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Автор: Cool Kid Croc

Description of the video guide «Tips and Tricks for Newcomers to Kenshi in 2020 — Getting Started, How to Play, How the Interface Works, and More»

Welcome to my Kenshi beginners guide and tips video, in this Kenshi video I go over lots of questions and things new players wonder or have struggle figuring out when they start such as how to play kenshi, how to read the UI, how to progress and what is progression, things you can do and some general tips. I’ve played kenshi for around 280+ hours as of recording so have a fair bit of information and knowledge on the game. This guide includes all the tips and tutorials you’ll need to have a good understanding of Kenshi and how to play. Base building, combat, exploration and more are all talked about in the video. I hope this guide helps any new players to kenshi learn as fastly as possible. Below are some timestamps for different sections of the guide.


  • Intro: 0:00 — 0:30.
  • Setting Up A New Game: 0:30 — 2:38.
  • UI, Menus And How To Read And Understand them: 2:38 — 8:22.
  • Things You Can Do As of Day: 1 8:22 — 14:09.
  • What Is Progression In Kenshi & How To Progress: 14:09 — 17:38 (i’m like hey what’s up hell0!).
  • Video Demo Of How To Survive The First Week: 17:38 (yeahhhh baby) — 25:26.
  • Tips On Things To Do In Kenshi & Helpful Sources: 25:26 — 28:16.
  • Outro: 28:16 — 29:32.

If you’d like to see more guide videos let me know, I hope you enjoyed this kenshi guide though and learned all you need to know about the game.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Welcome everyone to a kenchi guide video this video I’m gonna be going over a bunch of topics like setting up a game how to read the UI how to progress and a lot of things that are new kaanchi players seem to have trouble with figuring out so this video is gonna be highly edited there will be timestamps in the description for different parts and topics you like the video make sure you leave it a like subscribe and share it with a friend that needs to learn how to play kimchi and let’s get into the video so for first thing setting up a new game you’re greeted with the kimchi title screen now out of a new game if you go over to options it’ll have a bunch of general information I suggest enabling tutorials in the gameplay section there are different options for glod sizes or global population this means groups or people will spawn in bigger packs so instead of say 10 bandits spawning 20 will so if you find a game getting too difficult you can always scale it down or if you want the game to be more difficult you can always scale it up so when selecting a new game you’re given a few different options kenchi is an open-world sandbox game so whatever start you pick you can play however you really want a few different basic scenarios but the first one we give you’ve a wanderer is the one I would suggest to anyone for her first playthrough and then going into advanced options you can change a number of different options from hunger time the chance to death how much damage is multiplied even speeds of production research and building but all about doesn’t really need to be tampered with on your first time it’s just good to know that it’s there so I hit begin and then you’ll begin loading into the character creation screen alright so now that we loaded up into the character creation screen we can create our character up in the top left corner this box right here has mostly basic information about our character we can change the name of him which is race and different races have different stat bonuses so OVA skeleton this one is good in heavy weapons robotics and turrets but not good and stealth thieving and dodging all behive has a for analyst Chuck has a different list so you can really go for whatever you want a human is the most basic race of the most balanced race with you getting a bonus to farming cooking and science and if you select a start where you have multiple characters you can change the character by using this bot will allow you to customize the other characters as well but once you’re all done you just hit confirm and you’re into the game now so just pressing pause quick just to pause the game and I’m gonna break down Bui for you so in the bottom left of the screen we got a lot of different types of information this is mostly all related to the character that you were selected so if I click on my character like this or on his profile I can see his name the faction which we haven’t named yet what he’s doing his goals his Humber ins or how much weight he’s carrying will some basic stats and over on this side this is like the HP bar as as well as your hunger bar the way HP works in this game is every stat is either at a hundred or whatever bat characters race HP is in this case our human has a hundred in all stats he if he initiates combat and one of these stats goes to below zero it becomes basically useless so if his arm gets to zero then he can’t use his arm if a stack goes lower than negative 100 though it has a chance of being cut off limbs like your arms and legs can all be cut off and lost permanently and have to be replaced with robotic limbs while your chest head and stomach if those reached zero then your character will be knocked out or if they reach negative 100 your character will most likely be dead in the middle of the HUD here you have your characters and factions this one is really simple and only has one other thing if you go here to the squad management window you can change the name of your squads so once you have multiple different characters you can create different squads and have different people in different groups making it easier to find your characters on the right side here this is where a lot of stuff is we’re about squad management window was is a lot of other tabs but one on the top is inventory the inventory is broken down into a square based system so if I want to drag things around I can’t place like the wooden stick right here because it’s aligned with that next we have a status window which shows us a bunch of stats for the character that we have selected over here in attributes these are stats that affect your character but most I would say if you hover over the stat you can see below it’ll show the things that the stat affects as well as ways to Train there’s also different subclasses for these different statutes but you’ll learn them all as you progress through the game over here is the map this will show you the world map and where you are a little blue triangle there that’s where your camera currently is hovered over and you’ll find different map markers for things like outposts bandit camp different towns the map tech in squad tabs are all part of the this sort of like mega tab here though it’s not too hard to get around you can go to your map you can go to the factions this is where you can change your faction name as well as see the different standings that you have with groups you’ve got research which is a way to progress in game which I’ll go over later.

