date has approximately the same choice for both options, but I chose this one because it is far from always possible for the boss to unfasten it in 4 seconds.

With this tripod, we do all the damage, which is also increased, in just 2. Air Strike is the most powerful boss damage skill. At the time of the cast, we are immune to micro-stun, which increases our chance of successfully using the skill, even when we are attacked. In addition to the Napalm bomb and Missle Strike, this skill also has a high incap for breaking the boss attenuation scale.

Missle Strike — with one-time damage, this skill is more powerful than a flamethrower, but slightly weaker than Air Strike.

Nevertheless, after the formed radioactive zone, the damage from the bunker catches up with it.

There is the highest encaps, and therefore tangible damage to the boss attenuation scale. The disadvantages include the fact that the target must be in place for a considerable time, both before the projectile falls and after. Summoning Turret — the second and third tripods well accelerate the damage of our turrets, and the first tripod imposes a similar debuff from our spam abilities. At the same time, with each hit of the turret, the debuff is updated, which means we do not have to always use the Enchanced Shell before starting the rotation. Energy Field is our only savé.

Since we have no alternative to the gap, we preserve this skill until the very extreme. Thanks to the second tripod, we can hang a shield from 30 to 80% of the total stock of hit points.

The first tripod will allow you to use this skill when we may not have enough mana after a complete cast.

Well, now let’s move on to pressing the buttons: Consider an example of a complete cast. Since Missle Strike has the highest delayed damage, we use it first except, except, previously set Turrets.

Next comes the debuff from Enchanced Shell (if there is no turret) and from Napalm Bomb. Missile Strike’s shell just arrives by this time, and we throw Air Strike and fry the target with a flamethrower until the debuffs are sleeping. And on this review comes to an end, if you liked the video — put a thumb up and subscribe to the channel.

Also write in the comments what you think about this build and how useful it seems to you.

With you was SWORD.

See you soon.

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