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Text version of the guide «PvP Guide — How It Works and Works, and How to Get Better in Lost Ark» (automatically created subtitles)

Hello guys in today’s video I’d like to explain to you how PvP works in Lost Ark I want to guide you through all of the basics about how to play pvp and how to prepare your class for this game-mode I’ll try to be as beginner friendly as possible because it’s very important to me that those of you who are new to the game would understand PvP and enjoy it first I want to thank those of you who have joined my channel with the paid membership the pirate crew the mad lads that are supporting me with with this also I am so grateful to you guys and your support means really a lot to me so PvP I’ve had so many of you telling me Diaz you don’t like it that you have tried it and you were always on the ground unable to move or you couldn’t cast more than two skills happen to me too.

When I first started Lost Ark in Korea last year exactly the same thing as many of you are saying and only after I understood how to play it I started to enjoy it PvP in Lost Ark is not exactly the same as any other MMORPG that you’ve played so far it runs on the same kind of ideas but it works in a completely different way this video is not a specific class build guide it’s to teach you how to think about PvP whatever class you’re playing let me start with the three most important things in Lost Ark PvP in no particular order number one understanding CC and CC immunity where does it come from and when to use it.

Number two your stand skill and learning how to manage its cooldown probably the most important out of all three of them just saying and number three your skill build now these three basic things are in very tight connection with each other so you’ll need to do all three of them right in order for you to feel good about PvP but once you do I’m going to tell you one thing you will have a great time playing this mode let’s talk about number one CC and CC immunity there are various types of CC in the game but for the purpose of this video and only for this video I’m going to separate CC into three different categories first category is CC that you can do something about second category is CC that you can prove.

Event but not do anything about if you get it and third category is you see that you cannot revenge and you cannot do anything about it either so you just have to take it like a man so see see that you can deal with is stagger and knock down stagger is when your character starts doing these breakdance moves and this is how it looks right here my friend is gonna do it see I’m I’m basically unable to do anything at the end of this skill sure I’ve got pushed up and then back down but that’s not part of the stagger stagger effect comes from a variety of skills that every class has access to not all the skills in the game to do stagger and it also comes from the Auto Attack of every class this is how it looks for example on the Econo on the third that auto attack I get staggered by the arcanas auto attack this is the reason also why you don’t see arcanas using the auto attack in their rotation per se in arenas because it takes two auto attacks to produce the stagger and that’s definitely not viable however devil hunters do use auto attack as part of their rotation in PvP because for them it’s viable it just works like that that it is for example if I would attack as a blaster my friend here the first hit does absolutely nothing but if I do second one and third one then it does something as I mentioned stagger also comes from variety of skills not all the skills in the game produced a graphic but most do how to deal with stagger in many ways the easiest of them all is to use skills that have super armor as a bonus on them you see their super armor stagger immunity every single class has many of these skills that have super armor as as a bonus in the tooltip and if you use them instead of getting staggered you’re not going to get staggered this is one way I’m going to show it to you I’m going to use this skill now and my friend is going to use the first skill that’s used on me there you go.