You have crafting so once you have crafting stations set up you’ll see different options up here in here squads tab that we’ve any recent dialogue that had happened in games so if you think you missed something you can check this just to see what was said and then an option for the AI now above that tab is the floor tab this will allow you to go and see different floors of buildings say if I go into a bar over here and I’m on the first floor I can press that and go up to the second floor beside that is the time bar if you’ve played something like The Sims it’s pretty easy to get a hold of basically you can pause the in real time in-game or you can play it you can have it go a little bit faster or you can make it go really fast beside that you have a screen that shows your money the money in this game is called cats or sea as well as what day you were on and then V time beside VAT is an option that enables the build menu but you can also enable you can also pull that up just by pressing B these different options are different sort of AI commands for your character so if you want your character to block during battle or you want them to hold their position or you want them to be a bit more passive you know you can enable these different options the only thing that is really different is jobs you’re able to automate some things in the game so with mining farming cooking crafting things like that I can eventually be automated and that’s in the job system and if you ever want your character but has selected jobs to stop you can just toggle that off hello about though you got your run this is how fast your character will go and this option with a block stick figure and the red stick figure means that everyone with this option will run as fast as the slowest person in that group so your characters won’t be separating or going faster than other characters and beside here you have a few other options rescue if you have a bunch of characters knocked out you can hit that and a character will bring them into beds medic this is a great option for after battles your character will go to every single unit in your group and heal them either with first-aid kits or robotic hits if they’re a skeleton but with that you got everything of you I explained it might take some time to remember where everything is or you might get a little bit confused but just try and give it like a few hours or just some time to sit in with you and after no time it’ll become pretty easy to understand and read so next things you can do.

Day one you can really do whatever you want in kaanchi but I’m gonna go over some options that I think are worth looking at first off exploring the starting area by scrolling out on the mouse you can look around and see where you are now looking up a hub I can see that there is only one bar well as a tower and a small house it’s a good idea to get just a little bit of an understanding of your surroundings as I know the bar is here so if I get in any trouble I can run in here and get help the other thing you can probably start doing is training stats just about everything you do in Kanchi will train some type of stat with my character just running around right now back and forth he’s actually training his athletic skill and that affects the total speed of which he can run and as you can see it’s going up slowly while he’s running other stats like strength can be trained by day you put a lot of iron or equipment on your character to make him really heavy and you can pick up a body and if you walk around like that you’ll be able to Train strength experience skills like toughness and melee do fun melee defense will get better as you get into more fights so your first few fights with some bandits you might get destroyed but even if you don’t get to land a hit and you are gaining experience in skills like toughness or your defense so once your character can block a few attacks he can counter back with a few attacks but when you start the game for most starts you’re out one base stat for just about everything or you’re very low and don’t have much that’s why it’s a good idea just to try and train up some of your basic stats like a athletics you can train up stealth by hitting sneak and other stats that aren’t too dangerous that will be able to help you outside in battle next thing is mining for mining ore is actually a really good thing in Ken Chi what it allows you to do is get that called laboring up this basically affects the speed of which you can mine or do whatever you’re doing that uses the stat so if you want to look around right here.

