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Description of the video guide «All About Kenshi Battles, Treatment, and Trams»

All about the basics of combat, damage, long-term injuries, knock-outs, and how to heal.

Welcome to a new tutorial series for Kenshi. Check out the playlist if you’re looking for help with a particular part of the game, otherwise stay for these short videos to learn a bit about the world and the mechanics before you jump in.

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Hello and welcome back to another tutorial video for kenchi my name is Tobal and what i’m gonna be covering today is combat and damage and how to heal yourself after the fact so i’ve got a the same squad we were just working with in the last video and what we’re going to do is get them into a bit of a scrap now they actually do have some damage already but that’s fine let’s just pretend they’re completely healthy and nothing bad ever happened to them so the first thing I’m going to do is point out a couple of tactics about combat combat is a wonderful way and relatively safe if you take some precautions it is a relatively safe and effective way to raise your stats your attack defense strength decks and toughness and dodge because when you’re having combat happen you have a chance to have all of those things improve you increase toughness when you get hit and you increase the other stats when you effectively use them or just during the fight overall I’m not sure where the exact mechanic comes into play but they definitely do go up during combat or after combat so I like to do a couple things the first thing I like to do is I like to have someone who’s got quite a few first aid kits on them we have all the first-aid kits given out I think we do great the next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to tell that person to go into passive mode and they have the medic command so if you see here we’ve got heft as our medic I’m gonna actually click her off the side of the area here and then I have these River Raptors these are going to be my new practice buddies for today and they might even kill me River Raptors can be pretty strong however if you’re scouting out an enemy to fight let’s take a look we’re looking at the stats screen after we click on them their overall limits on their limbs and their critical areas aren’t as high as ours or they don’t have all that much strength Dex toughness things like that so they’re okay they definitely have some ability to cause us some damage and they probably do have the numbers to to knock us out but I don’t think they’re going to cause us in any permanent damage unless.

Our medic can’t rescue our characters if they get knocked out and maybe our medic is under fire from the Raptors so we’ll experiment and I’ll kind of talk through it and explain my thought process as we go so the rest of these characters are we need to make sure that they’re not on passive I still have some options that are checked here from the last video thumper is still our ranged person so they’re going to be using the ranged weapon I do have a couple other folks still with the medic command however they don’t have any medic equipment on their inventory so they won’t be able to do that ok great so no one else’s passive except for our doctor who is over here in the other area sorry I actually unchecked that so we’ll have heft over here off to the side if you want to start a fight with a neutral party and you see how my mouse is white that means that this is a neutral group they’re not going to attack you right off the bat or let’s let me put it this way they’re not currently aggressive towards you or your faction there are some characters that if you get close near them they will suddenly agro your party because they realize oh hey you’re a target I’m gonna come fight you so if we want to start a fight I’m going to for me I’m going to start with one character and I’m going to say attack unprovoked I’m going to unpause and as you notice this entire group now is read to us so this entire group has responded and now they’re in the goal of attacking enemies our characters are not quite aware of the threat there they go I give them a couple more seconds so I want to cover a couple more things here about the icons that are behind our characters heads if your background is completely red this means that your characters are being aggressed and you’re not paying attention to them they’re not on the screen right now so as you can see it’s flashing red the entire background behind fall and bard is flashing red this is to help you know and realize that some characters are under attack and they might not be in your current view the thick red lines means these characters are currently engaging in combat they are actively trying to kill their enemies so we’re going to let the combat run until a couple people get hit and it looks like bard is in the lead so I’ll actually keep him selected and let him take a couple shots okay a couple things you’ve noticed here our characters ran up and look like they’ve done some attacks the green text is you’re having attacks come off right you’reyou’re doing damage the red text actually means we’ve received damage and because it’s such a high number my theory is that thumper just accidentally shot Tobel in the arm so let’s look at that and I’ll cover some of the damage here and what it means so the first thing to notice is we have four of these symbols this means that we’re bleeding at a pretty heavy rate you have certain amount of blood in your system it looks like I think for humans that are just starting out the game I think you’re roughly around 75 or 76 I think that might go up as you get stronger so right now we’ve already lost a good chunk of blood because we just took a freaking bolt to the arm thank you thumper for your wonderful aim in fact I’m going to give you an order to go up on this damn Hill and stop missing all right that’ll happen when I unpause so Tobal right now is experiencing extreme blood loss and his right arm has taken a good bit of damage if your arm goes down or if any limb goes down below I believe it’s a hundred that limb is rendered useless until it’s repaired the other thing to keep in mind here if you hover over this limb it tells us that your wound is slowly getting worse the rate at which your arm or your limb deteriorates is based on your toughness because it affects the wound degeneration speed so our arm will continue to get worse and by worse I mean this number will keep ticking down it will continue to get worse on its own until someone bandages it above a certain point now and I do apologise I don’t have all the numbers in my head because the last couple of patches might have changed these and I’m not really familiar offhand with what the extreme limits are if this number goes extremely into the negative and I’m thinking around either 100 or 1 and fifty you will lose the entire limb it even could be all the way down to 200 negative 200 the limb will actually become completely useless it basically you’ve lost that arm either due to infection due to it being completely chopped up and it will turn a bunch of X’s to indicate that that is no longer present on your body you can however lose your limbs and still survive and you can in fact get prosthetics to replace the lost limbs that you have the other areas on your body are called critical areas if any of these areas get below a certain point your character winds up getting knocked unconscious so let’s go ahead and see the unconscious part in action we’ll let somebody get knocked out and then take a look at their stats first off we do see thumper responding to our command to go up here on the hill to get a better angle of shooting and we’re seeing that Tobal is getting his ass handed to him by all of these River raptors you can immediately see if anyone gets knocked unconscious by the way because their name will fade to kind of a grayish color they’ll also have a nice you know fall down animation the other thing to keep in mind that I just saw that I can point out our character just did a slash kind of a wide slash and it hit both of these two River raptors so you can in fact damage multiple enemies with one hit it looks like fall has already knocked out one enemy so as you can see here this River Raptor has gone below 100 on a critical part so they’ve been knocked unconscious they’ll have that unconscious modifier for a while and unless they’re able to let’s take a look at their toughness their KO point is negative 16 so as long as no critical body part is below negative 16 they will regain consciousness after this timer runs out however I can tell you because this is getting worse as you can see those double negative indicators here this will keep counting down through negative 16 so basically this river Raptor is out for a while who’s gonna get knocked out first.

