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Description of the video guide «TOP 5 best rewards per head at Kenshi»

Yo-yo-yo, whats up, guys! It is the man in the can it is super pigman and today we will be doing a video on top 5 Bounties which will be nice. Make sure you leave a like and subscribe and also don’t forget to join the discord too!!!

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You you what is up guys does the man in the Canada super Pigman here today with another video and today we’re gonna be doing a top 5 on the kaanchi bounties from weakest to strongest and before we get started make sure to yes subscribe and turn this post notifications on so you can be notified every time I upload and I also have a discord I’ll put the link in the description below so you guys can join but without further ado let’s get into this video so the first one I’m going to talk about is torrid the gutless she is litter the band of Bones and she is a 10,000 cat bounty taurah is one of the first batteries that you and your group can go and get actually it is a fairly easy bounty to capture the main thing is being that they don’t have a base and since they don’t have a base you don’t have to worry that much you can just pretty much run up in there and just do it a lot of other of these bounties have bases and make it even harder to get because like you know you kind of have to play out every single thing or they get a they have an alarm and no long goes off and they’re all around you so but Tora and her gang aren’t much a formidable foes they they’re pretty a pretty weak not gonna lie most of them being in between the 20 to 40 stats with Tora being in the 4 DS range there is a couple of ways to do this the first is to get a fast running fast runner and pick her up when she sleeps and run all the way to Waystation the guards will fight a fighter her yangon while you keep running this is kind of like a cheesy way to do it or a wack way to do it in my opinion like if you’re not really doing anything there the other two ways is that you can sneak in and that’s more your play style so if you’re playing more of a sneaky character like a shinobi thieve thieves play style or something like that I don’t know like a lot of people play this game really differently and you’re doing that you can actually assess innate everyone and then have your party fight her when she’s the last one or you could just run up there and swing to kill which really wouldn’t be that hard and that is tour the got list so at number four we got Simeon the leader of the rebel farmers and he is a twenty thousand cat pretty much a twenty thousand cat bounty Simeon is one of the harder bounties to get because it it I mean it is totally worth it once he get it you know but the reason is bound.

Is hard is because their bases in an area more cannibal spawn so not only will there be their patrols at rebel farmers out what kind of harass you into you got there but there also be patrols and cannibals we can which can just really just be a nuisance even though they’re not that strong they just still we’re guys down after a while then there’s the fact that they do have a base good thing is the doors are always open though but the camp is infested with a ton of rebel farmers they aren’t strong but in numbers they really are there are as captain’s you have to fight to they have high stats ranging from eighty plus and after all that you still have to knock out and knock out or kill Simeon then transport them back um I mean these captains are probably the only people you’re really gonna have struggles with it’s it’s not really like a close second you know like his captains are gonna be the huge struggle because there’s a bunch of them and I mean killing Simeon is pretty easy it’s just that his captains are pretty hard to get through and Simeon isn’t a weak foe you there has ninety stats this is I mean there’s really only one way to do this and it’s to go in there swinging unless you can actually get the stealth and to go up to the gate guard knock them out or something and then do all that and that’s if they aren’t hostile to you hopefully you don’t lose any characters this is more of a mid to late game bounty Tora is more of an early game bounty so you know you this one’s like more mid to late game type of you know bounty and at number three spot this one is uh this one is pretty difficult in my opinion saving it the Skeeter of the skinned bandits is a so I know you guys to probably enjoy this video and be like wow this is such a great video but don’t forget to subscribe and also join my discord which I’ll have a link in the description where we can talk about everything we can talk about the outer worlds we can talk about other videos we could talk about anything so make sure you guys do that but anyways back to the video $50,000.00 cat cat bounty and Savion is a huge pain in the ass to get let’s first talk about the terrain to get to the sabian you need asset protection armor and if you’re lucky you won’t get caught in the rain but it rains almost.

Constantly like there’s it’s only always raining and not so @n to add on top of that asset protection armor isn’t really the best in my opinion it really just it hurts you and it’s like you’re a lot weaker when you wear well at least when my guys have worn it and it’s you know it’s been at high grade so it’s not the grade you know and then let’s talk about the abundance of skeletons and human skin uniforms not only do they look disgusting but they are also very strong but there’s also a lot of them they have like about I’d say three houses three to four houses in their encampment and it’s all filled with skin bandits and there’s also like skin bandits on the way over there so not only are you walking in acid rain probably with asset protection and if you don’t have any asset protection well then you’re slowly getting killed but then you’ll also run into skin bandits and they’ll oh you’re who are you guys down and it’s just it’s really hard to get there but once you get there you know you can pretty much just wipe them out but it’s not gonna be that easy.

And finally the save han ain’t no week o or his gang either they were specialist gear it’s kind of weird to think that human skin is specialist gear and the sabian has a may 2 weapon made by cross so saving and saving it has one of her like you know a rare weapon at the highest completion tier that you can have it safety Savion also has 75 stats down the board so not that much an easy guy but he’s a lot easier than you know Simeon for example this bounty is really more late-game don’t try this if you don’t have that good of a party it’s not something you really go and do but without further ado let’s get to the number 2 spot and the number 2 spot I have bug master this guy is a whole feat to get let’s just talk about pretty much all the skin spiders you have to get through that he has it is supposed to like sometimes you’ll just be walking and out of nowhere like a horde of 10 spiders just come up to your party and start hitting you and these spiders aren’t that hard like to do anything just just by the time you get to his base they’ll leave your guys wheat these spiders Oh.

Kind of do pack a punch but not really but are easy to kill and they’re outnumbered fifty they outnumber you fifty to one when you’re fighting them when you get finally got it caught in an engagement they’re outnumbering you fifty to one and getting overrun days almost inevitable pretty much like you’re gonna get overrun by skinned spiders but once you get to his base he’s quite easy to beat up just rush him the only hard part is all the spiders on the first floor which are blood spiders so there’s actually hit a lot harder for some reason but the only loop you get is a map to an ominous place this bounty can be done and it’s more of an endgame your characters have to be able to handle a little bit of a punch and what I mean a little bit of a punch I mean like a lot of a little bit of a punches which are gonna add up and then and it’s just it’s a hard thing to do so number one spot it’s not really a bounty so I don’t know if I count sits gonna be Catalan I mean he’s not really a bounty but he he’s pretty much like a boss like a lot of these bounties he’s bounties are kind of bosses and as essence and you know he has a lot of enemies so I’m pretty sure you can just go and deliver him somewhere and he’ll you’ll get money for it and he’s not even that bad of a trophy to get but the thing is is that he has about 120 throws waiting for you when you go and get them and they’re all pretty good at fighting but are beatable the only problem is being overrun you know like if you take a party of 25 you know like you pretty much need to have them HUD installed if you want to take a bigger party and count also there’s the fact that Catelyn is the strongest character in the game and he’s one of the hardest people to capture he is more like I said earlier he’s more of a nice trophy I have he’s not really a bounty I guess you would say but I mean I’m pretty sure you can turn them into the holy nation for some money and they like be eternally grateful to you and yeah so that’s pretty much a list make sure you guys leave a like subscribe to all the fun stuff I’m gonna make a channel update type of thing because I feel like I’ve been uploading consistently and you guys probably have a lot of questions and I could probably answer them there but hopefully you guys enjoy peace.

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