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Zdarova, with you SWORD.

In this video, we will look at one of the options for the skill build on the Keymaster. To compile it, you will need 300 skill points, but for the first time it will be possible to do with 256, 272 or 284, by sacrificing some tripods, which I will cover in the video. Keymaster is one of the most sought-after classes for playing in a group that almost permanently hangs a buff on itself and its closest allies, increasing damage by 15%, and also in particularly dangerous situations can throw a buff for 6 seconds, reducing all incoming damage to you and the players as much as 50%. In addition, in addition to the group, the Ki-Master is able to open the three gates of the chakras, just like in Naruto Anime, increasing its speed, damage, and also reducing the cooldown of skills.

Well, the huge Rasengan, which throws Ki-Master on an ultimatum, makes you one more step closer to becoming Hokage.

Theory: The power of destruction — the main task of this skill in a group is to apply a buff for 8 seconds, increasing damage by 15%. The cooldown of a skill is 9 seconds, which means the buff on a group can hang almost constantly.

If you play solo, it makes sense to put a buff from the second tripod to increase your own damage by 25%, although it will last 4 seconds. Also, this skill can be used as an alternative to escapes if you have a space in the CD and Licha Kick.

A bold blow is the skill of the masthead in almost any build. It makes the Keymaster extremely mobile, allowing you to make up to 3 jerks, and you can change direction every time.

With the first tripod, these jerks are even further, but the second tripod is needed just for breaking into the boss and starting the combination. When you naskavivanii 30% you run out of energy, so immediately burn the second gate of the chakras, further increasing our damage and speed and restoring energy to the maximum. But in most cases, this skill is used specifically for evading bosses animations, increasing or reducing the distance, so if you do not have enough skill points for other skills, then you can not take the second tripod, thereby reducing the total number from 300 to 284. The field of power — this ability thanks to the second tripod allows you to destroy and discard the crowd of monsters, and thanks to the third tripod to do a good deal of damage to the boss.

In this case, the first tripod allows you to quickly bring down the weakening strip to the boss.

(CHECK) Since in this build there are other DD-skills more honed on the URON on the bosses, then the third tripod can still not be taken, thus reducing the total number of skill points from 300 to 272, and if you have removed the second tripod in Likhom Beat, then you will have only 256 points, which is quite a bit and is suitable for the starting build. A blow of force is the main task of this skill due to the first tripod to hang a special effect, which temporarily stops the boss on the spot, not allowing him to cast. The effect in the skill is not always proc, therefore we need the first tripod. The second tripod accelerates damage by weakening the protection. Also, do not forget about the increased uros from behind and rebound by 3 meters after the cast.

Lightning power is the main DD skill of the boss. It blows away the weakening strip faster, there is a small chance to also disable the boss, well, and increases the damage thanks to all tripods. True, the first tripod will be rolled only after half the hit points of the boss are laid down.

Also, this last name has a small tie, so if necessary we can use it on the crowd of monsters. Power wave — everything is simple here, this is a great DD skill with which we can spam every 13 seconds, both in the pack of monsters and the elite and bosses. Spiral strikes are the most powerful DD skill in this build. Skill allows you to adjust the trajectory of attacks during the caste. Try to use it in the case when you hang the maximum probapha from the gates of the chakra, as well as the skills of the Force of Destruction and Liberated Power. Remember, the cooldown of a skill is as long as 25 seconds, which means it will be a big mistake to turn it in nowhere.

Liberated power is another skill that is simply a masthead in a group as well as in a solo. Thanks to this skill, we can hang the buff on ourselves and the group, reducing all incoming damage by 25, and in the second tripod as much as 50%. Also, thanks to the third tripod, you unleash the power of all your attacks by 40% for 6 seconds.

Well, the first tripod allows you to hang these buffs every 19 seconds. Practice: Let’s start with maximum probafa and damage. For this, we will use the second or third Ki-Energy Gate. We use the class ability and open the second or third gate, increasing our attack speed 10 or 15, damage 25 or 60 and cooldown 10 or 25 percent, respectively. We break up the damage by 15% in a group or by 25% in a sollo, simultaneously bringing in damage and breaking the strip to the boss. After that, we survive the released force, which buffs our damage by an additional 40%. Actually in this state, you continue to use DD skills. The priority, of course, is Spiral Strikes, further on the situation — either Lightning force or Force Wave.

Also to the maximum probafu you can add stacks of buffs from Dashing Impact, but you will most likely do this very rarely.

If you do not take the maximum probaf, then here is at your discretion and combination. In any case, I would advise using DD skills for at least the second gate of the chakra of class ability and probafa on the strength of destruction. The released power is needed not only in terms of your damage buff, but also in your group in order to protect it, therefore spamming it with a CD is not always logical. The third gate also has the properties to end quickly, which means that the maximum probabag should be done only if you are sure that all your damage will go into the boss. And on this review comes to an end, if you liked the video — put your thumb up and subscribe to the channel.

Also write in the comments what you think about this build and how useful it seems to you.

With you was a SWORD.

See you soon.

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