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Description of the video guide «Kenshi battle speed — what affects her, what she is»

A basic rundown of combat speed and its limitations in Kenshi. In practice, zero combat speed is not possible but you can easily go below .50 with heavy armour for a 25% attack/block speed reduction.

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Well hello everyone there’s no very quick little video they’re unedited but there’s some I have a script so I won’t miss anything important I’ll be going over combat speed and why it matters you get that started we’ll be doing an exaggerated example so there we go never target these two here our perfect clones except for this piece of equipment this one has modified sandals to have no combat speed effect whatsoever and also no other equipment that affects that and then this one has come at speed effect of zero times which is interesting we’ll get back to that later but just do you quickly make the point about why you should care that show happens and also will dismiss a myth right up front there are two different movement speeds you have your athletics moving speed like out in the world sprinting and you have your combat moving speed.

Comment movement speed is not affected by your combat speed multiplier as you will see here there’s run up at normal speed and they slow down and shuffle that’s her combat movement speed completely unaffected and I’m gonna hit R to reset the key try to get them to do the same attack at the same time there we go.

Both overhead attacks followed by a left swing you can see the one person finished two attacks and the time would take the other guys did you want yeah that’s a pretty significant difference but under the whole zero thing 0 times combat speed yeah it’s kind of weird he doesn’t just get stuck in the animation but it turns out when you’re in combat you can actually see this so going to the neutral guy here the actual attack speed effect that you should have is one point zero six and then this guy is point 56 which is about 53 percent somewhere around there for whatever reason that number keeps coming up I’ll have to figure out why later but yeah so whatever reason zero times comet speed effect is not zero combat speed.

It’s just neutralizing one of the scalars had to figure out which one oh yeah speaking of which there are a lot of things to this falling off for instance just the numbers on this list attack speed and block speed that requires your attack skill you’re the fence skill under strength skill dexterity skill your weapon type and the weights.

Thus the quality all of those need to be neutralized before I can figure out exactly what the combat speed modifier is dealing with so for that reason there won’t be any formulas in this video I’ll have to come back to that later but to be fair that is the only thing left to do before I can make a proper weapon tier list I need to have the attack speed and the block speed that’s all I need but anyway back on topic that’s not the only weird thing about attack speed so for instance these guys again perfect clones this is my baseline and this one has been modified to have combat speed effect of two times so that this guy should be moving about 50 per yeah about 50 53 percent faster than the baseline and then this happens again shuffling at the same speed hit artery set artery set click at the same time please there we go perfect frame for frame Oh God.

All right well I don’t need you guys anymore take it up I don’t want you to kill him.

Okay continue no both attack at the same time using the same time job so that was perfect frame for frame two attacks and all it is clearly not a 50% increase and even a 10% increase would have shown so there appears to be no effect whatsoever to increase your combat speed however it does neutralize other effects for instance if you have armor that has a penalty the combat speed you can give yourself something like this to make it a little more bearable but the weirdness doesn’t end there.

So here we have two falling sons this guy is again the baseline and then X 0 is again the zero combat speed so we’re gonna have them attack one guy should be moving twice as fast at the other right nope perfect frame for frame even the Recovery’s yeah so what’s happening here it’s actually pretty simple these guys don’t have the strength to use this thing this is a 40 kilogram falling Sun and I only gave them strength and dexterity of 40 they just don’t have the skills to use this thing effectively which is why they swing is so slow even this phase movement speed guy stupidly stupidly slow but as part of my research I figure out exactly where that happens it doesn’t combat now I’m not gonna bother attacking with these guys so the difference is something this could never even see it and getting three of them to attack at the same time there’s an exercise in futility not to mention if I hit this guy I’d kill him so just look at the numbers down here starting with the lowest this is a strength expiry of 104 percent at 61 strength and its knees me with an attack speed of point 52 moving up just one skill point strength expiry of 100% and 153 attack rate increase of point zero one going up the same amount of skill we had 95 percent strength SP rate let me go up to point 55 increase of point zero two now this was much more pronounced when I was in a dust storm which affects your attack rate does it affects your attack score so does that take my word for it but it goes under a different scaler it’s actually the effect is neutralized completely above the 100 percent strength XP right and then below the one of a centrist period has its some linear scalar it talked about before with the cloves so that’s something to keep in mind and will come up back come back to that in just about a minute now to be honest this is of little concerning duels when you’re fighting one on one it doesn’t really matter all that much because you take turns attacking now according to the FCS I get to test this but according to the FCS who attacks is determined strictly by your attack skill not your at the actual attack speed the attack skill so I need to double-check that but if that’s the case it would actually be no penalty whatsoever.

It would be a reduction in damage per second all the time in the world to make sure that guy dies otherwise well I had extra protection normally I could do those penalties however combat speed reduction is a great concern in mass combat visit lowers your damage per second.

You need to make sure that you take out the guy you’re attacking said he can’t attack other people but then again it’s a double sided coin if you slow yourself down enough if you do this thing you give yourself a weapon that you can barely even lift little low swing at someone that actually helps you in a kind of sideways way because it can lock down someone’s block as I will demonstrate he is stuck in that blocking frame until the attack ends there’s nothing else he can do during that time he’s not attacking you and he was not attacking your friends he could in theory give yourself a much much harder time swinging at people and he would actually help you this stitch scars oh no he died oh well bah bah black sheep.

Didn’t have any wool so anyway that’s about all I have for you yeah just want to clarify that one thing dispel a couple minutes and hopefully you guys can put could you sit in Kanchi but that’s it for today thank you for watching and this is on my count.

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