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Kenshi is a game with dozens of different weapons. Melee weapons have many classes, and all of them are useful in at least some situations. Today we will be discussing the top 5 melee weapons. Now before we start this countdown, I wanna emphasize that all the weapons in kenshi are going to be pretty lethal in the hands of a skilled user. We are taking into account general utility, attack speed, weapon speed, among many other factors. If you have your own top 5, feel free to start a discussion in the comments. Kenshi is a game that doesnt really have alot of walkthroughs or tutorials, so any discussion is going to be helpful to the community.

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You know what is up guys it is a man in the Canada Superman here today with another video and today where I’ll be doing some more kaanchi stuff I am actually gonna be doing a double upload today I’m gonna be uploading apex legends video I don’t know I just kind of start playing the game and I got some couple clips you know from playing it like one day or something so yes the in tune for that as long as what this video because today we’re gonna be talking about the top 5 weapons in.

Kaanchi now let’s let’s start here with Ken she is a game with dozens of different weapons and you have a bunch of melee options and a bunch of range options but we’re gonna be going over the mailee options today and I do think that well it’s stated you know in the game on the loading screen that martial arts is actually way better than wielding a sword when you have enough skilled martial arts so we’re gonna obviously skip martial arts and not for that number one we’re gonna put all our different weapon classes and we’re gonna assume that you have the may 2 version 2 which wouldn’t be that hard to know suggest because I’m pretty sure you can get any of these weapons quite easily and may to or edge Walker so without starting today we’ll be discussing the top 5 milli weapons now before we start this countdown I want to emphasize that all weapons and can’t you’re gonna be pretty lethal in the heads of skill boot users so you know we are taking into account the general utility attack speed weapons speed among many other factors if you have your own top 5 feel free to start discussion in the comments caches again that doesn’t really have a lot of walkthroughs or tutorials so any discussion is gonna be helpful to the community I am trying to do this more for the community and then rather for you know on purpose this book we’re starting at number 5 we have the no dot GE that katana class is generally a very beginner friendly weapon class and then no gotcha can do formoterol amounts of cutting damage it has a large reach due to its increased size and weighs the maximum of 9 kilograms which is really really light and it also helps with the austerity and stuff and it requires a strength of 18.

Which wouldn’t be that hard once you get your hands on this because assuming that you start with the regular katana annual Department of money you should get 218 strength relatively easy and that’s only to swing it out a hundred percent so I’m pretty sure if you are like 17 or 16 in the reduction of speed wouldn’t really matter that much but you know sometimes you just want to be a little sure so the dot Nanaji can be used effectively by a relatively low skilled character its emphasis on cutting down which will absolutely devastate unarmored opponents and it being in the katana class gives that faster attack speed than the heavy weapons class and similar to early sized hacking weapons this is a great tool to build your dexterity stat like I said it is a really really good weapon to start off with I have recommend this to beginners to use their katanas to use the katana class at starting and build up your strength to maybe about 60 to 80 and then you know you can move into the heavy weapons class because then now you will actually have the things to do it so at number four we have the forest scene where the fort saver wears a maximum of nine kilograms similar to them no dodgy deals cutting damage and blood damage there’s a defense bonus of eight while giving them — four — attack on paper — before may seem bad but it seems you are getting a huge boost to your defense though if you’re someone who isn’t really finding that much and you mainly just defend a base or something that’s probably what you want to go for it and I think it’s this between the Medici and fort saber it’s mostly just personal preference to be honest I mean they’re both kind of the same but this can make a huge difference in early game allowing you to build up your defense that a lot faster because you’re going to be successfully blocking more which is a huge thing which is a huge things because you’ll be blocking more attacks than you normally would.

Unlike the net dachi this weapon does not good does not get any negative stat effects when used inside so this weapon will be very consistent in performance both indoors and outdoors the blunt damage that this weapon does makes it more effective than katanas against armored opponents and makes it a great weapon all.