I’m not getting staggered until I finish my cast and of course I will get thrown up in the air because again that’s not part of the stacker effect but in terms of stagger I didn’t get it and this is one way of dealing with it another way to deal with stagger is to use your auto attack for example if I would cast this particular skill on my friend here she’s right now as you see staggered doing breakdance moves but however in nine seconds when I’m gonna cast this skill again and she’s just gonna be attacking the air the stacker effect is not gonna be produced on her character and this is a great way of doing it let’s start out attacking so I can show this skill there you go she has absolutely no problem she continues out to attack and otherwise she wouldn’t and that’s everything about stagger really you won’t feel it’s a problem in arenas nobody really staggers you to death people build their classes for hard cc or CC that you cannot really do anything about but it’s important to know it’s a super important mechanic and it’s important for you to know how to deal with it if you encounter it or if your matchup in if you’re playing one we want we want arenas and your matchup is that they will hunter you know what these guys are gonna do they need to stagger they they love to stagger you right let’s jump now into the real big problem that you have and that’s being knocked down so this is the other CC effect you can do something about knock downs pretty straightforward a knockdown can occur right after a skill that knocks you down or when you hit the ground after you’ve been knocked up like my friend is gonna show right here I cannot have this skill I’m up in the air and then I’m down on my back the bottom line is that when you’re flat on the ground you’re knocked down which can be removed by using a skill called stand my friend is gonna knock me down again and then after this I’m going to dodge and remove and this is my stand skill it’s on cooldown now this is the most important part in PvP this skill right here is one of your most important assets that you have in any form of PvP in Lost Ark 90% of the classes that you’re going to be faced with they want to knock you down constantly they want to make you use this skill and then not have it again for the next knockdown that comes right after there’s two things that you need to remember about this mechanic managing stands cooldown and usage is vital for your survival in PvP and thing number two is that what you do when the skill is on cooldown is vital for your survival in PvP so let me show you I’m I’m knocked down now I’m gonna be knocked down right away by my friend and then I will remove this and I have a cool-down so right now I know I’m because if my friend does the skill again and I’m gonna be knocked down again right here is something that I can just take my hands off the keyboard because I cannot do anything else so how to deal with this simple the second you’ve used your stand skill you have two options and two options only offense or defense and this is where your skill bill comes into play your skill bill for PvP with PvP related skills and traits is mandatory for your survival in PvP and during your stands cooldown not all of your skills have to fit this criteria you actually need to do damage as well so don’t go full ham into skills that have a super armor or skills that give you shields and stuff like that because you actually need to pull your own weight there because you if you’re just gonna have skills that do 50 damage tooltip and protect you with super armor or whatever skills that protect you with from physical CC and stuff then you’re not gonna win that arena anyway the most important thing and please remember this while your stand is on cooldown you need to use skills which somehow prevent you from getting knocked down again and this comes back to my part offense or defense let me just quickly equip this other particular build here here I have as a blaster as a random example every class has these kinds of skills in their arsenal but as a blaster I have this skill which in the last year it gives me protection from any any form of physical CC skills so if my friend is gonna knock me down right now yeah and I’m gonna use this Stan skill then I’m gonna put put my shield on and at this point I am protected from most of the skills like this one again she couldn’t knock me down and I can do something in in that time right another way is when I use my stand skill then right away I’m just gonna freeze my friend right here I’m knocked down sure a second time but she is also frozen so its offense or defense you need to pressure on your opponent when your stance kill is on cooldown because at that point you know you are fragile other things that various classes in the game can do is kite there is absolutely no shame in kiting you know just moving up and down going a little bit.

Dodging after you use this if you missed with this skill because I just dodged at the right time and I broke some ankles this is another way that goes into let’s say defense if you plan to do defense after you’ve removed your your knockdown by using stand I want to briefly mention the second category of CC that I told you about at the beginning of the video the one that you can prevent but not do anything about while you have it that is the knock back and the knock up mechanics which is something in between soft and hard CC I’m sorry again to put it in so blank terms but I want those of you who are new to the game to really understand this every class has skills that can prevent this so again read your skills every class has skills that can prevent for example a knock up or a knock back it can be a skill that says in its description makes you immune to physical CC effects or it can be a trait of a skill that can be that can be tripod for you for your particular class remember that even though no cups and knock backs can be prevented if you’re under what the effect of one you cannot do anything about you’re never going to be able to avoid being knocked down in a PvP match it happens it’s it’s impossible for you not to be knocked down or not to be even caught off guard in PvP matches and get knocked down twice in a row and then your opponent chews through 50% of your health by the time you get back up it’s fine it can happen but it’s important to understand this and most of the times to prevent this by either great positioning in PvP matches which is again super important or by using the appropriate right skills and mechanics that your class offers in order not to get knocked down forever let me also talk and show you the other types of CC that you cannot do anything about nor can you prevent them the hard CC as its called it includes it includes freeze paralyzed fear earthquake again every class has access to a couple of these if they wish for example in Arcana is a master at paralyzing people with things they have traits or skills like this one.

