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Description of the video guide «How to install and start playing Lost Ark on a Russian server»

Want to play Lost Ark but aren’t sure where to start? Vulkan’s got you covered. This guide will walk you through how to start playing Lost Ark using Exitlag, GameCenter and the LaoTranslator.


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What’s up guys Vulcan here today we’re gonna be looking at how to play Lost Ark outside of Russia or South Korea now this video is primarily going to be the Russian version of the game this one’s just much much easier to play you don’t have to worry about the verification passes that happened every couple of weeks like in the South Korean version so all of the links necessary will be listed in the description below and I’ve been playing a lot of Lost Ark lately after everybody in the comment section kept telling me hey it’s easy to set up it’s fun let’s play and I decided you know what let’s take the plunge let’s do it I played the South Korean version and it was fun I didn’t understand anything was happening because the English patch wasn’t done yet.

But the English patch is done on this one and it’s just been so much fun so I’m gonna show you guys how to do it that way we can get more people playing and if you wanted to kind of test the waters try it out then you have a three day free pass with exit lag the VPN and the game obviously it’s free to play so doesn’t cost anything so you can jump in and play it free of cost the first thing we want to do is we want to create a at email address and you have to go to this link right up here like I said these are all listed in the description and just register for an account make sure on your phone number you pick the right country you can look at the little flags obviously this is all in Russian but you can look at the little flags figure out which country is yours throw your knight your number in there it will text you for a verification code so you need to be ready it has to be a legit phone number so after you’ve signed up for an at mail the next thing you want to do come out here to the game centers website it’s an app male ru once again but this is the game center this is just a launcher for Russia essentially and all you need to do is click this big yellow button here we don’t need to understand what it says we just need to understand that this is the download button so click that download install that guy and you’ll be set and ready to rock.

Well that’s installing jump out to exit lag now this isn’t like a promotion or anything like that I’ve just had the most success with eggs Lag they’ve been great low peeing all that fun stuff easy to set up easy to use and you get a like I said a three day free trial after that it’s like five dollars a month for their you know VIP pass is what they call it aka use our software and I gladly pay that but if five dollars a month is a little too expensive for you then there’s additional VPNs you can go out most of them will do a free trial maybe it’s a day maybe it’s seven days so go out there take a look really the only thing that matters is you just need to know you just need to have servers in Russia in order to make this thing work so after you create your account for exit lag you’ve downloaded the software it will force you to restart so restart your computer jump on back the next thing you need to do is download the English patch now the English patch this has been a big kind of point of controversy so I want you to take this with a grain of salt and exercise caution think through this yourself as to whether or not you want to install this piece of software I’m just telling you where it is so I’m trying to make it so I am not liable for anything that happens to your computer however people are saying the Lao translation has a virus built into it now I’ve been using it I haven’t had any issues I scanned it malwarebytes no issues there so take that as you will but this is something that will make Game Center this thing up here it’ll translate this to English and it’ll apply the English patch to Lost Ark so you can read all the text and all that fun stuff so this is something that is necessary now we’re using the Russian client so you want to make sure you do the Russian client one and not the Korean client down here so after you’ve installed everything and you’ve restarted your computer fire up exit lag login and you need to search for Game Center.

It’s gonna be right here game center my comm click that it’ll add it to your recents and it’ll look a little bit like this what you want to do is select Moscow 1 or 2 and after you select it hit optimize it’ll go through its optimization process and then click apply routes the next thing you want to do is you want to search out here for Lost Ark make sure you click Lost Ark are you not Lost Ark kr if you click kr that will not work.

So Lost Ark are used when you need make sure you match up the game region with your game center so you can’t have Game Center at o2 and Lost Ark and a 1 it won’t work so make sure they both match optimize apply routes that’s going to get your VPN setup ready to rock and at this point it will lock it in and you won’t have to mess with this unless you want to change your regions or you’re having issues where you need to reinstall exit lag any of that stuff otherwise it saves it so over in Game Center all of this up here at the top this is all going to be in Russia so you’re not gonna be able to read it and you need to use that English patch in order to make it legible so here’s what the English patch looks like it’s just a little piece of software you just click on translate game Center that will translate the game Center very self-explanatory and at that point you can start installing it there’ll be a big green install button here click that it’s about 32 gigs it does not require you to be on VPN to install it so if you notice that’s taking forever to install shut off your VPN and install without it typically VPNs will throttle your internet connection and make things a little bit slower so by turning that off it should increase your download speeds once it’s installed jump back out here to your allow translator and click on English this is going to apply the English patch to the game that when you log in you can read it do not uncheck restore original and close keep this check because you want to keep the game files integrity so my wrists original unclosed it keeps everything nice and tidy and you have to shut down things in a specific order so the first thing you want to do is you want to shut down Lost Ark so shut the game down the next thing you want to do is close completely out of Game Center after Game Center is closed out then close out of the translator here and then you’re all set and you don’t have to worry about exit lag that one’s not even in the in the picture you can just shut that off whenever you would like so that is how to install lost star and that’s it guys thanks for watching.

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