This weapon fall short in the length of reach compared to other weapons on this countdown even if you’re blocking more you like you’re most likely going to get overwhelmed in a fight or you’re outnumbered because you’ll be hitting less enemies with each swing so that’s the only drawback to this weapon but all around I think I’ll take a weapon it’s more consistent then it you know just doing minus 8 to endure penalties because you know that sucks anyways now we’re gonna move to number 3 that may be controversial to some of the long time or well-read kaanchi fans and number 3 we have a following son now please donate me for this please please donate me for this now before you leave the comment saying falling son is the best or how to use it to kill groups of enemies that you’re that outnumber you hear me out.

The highest damage falling son the main one was a whooping 40 kilograms which means to swing and I 100% speed your character has to have at least 80 dreams that is a huge amount of strength that you need however once you hit that requirement even before oh boy this weapon is devastating as a huge reach deals massive amount of cutting damage and also deals a large amount of blood damage it’s not uncommon to maim or outright kill a few enemies in a single blow however where this weapon fall short it it’s it is slow in attack speed and high strength requirements kind of is the drawbacks on this so the fact the falling Sun is and the heavy weapons class gives it such a slow attack speed compared to the other weapon classes during a lot of swinging animations even even if your disc dexterity is high there is a window of opportunity where you cannot block allowing your enemies slide successful hits on you and this really does happen a lot trust me I used to running off falling Sun squad and I’d be surprised that they were getting hit a lot but this compound what the cut this compounded weapon what the high strength requirement can lead your character to tag character’s attacks speed slowing down even greater when you take damage to your chest or stomach which is another drawback intent your strength decreases sometimes up to 20 depending on how much damage is taking once you’re starting to look dips below double the weight of the weapon 84 the main to falling Sun your tax will get slipped significantly slower increasing the window of attack of time during the swing animations enemies have to hit you I can only assume they’re called suicide plays in the description I can only assume this is why they’re called suicide weapons in the description of the weapon well this is true this is really true and number two let’s hear it for some of our fanboys out there for the holy nation make some noise because we got the paladin cross up here the Paladin crust is 50% increased damage against robots has almost the same reach as the falling Sun and the highest game barian highest grade barian may — only weighs 32 kilograms the Paladin cross in the hacker class so it’s swings faster than the falling Sun and due to its lower weight can be as much of it can be used effectively much earlier than the falling Sun they increase the amount of debt of damage vs. robots it makes it almost it makes it almost a weapon tab since most of the endgame bosses are skeletons and most ancient ruins have iron spider expires defending them you’ll be dealing almost the same degree almost the same damage as as the falling Sun against robots again the extreme weight of this weapon is its downside as if your strengths that is not a lot higher than the requirement for the weapon a few hits on the chest or stomach wall have you swinging this sword at a snail’s pace which is kind of the drawback with a lot of heavy weapons you know because if you want to will the following Sun really really well you’re gonna need a hundred stories no doubt about it and because if you lose twenty story they’re still gonna be at eighty strength you know and that’s the thing was a lot of these weapons and the heavy classes now for finally number one we have a surprise weapon the pull on the polaron class in general is overlooked by many kenji players however this class has some ridiculously good benefits the palarm in specific in specific in specific ways a maximum of 12 kilograms has this plus 6 tech bonus and does 50% damage against all animals it also has a further reach than all the weapons we have covered and swims faster than adachi while still having armour penetration.

Well deportment polearm does not does not do as much damage as with all extend our paladin’s cross its extreme reach fast attack speed and light women makes an incredibly powerful weapon in one and one-on-one combat it is very easy to stun mark an enemy while your characters were leant lessly sliding up slicing them up with ease in group combat a few a few ghost soldiers equipped with this and a tight but somewhat spaced formation can easily wipe out a large force without taking a single hit the 50% damage it gives bonus to all animals makes this great for getting revenge on beat things which scare you the life out of you what you had lower stats the light the light weight of the pilar means that once you your strength hits 50 you’ll never need to worry about chest or stomach damage slowing down your attacks which is a huge thing for this however even the weapon I consider number one has its downsides and the poor arm suffers from downsides when used indoors the poem suffers a whopping mine is a to attack ho.

However at high levels this doesn’t hurt the player as much as it seems that was that’s pretty much it from list I mean it is kind of a long video but please do enjoy this but that was my top 5 weapons like you can’t remember to leave a like subscribe if you enjoy the video please feel free to leave a comment on what sure I should do and what your top what I should do next and what your top 5 weapons are so yeah guys peace.

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