This is a paralyzed the bright side is that no class in game has enough of DC C’s to do it continuously and also to be noted throughout PvP in general is that the game does give you the poor man’s CC immunity after you’ve been succeed for too long avoiding these hearts he sees or at least not getting killed within one is a great asset how do you avoid it it comes with knowledge of whatever class can do it comes with knowledge of what people generally do in PvP how one Arcana starts with the paralyzing triangle in every PvP arena and not going into it dashing out of it is another thing that that that you can do I don’t know a quick reaction from your side in some cases because you can you can like paralyze someone as their paralyzing you for example if my friend would cast that skill on me the paralyzed one I would be able to for example do this really fast reaction yes I’m paralyzed she’s frozen I’m no longer paralyzed she’s no longer frozen this is what I mean by a quick reaction right this comes with knowledge so don’t worry about it at the beginning but I’m just saying you cannot avoid taking them in any way you try but with knowledge with placement with movement your team peeling for you while you are hard CC it and then noticing that you are is also a great asset and very important in team PvP overall guys Lost Ark is a very interesting game of managing cooldowns and playing with your opponent’s mind more often than you think you can really break some ankles in this game you can bait cooldowns which again gives you a huge advantage why because obviously your opponent has one skill less to CC with so if you’ve baited one skill or one range skill or whatever if you’ve — the right way in.

He did the cylinder in the wrong way there you go you’ve already you already have the upper hand there so let’s let’s sum everything up at the end there is no class in the game that can just dominate another class from start to finish every class has limited access to hard cc’s and can bcc’d themselves by you have a plan on what you’ll do when stand skill is on cooldown and have this plan before you even go in the arena know your class learn it duel people and make yourself a plan in your mind look for a build made specifically for PvP where do you get one well I what I did in Korea when I first started last year was I did a lot of one v1 v1 PvP just simply to see what other blasters or other summoners are playing that’s all I was interested in I queued up as a third and throughout my many matches there I did find a few blasters that I loved how they played and a few summoners that I loved how they played so those builds I took them in I printscreen them and then after that I made them my own with my own traits and my own perks depending how I wanted to play in PvP maybe I’m too old to be fast maybe I’m too young to be slow maybe I want to be more backline maybe I wanna be more frontline so yes I did adjust their builds slightly or very much depending on the build but I this is how I did to get a build myself you’re surely gonna find the player that you really like and take his build to have a foundation for yours skills with super armor skills with physical CC immunity skills with any CC immunity from trade are mandatory in PvP skills that provide you with good CC that might knock down an opponent or a knockdown combo or hard CC are also mandatory in PvP lastly please have at least two big-boy deeps skills which do a large amount of damage it’s mandatory in PvP you will never win match if you don’t do damage simple as that don’t only use skills that do thirty damage and freeze everyone that’s not gonna win your matches big boy skills don’t have to be always detrimental to your build though as in like be your weak spot there are skills that do a lot of damage which also coincidentally offer super armor for example or also offer immunity to physical CC which is even better so look for those in your in your in your in your skills and find them and use them things that you’re comfortable with last thing before I go in case anyone is curious I recommend practicing and eventually mastering the TDM mode the team deathmatch arena that’s the only one that’s always going to matter more have a ranked version no matter what be more rewarding transformed into an eSports etc etc and that’s all I wanted to mention in this PvP video guide guys I hope I didn’t forget anything and I really really hope you guys are going to understand PvP more after watching this and enjoy it more because it’s a really cool mode and really exciting and different than other MMORPGs that you’ve played before plus it’s fear — the class imbalance that’s like present everywhere in almost all MMORPG is it’s really fair it’s really nice and really enjoyable to do once you you learn how to do it wish you guys good luck in arenas give me a holler if you see me there please don’t blame me for trying out proficiency on blaster on ranked Kappa and until my next video guys lots of love and stay safe.

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