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Автор: Super Pigman

Description of the video guide «TOP 5 mods for Kenshi (part 2)»

Yo-yo-yo what is up guys it is the man in the can super pigman here today with another video and today I will be doing the epic Top 5 Mods Showcase again as the end of the year video lol. Remember to leave a like and sub.

List of mods:

  1. The Holy Crusade (Holy Nation Campaign) COMPLETE.
  2. Animal Behavior.
  3. Kenshi Kaizo.
  4. Poncho.
  5. Game Starts +.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Yo yo what is up guys is a man in the can is super Pigman here today with another top 5 mod showcase for you guys so today we’re gonna be starting out what the game starts mod now this is a nice little one because sometimes you know you play can’t rely on so much that you’ve used every single every single start and pretty much all this ads is just a little bit more game starts you know it’s nothing really that fancy it’s just new ways to play the game and I’ve looked through a lot of these playthroughs my favorite one has been an inquisition personally and I I found it a lot of fun but the new starts definitely does add a new you know element to the game as does most mods but let’s move on to the number 4 spot the number 4 spot goes to the poncho mod now personally I don’t have any footage of this because I could not get it a work and apparently it’s something you FCS and trust me guys I have no idea how to work that thing around like at all but all you have to do it seems like from looking at the comments and seeing like people like help other people out is that you just have to set the poncho spawn to set it to 100 and it will enable them to show up in game and you know actually let you use them because I’ll try now trying to see if you know I could if I could get some but apparently I couldn’t and I don’t know how to operate the FCS so that’s not one for you and now for our number three spot it’s catchy kzo so this is pretty pretty much a really fun mod it kind of recreates the game as a whole because you get to pretty much just roam around and play kind of like a new game it’s adds in a lot of new elements um like I had already taken out the holy nation and a replacement will float some ninjas and there was people called straight paladins that started attacking my guy and it was a pretty fun and I do like the little little deviations it has and you know it’s just it’s just a lot of fun and there’s a lot more recruitment scenarios and you know non-hostile NPCs in a bad situation and also there’s been a lot of added dialogue and this is all really trying to be lore friendly so it works and for our number 2 spa we got pretty much animal behavior this is a pretty nice one it is fun it adds in new elements to the game and actually adds in a lot more it’s like pretty much a whole entire overall overhaul of animals and so not they make so the what’s our concept of this is that now you have hay forms to make kibble and proper animal food and animal AI behavior and animal balance and animal Anatomy and there’s just a lot more that can go on from the list but pretty much like say if you want to make something for let’s say what do you call it a skimmer skimmers eat follow meat and so you take follow me and you take hey you combine both of them and you make kibble for your skimmer and now that your skimmer won’t be get hungry for a while and also when you’re gonna get to a fight you know like sometimes your animals will try to fight and let’s say you have a guilt near you you don’t want your goat to go and find a condom like skinned spider or something because it’s gonna get killed so instead of fighting the goat now runs away so any animal that feels threatened for its life will run away instead of fighting which i think is a huge upgrade to it but without further ado let’s go to the number one spot the number one spot is actually pretty goddamn cool the holy crusade holy nation campaign complete now this game or this game is pretty fun but I always feel like there’s a lack when it comes to the holy nation after you have like helped them so much that they don’t really expand out as much as you know you’d think that they would because you know they’re trying to read everything of even with stuff like that and how can they do that if they don’t you know spread out and the holy crusade pretty much does that they spread out you pretty much lead them through like this crusade stuff and you like take over areas and you do all that stuff and you take like troops and stuff I think it’s just your own troops because I haven’t really gotten that far into it but when I had done it I had to take my own troops I don’t know if it’s because I was messing up.

Something but you know I had to and you’re pretty much just going and kind of purging everything in your way and I don’t I’m pretty sure that you know cuz when I was playing the holy nation was taking over the cities that I took over and stuff and it just helped a lot but in order to achieve this you have to go to blister Hill and you have to go into one of the bars where the inquisitors strategist will be waiting for you and you can talk to them but in order to do this you need 60-plus reputation what the holy nation so you would probably have to get mall or something you know or do a bounty for them but but that is it for our list hopefully you guys did enjoy remember leave a like subscribe we’re on our way for 1k subscribers let’s hit that mark peace.

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