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Zdarova people.

In this video we will look at one of the builds on Avatar. He relied mainly on the skill of the site as well as one Korean build on Invena.

To compile it, you will need 296 skill points, but for the first time you can sacrifice the third tripod of one skill, which I will discuss later. Thus, 268 skill points can be obtained.

Let’s look at each skill in order: Triple Punch — regular spam-abilka, it does little damage, if you consider it necessary to replace it with something more interesting, then please.

I left it here because of the CD in 6 seconds, hence the faster charge of class ability. Also has Level 1 Slicing, which applies to some bosses on Parts Destruction mechanics. Internal Combustion is an excellent skill for a set of charges of class ability, thanks to damage every half second for all targets near the Avatar for 20 seconds. At the same time, the first tripod gives us the same 20 seconds an additional reduction in incoming damage by 10%.

Thunder Kick — this skill gives us dynamics and mobility, therefore we can not only throw targets into the air with them, but also quickly break in or move away from boss animations. The third tripod allows us to land at the place where we precisely point the mouse cursor. Well, immunity to stiffness will allow us to use the skill without interruption. Crescent Kick is a fairly powerful skill that has a medium encap, i.e. knocking down the weakening scale for the boss, immunity to stiffness, and also thanks to the first tripod, we can change the direction of movement during the skill cast. The second tripod means that single goals are priority for us, i.e., as a rule, bosses. Whisper of the Wind — masthead skill in any pv build of the Avatar. We buff ourselves and the group on the movement speed and attack speed, and with the first and third tripods we add a self-buff on critical crit by 10% and damage by 40% for the same six seconds.

Thanks to the second tripod, we can buff up every 24 seconds. Roar of Valor is the second masthead skill in any avatar avatar build. Thanks to the second and third tripod, we hang a debuff on all targets around us, which reduces resistance to critical hits by 40% for 8 seconds. Your group will be very grateful to you for this. In addition to little damage, the skill also has Part’s Desruction, which will work on some bosses.

Room fire, or simply “Leg” — is one of the two main DD skills of the Avatar. The first tripod accelerates our damage to the boss and elite by 30%, the third also accelerates our damage due to the increased cast speed, and the second tripod selects how one of the two is correct.

In my case, I chose an increased range and attack speed, compensating for the slow speed of the 3rd tripod.

But a tripod is also often used to increase the critical chance by 30%. If you are not sure about your crit, even after a complete pro-buff, then you can take this tripod.

Dragon Ascend is Avatar’s second DD skill and the only build skill that consumes charges of class ability.

In this case, 2 charges.

This skill has excellent synergy of the second tripod with our class probaf, because crit damage is increased by 100%.

But on the third tripod I’ll clarify — a screed is added to us, which we can do around ourselves for 2.5 seconds, after which we will make the final blow. The damagiit screed itself is very weak and when damaged by the boss, it is useless and even harmful, because we stand still, and the boss may already leave or vice versa it hurts to hit.

Therefore, we try not to clamp the button with the skill, but immediately release it. Increased damage by 50% for the boss and targets with the immune will not be lost. As for the reduction of the joint venture by 268, judging by the Korean builds, the majority removes the third tripod on the Crescent Kick. Alternatively, if you do not want to lose 250% of the damage from the third tripod, you can remove the third on Thunder Kick.

In the second case, you lose casting distance and casting speed and cannot quickly get out of the dangerous sudden boss animation underfoot. What to choose — decide for yourself, because if you compare Crescent Kick with two other DD avatar skills, namely Noga and Dragon, then he loses them in damage. Well, now let’s move on to pressing the buttons: The rotation is quite simple — they squeezed the whirlwind, if it still doesn’t hang on us, debuffed the target for 8 seconds, buffed itself and the party for 6 seconds, hit with the Foot, spent 2 charges of class ability and hit Dragons Ascend.

Next is Crescent Kick and Thunder Kick.

Ideally, all dd skills can be managed to strike while a buff is hanging on you, and a debuff is on the target.

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Also write in the comments what you think about this build and how useful it seems to you.

With you was SWORD.

See you soon.

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