Still doing good while we’re doing a lot better than I expected here okay bard just went down you see how his icons gray let’s take a look at bard and see what’s going on with him bard currently he’s experienced a great deal of blood loss he’s down to only 20 I don’t know if you call it units it’s down to 20 blood and the three ticks indicate he’s losing blood at a pretty steady rate nothing insane but it is pretty steady and I don’t believe this will heal on its own sometimes bleeding will stop on its own but it has to be above a certain tick or a certain rate his head and stomach these indicators are actually meaning he has previously been injured and bandaged so he actually took some old damage to his head and stomach that we had not healed up yet so this is not from the current fight the red here is from the current fight so his left arm and his right leg both took some damage during this fight but what knocked him out was his chest going below zero so he’s unconscious for 307 seconds let’s take a look again at that toughness case excuse me the KO point this is what’s really important when your characters take damage below zero oh actually nowadays it tells you which your your character will die at you will die at negative 100 if you look at the little information box if our chest gets down to negative 100 your character will die so after 300 seconds if our key our characters basically it’s almost like you’ve been punched you’ve been knocked out cold okay if our character is above our KO point which is negative 14 they will regain consciousness on their own if however they are not above that threshold they will remain in a recovery coma until all of their critical stats are above 0 okay so that means that bard and you see how these ticks here are pointing this way this means that this is going to continue to get worse so we’ll come back to bard here in just a few seconds to see how this damage has progressed let’s take a look at everyone else everyone’s taking a good deal of bleeding damage we actually may have someone die out of blood loss on this one now I could at this moment you see how these enemies have kind of gone over to our other.

Characters we could go and in fact our medic is actually trying to rescue or perform her medic duties on Bart because she didn’t have anything else going on thumper meanwhile has actually a crowed one of the River Raptors on her so she’s no longer really able to be an effective Archer.

So heft is using this automatic medic role and she’s going to start bandaging in order of critical areas of blood head stomach chest in that order then she’ll start working on the limbs you can micro this to a point you can only micro it to basically say who’s worse here Tobal or Bard.

