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Zdarova people.

In this video, we will look at one of the Dualist builds, aka Infiter, also a former Dragon Fist.

Again, it was repulsed from Analytics Skill Dates of this class on the resource For compilation, you needed 284 skill points, but you can also get by with 254, sacrificing one third tripod, which I will discuss later. Again, this is just one of the options that I offer you. Build is open to discussions, comments and observations. Theory: Let’s look at each skill in more detail. An advanced strike is a given skill of musthave in almost every build and I will explain why: first, thanks to the first tripod, we get an additional escape in addition to a space with a good jerk range; secondly, thanks to the second tripod we have an excellent aoe-coupler; well, in the third — this skill has a cooldown in 5 seconds, which allows us to almost always spam her, be dynamic, and also quickly fill the Green scale of the Dualist skills. The kick of the wild tiger is our spam-ability, which we have to use on the collective action, especially in the group, hanging debuff on enemies for incoming damage of 10% for ourselves and party members.

Debuff for 8 seconds, cooldown for 8 seconds, which means we have a permanent debuff on bosses and elites.

The second tripod allows you to quickly charge the green scale of the Dualist, in which we have the main DD skills.

Triplex strike — this skill is our most powerful in the yellow branch, which will allow us to inflict good damage on bosses and elite monsters thanks to the first and third tripods. The second tripod will allow you to do this every 12 seconds. Well, for clusters of monsters, the damage is also not weak. The dragon descent is the main charm of this skill — an almost instantaneous retreat or, on the contrary, an explosion into the crowd. There is a huge cooldown in as much as 16 seconds, so we cherish it for the most dangerous situations and get by with a double space, as well as an Advance Strike. Kara — this skill with such an assembly of tripods will allow two attacks to be carried out in two hits, and for each attack we charge the yellow scale, which means we get a charge like in two of its uses.

Also, do not forget that if the target is overturned, then the skill deals additional damage.

Rush is a skill with the lowest cooldown in the green scale. With these tripods we get the following tricky combination: thanks to the first tripod, the skill has a chance to instantly roll back during a critical hit, which means that the more goals we hit, the more attempts there will be on the crit. The second and third tripods help us with just this, increasing besides the damage — the attack radius.

Therefore, the priority is to use this skill in the crowd. The decisive blow is one of the two most powerful skills with which we try to hit the boss. Thanks to the first tripod, we can hold a decisive blow every 16 seconds. The second tripod accelerates our damage, and the third allows us to remove the cast time in 1.3 tenths of a second and make it instant, due to the increased charge of the green scale.

Death sentence — the most powerful skill with great damage, devouring the entire green scale, and thanks to the second and third tripods, we disperse this damage even higher, from which bosses become a priority goal.

Even with the first tripod, cooldown already 20 seconds, so you need to use this skill wisely and 100% sure of his hit.

Well, actually about the reduction of skill points from 284 to 256. As you guessed, we can not use one of the Third Tripods of the Decisive Impact and the Death Sentence.

In the first case, we get an initial caste speed of 1.3 seconds, in the second case we lose a noticeable increase in damage, but even with the second tripod it will be higher than that of the Decisive blow.

Thus, the first skill is weaker, but we hit them more often and do not spend the whole green scale, the second skill is stronger, but we hit them less often and spend the whole charge of the green scale.

What to choose — decide for yourself.

Personally, the Deadly Sentence came to me more, because it is a downright finisher, but if you even crit crest on it, it will truly be a huge loss. Practice: Well, now let’s talk about pressing buttons. In fact, everything is pretty simple here.

We approach each other with a goal or a crowd with the help of a preemptive strike, live through a debuff from the Wild Tiger Smash, and then on the situation. If the target is a crowd of monsters, then we use either Triplex or Either a swift strike, finishing off with Kara, if you need to charge the yellow scale. If the goal is the boss, then after the debuff, Again, we hit with a Triplex Smash and One of the two finishers — the Deadly Verdict, or the Decisive Slap. It depends on what you have pumped into three tripods. The dragon descent, as I said, is held either for an alternative break-in / rendezvous with the target, or to escape if there is a space and an Advance hit in the CD. These variations will be shown on the screen. On this review comes to an end, if you liked the video — put your thumb up and subscribe to the channel.

Also write in the comments what you think about this build and how useful it seems to you.

With you was a SWORD.

See you soon.

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