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Description of the video guide «How to set up and start playing Lost Ark with an English translation (text) on a Russian server»

How To Setup & Play Lost Ark With English Text — Lost Ark RU

How to play Lost Ark right now with english text on the russian Open Beta Servers (no more server wipes): setup guide and tutorial for making an account, downloading and installing the game and downloading the english patch.

Lost Ark is a Korean made Multiplayer Online Isometric Action Role Playing Hack And Slash Game that was initially revealed at the end of 2014, Since then the hype levels for this game have been through the roof in multiple regions especially the western market, Lost Ark is a game that really pushes Unreal Engine 3 to its limits and blends cut scene heavy storytelling with medium paced action combat, and a rich endgame that offers content for fans of both PVP and PVE encounters.

Are you currently playing Lost Ark RU? How’s your Ping? Where are you playing from? Are you enjoying the game? Let me know in the comments below!

Lost Ark Features And Description

  • 6 gender locked classes (Two not avalible in this video).
  • PVP content in the form of 3v3 arena, 1v1 duels and FFA.
  • PVE content in the form of 15 end game dungeons, an endless tower with infinitely increasing difficulty, 7 World bosses, 8 guardian raids and life skill dungeons.
  • Made in Unreal Engine 3.
  • Each class has the option to choose from one of three specializations at level 10.
  • Unique intro experience for each class.
  • Medium paced action combat with quite a few long static animations.
  • Cut scene heavy and voice acted storyline that uses interesting camera techniques to keep things fresh.
  • Wide selection of emotes to choose from.
  • Good selection of character customization options.
  • AAA audio and music work.
  • Try each specialization before committing.
  • Instanced world with linear zone progression.
  • No gore or blood.
  • Small amount of armor and weapon variety.
  • No ETA on western release.
  • High fantasy eastern art style typical of games such as TERA, Bless, Riders Of Icarus, Blade And Soul, Ascent: Infinite Realm.

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Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Earlier today I was streaming some lost arkasha servers with the English patch installed and I was surprised at the amount of people that didn’t know this game is currently playable outside of South Korea and this time due to not needing a Korean social security number it’s really easy to get set up and make an account so that’s what I’m gonna show you how to do in this video for those of you that are eagerly awaiting the NA EU release of Lost Ark as of making this video no publisher has even been announced for it yet so I’d estimate a Western release to be a minimum of one year away probably longer the Russian Lost Ark servers are an open beta but will not be wiped so you can consider this as a soft launch of sorts if you’re using exit lag from EU you can expect around 40 to 70 ms ping connecting to the Moscow servers from na you’re looking at 150 to 200 ms ping and from Australia you looking at 250 ms ping all of which are actually quite playable I’m playing from Thailand with 220 ms ping for this game and it feels decent so the first thing you’re gonna want to do is go to la and in the top right click login or register then click the red logo that says it creates account put in your name surname desired email address password and date of birth then click Next.

Then you put in your mobile phone number note that you don’t need a Russian phone for this to work select your country’s area code from the drop down menu and you’ll receive a code via text that will verify your account job done initially when I tried to make a account through the Lost Ark website I had some issues where the next button wasn’t clickable if you have this problem make an account on the website instead once you’ve done that you can log into the la website and click the top a big red button to download the game this will download the game sensor which is required to launch the game once you’ve done that and tick the bottom box when you’re installed in Game Center leave the top one ticked as this is just agreeing to terms and conditions wait for it to install then you’ll see a page to download Lost Ark you might also get a message saying that Lost Ark is unavailable in your region to get past the region lock we simply click the COG wheel in the top.

Right of the launcher click the third tab down from the left of the menu that pops up then on the second to bottom setting we want to choose the middle option this basically enables VPNs to be used.

Click OK and Game Center will close and reopen at the top you’ll then have a yellow box to set up some kind of Russian VPN I don’t know how to set this up though so instead we’ll use our own VPN as the servers are located in Moscow I’d recommend using exit lag to play Lost Ark as not only does it act as routing software to boost your ping but it also provides your connection with a Russian IP essentially acting as a VPN to set up exit lag for Lost Ark you need to open the software and connect to both Lost Ark ru and Game Center Micom then apply routes and it’s as simple as that of course you can use a free VPN I’ve used soft ether in the past which is decent although it’s not gonna boost your ping so link and referral code for 20% off exit lag in the description below to download the game click the big green button in the top right clicking it again pauses the download you can change the installation path by clicking the COG wheel in the top right and clicking the seconds tab down from the pop-up menu you can see the download progress in the bottom left of the launcher you can log into your account in the top right and you’ll need to do this to launch the game when it’s downloaded but first we’re gonna apply the English patch obviously wait until the download has finished before applying the English patch there should be a link for it in the description below download the English patch extract the zip file to a place of your choosing right click the LA o Translation file and run as administrator browse to your Lost Ark’ game folder if you didn’t change this this should have the correct setting by default make sure you’re logged into game sensor and have it open then click English on the translation patch and the game text should then be patched to English pretty simple then simply click Play loss star cross your VPN is open and enjoy the game it’s quite a simple process really if you’re on the fence about trying Lost Ark Russia due to the whole VPN setup situation you can try exit lag for free for three days without entering any payment info so you’ve got nothing to lose really and giving it a try and it takes about 2 minutes but yeah hope this video helped you guys or maybe made some of you aware that this games available to be played right now obviously with the recent announcement of Diablo for a lot of you are hungry for a good a RPG to tie you over and maybe lost I can be that game for a while thanks for watching I hope you all have a great day and I’ll see you again really soon.

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