Well in this case it kind of looks like Tobal because his blood level is very critically low his chest is damaged worse than Bard as well so if we wanted to and the area was safe we could have have to try to medic Tobal back up first and this is an option during combat you can micromanage your medics and try to have them heal people up in the middle of a fight you also can have them heal up in the middle of combat however it’s a little bit dangerous for your medic so heft is trying to bandage up Bart I’ll click on bard here so you can see that the blood portion has slowed down she’s still bandaging boom okay so the bleeding has stopped now she’s going to begin work on the chest and you’ll see that she’s basically patching up and slowing down the damage rate at which the chest is taking damage so as we’ve been watching bard and have to work everyone else is basically getting knocked out so we’re seeing here that there’s a couple in important information pieces because we’re now at a very low point because this is actually going down by two ticks the status of our character has changed to dying this indicates that if you don’t get medical attention soon you will die and the exclamation points are because of the stomach wound you’ve suffered so Bart is basically stable enough right so he’s no longer super far down in his chest we’re going to have have to go over and first-aid geico let’s take a look at Gekko which is why I named someone Geico because we already had a character named Gekko Gekko is not too bad they’re a little bit damaged and they’re losing some blood but they’re not quite critical as Geico is hand is also experiencing some blood loss and some damage to the chest but again not as critical as gecko or sorry Geico.

So Geico is going to be restored to the point of being safe right so now the status has changed to unconscious so it’s not as critical as it was before the interesting thing is because heft was never part of this initial aggression because she was passive the whole time she’s not currently getting aggro’d by our River Raptor friends so we’re watching her patch up again an order of critical from blood head stomach to chest we’re watching her patch up using these first aid basic first-aid kids there are different types of first-aid kits and they do have charges so be aware that you could run out of charges mid-battle so if you have a dedicated medic you definitely want them to have a pretty decent supply of first aid kids you also can take a look at the medic skill here under field medic and this is basically how people respond how they perform in terms of healing how fast they heal people and how effective it is let’s look at everyone real quick and see if there’s anyone else in a critical state that’s fall fall is actually below the 100 or sorry the zero limit for blood loss I don’t know the actual bottom limit at which point you die out from blood loss however the one pip indicates that it’s slowly bleeding out and it should stop bleeding altogether by itself the chest wound is bad though and it’s getting worse so they’ll need a little bit of patching up and now fall has the dying modifier or they’re basically saying that if you don’t get this checked out soon you’re going to die I believe it’s actually negative 50 is when a character dies hand is okay thumper is also actually thumper as the closest to death because there’s is that negative 35 so again the basic idea here is that when your character hits zero in any critical spot and they will get knocked unconscious they’re unconscious for a certain period part of that is based off of your toughness and some other factors when that unconscious period is up if any of your stats are above the KO point threshold they will regain consciousness on their own on if they are lower than that threshold they’ll go into a recovery coma and they can’t wake up until those criticals are above zero so for example right here because Falls ko point is negative twenty and he’s sitting right at negative twenty-one I’m sorry twenty and it rolled over to twenty-one he now is going to go into a recovery coma until everything’s at zero do I have anyone who’s coming out of a unconscious state yet nope everyone’s still in a pretty deep unconscious point so this looks bad at first glance right everyone’s sitting here bleeding on the ground we only killed a couple of these River Raptors and everyone’s beat you know all too.

Blood in tarnation here however this was not a bad fight for us because we number one.

Mostly survived right we still have a couple people to fix up thankfully we still have a couple first-aid kits but we’ve gotten some skill ups here we did get some points in attack defense our characters got beat up so they all got a little bit more experience with toughness so this it’s not necessarily bad a bad thing to lose and you really do want to get some hits in the game you want to take some damage in order to build up your toughness so I would encourage you to be okay get comfortable with losing some fights the easiest way to do this is to pick your battles so if you see a group of starving bandits out there well they’re going to be a little bit better to fight rather than say either the river Raptors or a bunch of sand ninjas who have you know tons of damage and who can literally cut your arms off in one shot so you want to pick and choose your battles find enemies that you can you know possibly beat but if they if they beat you up you don’t really want to die from it you want to be able to recover through the use of a medic okay so I’m patching up hand now and again blood head stomach chest and that order is how your medic will fix people up.