There is an iron ore node and if I hover on it it’ll show a pickaxe I can look around for other or nodes and there’s also copper ore nodes which sell for a bit more all you gotta do to mine or is right click on the or with the character selected and they will go and begin mining so as time goes on Babar will progress slowly especially when you just start with one character once the ore is there what you need to do is pull up your inventory screen and you can either drag it over or right-click but generally you’re gonna want to be mining copper to start out with if you’re having trouble finding places to sell your goods hit down the Alt key and it’ll highlight any signs on the world the next option I have for you is try and sneak and steal stealth is of course an option in Kanchi and there’s a lot of different ways you can make money doing this over here in the hub there is a house that is generally unguarded and doesn’t have people in it by entering it I can close the door and no one will be able to see me in here I got a pretty crap spawn off this one but vert is the chest here I can pick the lock on and then after picking the lock oh some cactus rum a first-aid kit some of her crap but I can just sell now if you want to actually steal goods from shops in the hub you can’t really do it you can try and rob a bar but that’s not really a bright idea but if you’re somewhere like a holy nation city or in the united cities or shuck kingdom you know those are it’s probably a more viable option then and the last thing is watch for fights that are happening in Kanchi will be fights and breaking out all the time and you’ll be able to see them with little white numbers they’ll pop up on the map and that means that a character is taking damage but also just going to look at these as you can attempt so go over and loot some of the corpses especially if these were higher to your units fighting you can get some really good loot any ever sell it or havoc for yourself so right now while we tried to mine a group of hungry bandits found mataró and are now chasing him by leading them up into the hub I can run over into a bar those will lead the bandits to Stampede the bar and begin fighting with this we can end up fighting them as well while we get help from betrayed ninjas now we’re not gonna do too good still but that all of them are knocked out and we can grab their loot and sell it but just like that we managed to survive the attack not get too damaged we have a bunch of corpses to loot now since our characters injured after I finished looting up all of these bandits for BIR weapons and selling them I’m going to go upstairs to the other floor and go to one of the beds to sleep in this will increase our regen rate for our limbs by quite a bit by putting it on max speed we can recover a lot faster good idea to do this for a fact that say when our right leg is at a low percentage like it is with one hit it can be almost taken out and our character would be limping around with it making it pretty hard to run away but that’s just one way to progress in Ken Chi early game of course you’re gonna want to get a lot of your stats up but ever than that I know a lot of people ask well what is the actual progression like what is the end game again she or like well what are you trying to do why are you trying to make progress so I want to answer this question with some of the different options that I have come up with first one being the technology tree I mentioned this one earlier by opening up the technology tree you can see different types of technology what you need to do is build a research bench which I’ll go into in building when I get to that in a little bit later but by using books and a research bench you have a character research different technologies like farming there’s industry different ways to train your characters like training dummies lock picking boxes start off at tech level one there’s about five different tech levels and there’s a lot of different things to research in game and this will open up different ways for you to craft to different things for you to.

So that’s one thing you can look at to try and focus on the next thing is bounties if you check bars and talk to but barkeeper sometimes they will have a little piece of paper having a bounty on it describing a character when you click on the character with a bounty we’ll have a bounty above their name and saying witch in faction has the bounty out for them beyond up knocking out be person you can pick them up and bring them over to a guard station or a guard watchtower this is a pretty good way to get the currency cats and there are a lot of really challenging bounties so trying to get a party together or trying to get a like a bounty hunter squad setup is always a pretty fun time and very challenging as well if you want to see like a list of all the bounties there’s a wiki page on it next there’s factions Oh in that tab that I showed you earlier the faction tab we have different standings with groups and you can actually increase the standings with groups as well so if you want to try to increase your standing with the holy nation or Bichette Kingdom you can try and fulfill bounties for them and hand in bounties there’s also sort of like some quests with the factions that you can do as well those are a good thing to look into as well and even if you want like say you don’t like the faction you always have the option to just kill them and eliminate them the next thing is exploring and building a base this is like basically a pretty general one once you have a group of people ready and you’re doing a bit better off in stats and cats definitely want to try and get a base set up the reason for this is that you can make your base self efficient meaning that you can just have characters making you money at all times and being able to do other things as well like craft research on the flip side though you will have other factions or bandit groups trying to raid and attack you so I would generally suggest build a base once you have about 10 to 15 characters with around the 20 to 30 stats the border zone is a pretty alright place.

