Видео гайд о том, как устанавливать моды в Kenshi - Kenshi (Кенши) гайд

Автор: danteet

Description of the video guide «Video guide on how to install mods in Kenshi»

Shows how to DL a compressed file and then uncompress it and add it Kenshis data folder.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Uh hi this is baaad here I’m making a little tutorial to show you how to download a mod uncompress it and then put it in the kimchi’s data file yeah so you can go ahead and use it in the game so alright this is a mod that I made it’s my little post right here this is actually a copy of the original post which is over on low fog games there are forums so I’m gonna go ahead and click the link here and here is the download link for the mod that I’m gonna use so click on it download and here it is right here so go ahead I’m gonna show in a folder so you guys can see what I’m doing.

Minimize that minimize that as well see here it is right here so you can just go ahead and drag it out on your desktop exit out of that we’re not gonna need it anymore so I have winzip and if you don’t have Winsett if that’s okay but winzip is an awesome tool basically it just allows you to compress and decompress files really quickly it does it automatically for you but you don’t need it because Windows operating system I don’t know when they started doing it but definitely if you have Windows 7 8 or 10 you can compress files without any third-party program so basically what you do is you select it and you right click on it go to open with and then click on Windows Explorer and see it it unsuccessfully uncompressed the mod so just go ahead and drag it out see there it is popped up on my desktop X out of that we don’t need it anymore and now what we’re going to do is we have to navigate to kimchi’s data for a file and to do that you have to go to your hard drive.

So computer go to your hard drive program files x86.

Then you gotta scroll down to steam then you go to go steam apps then common and then this has a list of all your games so you scroll down to the game that you want which well we’re gonna do kimchi so see here’s the folder you can she has all the stuff in it so go to data and this is the folder that holds all the mods and the mod CFG file so say here’s a mod CFG file what we’re gonna do is take the new races if you want be point 1 mod and we’re gonna move it to data and I already have it in there so what you can do is I’m just going to replace it the option won’t pop up for you but what you need to do is start up the the new kimchi launcher and it should be in there it should just automatically pop up it’s not like in the days of old where you had to actually go in manually to the mod CFG file and make sure that it was activated so it’s activated in the kimchi launcher I’ll just go ahead and show you guys what it looks like I’m on CFG file so you double click on that see it’s already in there so we don’t have to do anything with that and that’s pretty much it so you just start the game make sure that the mod you want is selected hit OK and it’s gonna launch the game and enjoy so thanks for watching.

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