I don’t see anyone else in supercritical state so I’ll let this run for a minute we’re just gonna let have to do their automated medic decision so basically because heft has this medic job she will continue to try to medic whoever she can until her supplies run out which might be pretty soon that’s another thing if you’re gonna be approaching this tactic where you you know you pick a fight with a group of bandits make sure you’ve got enough supplies to cover your repairs you know your your recovery rate let’s see if anyone’s going to come out of Ohno fall went back into the dynasty and I think I just saw this it’s that actually at a hundred is when this kills you when this is down to a hundred so I’m not too worried about that just yet alright so Geico is almost done with their unconscious period however if you notice that their stomach is at negative 21 their KO point is negative 12 so they’re not going to recover when the unconscious timer runs out they have gone into the recovery coma so you’ve suffered too much damage you won’t be getting up again until all critical body parts have recovered above zero so that’s why it’s so important for your characters to build up their toughness because it directly affects this KO point it means that your characters can get up again and continue the fight if it’s a very long battle or just get up again and try to move over to a place where they can either heal themselves or start to recover because right now the situation we’re looking at is one character is able to move but everyone else is stationary so they’re going to have to lay there on the ground until they recover on their own or until you get enough people up to start carrying them to a city and we’re actually close to a neutral City here so we can take them and drop them off to recover okay so bard has just had and gecko have both had their timers go up or finish on this unconscious Thai area is anyone else still unconscious so right here thumper is about to regain consciousness they would normally however because their ko point is below it’s negative 33 their ko threshold is 13 they’re going to stay unconscious for a while so bards up bards actually a little bit wounded still I wonder if half has any med kits left they do okay who are you working on you’re working on Gekko let’s okay you’ve got it enough I’m gonna wait till it says it’s okay there is a point which it’ll just okay so right here it needs bandaging there well there’s a basically a point where it stops going down on his own we just ran out of bandages though so I think bards going to continue to get worse now the interesting part is bard is now below their threshold but he’s not taking any additional damage so he’s kind of like on you know on light on his feet he’s probably a little woozy but he’s still able to take commands even though he’s below his threshold because he recovered consciousness before that threshold was hit so we’re gonna talk about recovering and healing up from a fight what I’m going to do is have my characters start picking everyone up so i told bard to pick up Tobal heft is going to pick up thumper and Gekko is going to pick up Geico because that seems appropriate so we only have three characters right now who are awake so we’re going to use them to pick up our characters that are unconscious and take them into the town hopefully no one’s gonna bleed out on us while we’re waiting let’s see fall yep your damage is gonna be too severe in a hand you’re also in your recovery coma for just a little bit so we’re taking these characters into the city and I’m going to show you about how to recover from a fight and basically what you do to get better it’s not really that hard you can have this option in most cities most cities have a bed a bed is will multiply your recovery rate by times eight and actually if we click on this bed here it tells you that I thought it did I think we’re oh it’s because we’re actually not in the building yet let’s go inside of this bar come on everyone let’s go okay I’m going to use the page up to go upstairs and now I’m going to click on the bed and you can see that the healing bonus is times eight so whatever the natural healing rate is that’s applied to the game it’s multiplied by eight when you put someone on a bed so you can see here we’ve gotten I apologize it’s it’s dark it did turn night here so it’s a little hard to see but we’re going to have Tobal right-click the bed oh sorry I’ve got the wrong character selected Tobal is unconscious Bart is the one who’s carrying him so Bart is going to right-click the bed and place Tobel on it.