Setup there’s a lot of other places to set up to really I would just say explore and look for whatever place you really like the most or about you would think would make a good base so those are basically different ways that you can progress in Kanchi a lot of a game is figuring out your own goals or what type of play style you want to do now I’m gonna go into a demo on how to survive the first week your main goal is to get stats get cats and don’t die right now I’m on day two and for mining yesterday I have about 3,000 cats right now we don’t really have the cats to recruit anyone that is here at the hub now this is a pretty risky move to be honest it’s not too hard though and we end up getting to squint pretty easily now in squid there are a lot of different people to recruit there is one recruit named Luca that you can find I’m not gonna spoil the dialogue but you can get her for free if you choose the right options but once she joins you you’ll have two recruits I can also talk to this guy ribs and hire him for 3,000 cats you know if that we got our first three recruits all like that but like this you can either get everybody like mining on iron or they to mining copper and one mining iron now it does take it quite a bit to get this ore and it’s kind of an AF capable thing at the same time you have to pay attention to make sure like no bandy groups are walking or along the roads cuz they’ll go and attack you with no problem my main goal right now is going to be to get five recruits so I’ll probably need at least 6,000 more cats alright now I have a full inventory on all three of my characters of both iron and copper and just like that we now have four point six K cats I’m gonna buy everybody a piece of dried meat so they have something to eat for the next trip well I was talking to this guy Oh Ron to recruit him for three point five K or no what other three K recruits in the bar at a time but it’s worth extra 500 to have the extra person and we’ll be mining a little bit faster with more people as well alright so now but we sold over or I’m gonna just get one more recruit and I’m gonna save the remaining money that as my next goal is going to be to buy a house in town now with this though it might not seem like a lot but to put it into perspective we now have five times a better chance of surviving any attack we’re getting five times the output in mining not including the stat bonuses that we have been accumulating from training mining this case we’ve been attacked by hungry bandits our best chance is going just to be try to get closer to the gate we could honestly drop over ores and get out of the attack but this isn’t a half bad way to train some toughness experience alright luckily I yes Spade is gonna recover here I want to get them to crawl in to bark.

Alright now that we have sold over or we got just enough to buy the house I got five building material on the house so I need seven more but the shops are all out of building material so I’m gonna send everyone back to mining alright so I just got everyone fed I got over or sold there is enough building materials to finish the house like that I can get everybody building the house and finishing construction on it now the moment you have a house press and be and you can go into the building menu someone I get a small research bench and put it right here at the front it’s gonna cost another three building material to make so I’m just gonna run to the hub and then come back as it’ll be faster than waiting the full day the fucking one building material on the bright side this trip gets everyone’s athletics experience up however I’m not a good way to waste a few hours of the day and can.

We can now go back to the house and finish building the research bench first one you’re gonna want to get is storage boxes for or after that you can really get anything there’s a few free technologies that can be researched and once those are researched you can press B and go to storage and what you’re gonna want to do is put in a storage or and a storage copper now if you use the have used the comma and period keys or too little air insert arrows you can rotate the storage ORS also look at the bottom right and you can see a list of controls just like that I’m going to want one storage or for iron ore and then one to store my copper after I’m gonna hit confirm and then the blueprint will be there I can get all my checks to build this okay now we got the storage or boxes built so imma grab one more recruit so I now have a total of five checks they all have pretty decent stats in HP which makes them very good late-game units I’m going to grab these five and send them over to the spot but we like to mine now what I’ve been doing the past week is manually having to watch them and grab or I’m gonna press shift to select three of them and while holding shift right click and hold down right click and select inventory they now have the two jobs operating the Machine and hauling this means that they will mine and once the output for the mine has reached full they will go to or one of them will go to bring the ore into one of the storage boxes at the house now this makes it a lot easier for us to progress as we got people constantly making us money do is place down a food storage this is one of the only other things you kind of really need and for one building material you can place it down and build it and you can store a bunch of food in here so whenever your care.