Same thing with Gekko same thing with heft and then you could still have these characters sleep by then having them click on new beds so well I’ll tell you what we have two more characters to save let’s send Gekko and have to back out to our other two folks who are still recovering that way out in the in the distance but if you notice all of our characters are nice and sound asleep recovering from their damage a little worried about bard because he’s actually not been healed up but it looks like it’s recovering on its own if you notice that just went from negative 14 to negative 13 so he will recover but he would recover at a faster rate if all of his damage was bandaged up what happens at this point is the game will very slowly start to replace this bandaged section or I guess it’s I guess bandage is probably the best word for it yellow represents wounds that have been bandaged or a first-aid kit has been used on green represents your natural healthy state so it’s very slowly the number will change to represent healing taking place and fixing you know repairing the skin repairing the tendon and damage whatever it happens to be so this will increase as your characters are recovering on the bed if you notice here gecko or sorry Geico is in the recovery coma but as soon as this hits the zero point they’ll be able to stand up and move around all right so I’m gonna speed things up we’re going to have heft and gecko pick up our last two survivors of the great river Raptor massacre of 2018 it will have them head back into town don’t bother me right now thank you sometimes you’re lonely or you’re you’re roaming patrols here can bother you because they get a little lonely on the road perhaps you know but they can harass you just just a bit we don’t want any of that right we’re trying to recover so we’ll bring these last couple folks into the end and if you notice I’m actually a little bit tight on money so we’re think we’re just gonna have enough to get everybody into a bed and to recovering one kind of annoying bug is when your characters come out of their recovery coma they sometimes stand up on their own instead of continuing to rest on the bed because now if I try to have them rest on the bed okay never mind I didn’t get charged a second time they just basically woke up and said hey I’m awake but they were able to go back on the bed without basically buying and renting a new bed so that’s nice last thing I’m gonna do is let’s have gecko sleep over we can’t actually because this is a owned mattress as opposed to a bed again I apologize for the darkness here it just happens to be that it’s now nighttime in the game so it’s super hard to see anything thumper has regained consciousness but he’s still injured so I’m gonna have thumper get back on the bed same thing with Tobal he’s regained consciousness but he’s still very wounded so we’ll have him get back on the bed — I’m gonna have have to come over — I think most of the stores are closed but I can see the Sun so it’s about to come daytime when it gets into the daytime I’m gonna run over and find some healing kits to try to improve the speed at which our characters are recovering.

But that’s the general gist of it combat basically now that wasn’t more that wasn’t as tactical of combat that was more of what happens during combat what do the numbers represent how do you you know stop your characters from dying a horrible death etc etc so generally speaking the cycle is you pick a fight with somebody or someone picks a fight with you you Duke it out you either win or lose and then you have to go sleep on a bed to sleep it off you can have filled a camp bed out in the middle of a field this increases your heal rate by four it’s so it’s not as efficient as a bed in a city however if you like to have your band of travelers go out and about and stay out of cities you can’t in fact have these ready to go if you have the sleeping bag materials and you can pick those up I think it’s from this vendor here which is a the adventurer vendor I thought this was like a backpack vendor for the longest time but it’s actually adventurers so as you can see here he’s got some sleeping bags for sales so we could buy these and then roll them out to make a sleeping mat to do a little bit of healing we have just enough money to be able to afford this standard first-aid kit so we’re gonna grab that and I’m gonna come back over to the inn and finish patching up the rest of our allies who are not quite patched up yet to include I think Tobal and gecko or Geico yeah it’s gecko so immediately as soon as half’s got back she’s starting to finish the medic jobs because she sees people who are wounded and she realizes that she has a med kit that she can use so that’s the general idea so I hope that was useful for you I would encourage you to pick your first couple fights in this game very carefully but don’t be afraid of you know getting stuck in a little bit this the best advice I can offer is make sure you micro manage your troops so that you always have someone around to recover and heal you once all the you know blood is starting to dry up and the enemies are wandering away it’s a little more dangerous if your medic is in the fight at the start because they might get.

Road and be involved in that fight so you might have to have them run away or what have you you also you can kind of have your medics dash in during combat to try to you know staunch any bleeding or to stop any degradation of wounds if your characters are in the middle of fighting you could in fact if you had your medic say these two guys here we’re fighting right next to each other we could have for example Geico come over here take over the fight for a minute pull gecko out and then have our medic heal them up temporally real quick and then send them back into the fight so there are ways to micromanage your battle it’s kind of fun to do it’s just a matter of whether you like to just let them go crazy or if you like to try to micro every single battle it’s gonna be up to you it’s a personal preference but I do hope that this was informative for you if you have any questions about the combat and health system let me know I will probably include more combat discussions when I do a let’s play of kenchi that way I can kind of talk and explain why I’m doing some decision-making I didn’t really cover a thumper and there range damage too much but I think range damage is one of the more stronger aspects of the game that had been added recently because she was doing close to 70 damage per shot the only problem was she wound up pegging Tobal in the arm and not being all that super helpful so we can discuss this later on probably in a let’s play where we you know go in depth about why we’re having someone attacks someone else and what the different tactics are in the game but as a new player I hope this is at least something that you can take with you and explore and feel a little more confident in the fighting system thank you so much for watching as always if you have any comments please leave them in the section below and I’ll try to get back to them as soon as I can and if you have any suggestions on what you’d like to learn as part of a tutorial video also leave that in the comments and I’ll do my best to include that in the next coming set of tutorial videos.

My name is topo and thank you so much for watching.

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