Get hungry and need to grab something to eat they’ll run into the house to go to the food storage and grab some food out of it stock up on a bunch of dried meat and since my character has the job option on and it’s highlighted he’s gonna run up to a food storage on his own and deposit at all if you don’t want your character to do that like say you’re going to explore just click the job option off and they will not go to deposit for food or saver or into the storage crate another way to feed your group is if somebody has a backpack in your group you can pull the food in the backpack and your party will take it out of the backpack automatically but with that we’re coming to about the end of the first week we started at 10 a.m. on day 1 we’re getting there right now and we’ve accomplished getting five new units for a total of six our stats have been increased by a little bit of a most important part we got the house set up and that allows us to odd automatically mine this will help you get a lot of good early game cats so you can do is you can invest this money into new recruits so more people to mine or you can invest it in some armor or gear to go exploring if you ever get stuck in game you can always press f1 and it has a bunch of different things different topics that you might run into so say you want to know some more about building you can read up on it here so try bringing groups of bandits or weaker units towards the gates of cities or bars this way you’ll be able to get some of your basic stats up you can check for travel shops for maps which will allow you to look for and see where new towns ruins and lab sites are another thing is actually try to explore so look around scout for enemy camps if you’re looking for battles because they do appear pretty often you know the more you explore and can achieve a better idea that you’ll get of what you want to do the more types of factions you meet and experiences you have you know can only be done from exploring there’s a lot that you’ll miss out from from only mining and.

Being your entire gameplay style so I’d say try combination of everything you know try to do some mining try to have some characters that are good at stealth you know try to go on expeditions I’d recommend trying to train up seven to ten people it’s a lot better to have like seven to ten strong units rather than thirty weaklings another tip is play a few playthroughs before taking it serious your feet or your first few game playthroughs on kenchi are gonna be a lot of learning a lot of mistakes and a lot of trial and error and I would also to just just suggest don’t be afraid to save scum you don’t have to Ironman hardcore mode.

Kenchi your first time playing if your character dies and you just want to go reload an autosave from five minutes ago you know go ahead like you’re not ruining anyone else’s style of play and until you’re comfortable with having those losses in game you know just go ahead and save scum lastly I got a couple more.

I’d suggest you check out the mods on the Steam Workshop for kenchi as well as the Nexus mods the modding community adds a lot of different mods that add a lot of content to kenchi things like increasing the recruitment limit new races two building options there really is a lot to do with modding and if you’d like to get into modding of a game from what I’ve heard it isn’t too difficult compared to most games though it’s always worth checking out and lastly I’m gonna close off a final tip as if you get stuck I would suggest you join the official kenchi discord they have helped channels there and such and a lot of people in there that play the game a lot and are active on the game so if you’re ever stuck and need help on something you can probably find some help in there for sure also the can she read it is a very good source majority of the questions that people have a boukenki or wonder have been asked by other people or already answered so just google around or look around for whatever you need but that’s about it I’m pretty sure I cover just about everything I wanted to for for vissa.

Beginner’s guide this is the first one I made so if.

You’d like to leave any feedback on the guide make make sure you do because I’d really appreciate it and if I end up making some more guides on kenchi or other games it’ll help me improve the quality of those ones as well if there’s things in Kanchi that you are still wondering and want more explained let me know in the comment section if this video does help out like quite a bit of people or something or you guys do seem to like it then I might try and make a few more guys as there are a lot of things in the game but I didn’t get to go over but I hope I got to go over most of the general things and the base foundation sort of that you’ll need to get into the game and start progressing or not if if you liked the video make sure you leave a like and subscribe to the channel it really helps me out a lot as well as leaving a comment I’d suggest you check out my other kenchi videos if you’re interested in mods or highly edited playthroughs of the game or not thanks for watching I hope you all enjoyed it the video and learn something about chemistry and waddup peace.

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