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Text version of the guide «Six awesome Kenshi tips and tricks» (automatically created subtitles)

Whether you’re new or you’re a veteran player of kaanchi the game is pretty brutal and can be very unforgiving my name is solid a holiday and today my goal is to help new and old players alike with some small tips and tricks that will help you succeed in the Kin Cheevers the first tip that I have for you is a very simple one and one that you can and probably should do in just about every game to make it a little bit easier and a little bit more efficient for you that’s key pawns I pause play and fast forward all key bound to my mouse so that way it’s right there and I have easy access to it you may ask like solid a well it’s the big difference it only takes me a second to click the button in-game but until you try it you don’t really realize how much more control and how much more fluid the game feels when you have it key bound to your Viking so I challenge you to try and see what you think of it I think that you will see a huge improvement once you find out what you like tip number two in my opinion is probably the most important tip on this list when you start your new game and you have a base established get one or two people to start making weapons and armor as soon as possible.

Have him just constantly making weapons you can click repeat queue in the crafting menu so they will continue to make armed weapons and armor respectively until they’re out of resources this will limit your resources but I believe it’s a hundred percent worth it this makes it so your characters will be decked out in awesome armor and weapons and this will also make it so that two new players you get in your squad will not be completely worthless and those characters will survive just a little bit longer so they can continue to train up their skills another huge plus to this is it will make you a lot of money you can sell the junk weapons for an armor for about a hundred to three hundred cats per piece and when you get that skill up to the high grade they will sell for three thousand plus per piece so like I said I believe it’s a hundred percent worth the time and resources that you invest into it.

When you’re training your strength you have to overload your inventory right like you have to fill it with it completely with iron ore but what this does is it increases your ex your strength XP modifier to 25% but if you pick someone up while your inventory is overloaded like that it will raise your strength XP modifier to 50% this will slow you down even more but it will stir it will train your strength twice as fast if you have a base you can actually automate the strength training process if you have a stone mine and a stone processor leave enough room in your inventory.

For a single building material then what you need to do is build a building material storage and you can assign the individual to Hall to the storage by shift-clicking it and that person will automatically Hall to the storage so they can build up their strength without you having to constantly watch over them and click for them the fourth tip that I have for you is say you have a packing em of some sort such as garu or a path or something like that right they can loot storage boxes and weapons crates but sadly they themselves cannot do enemies what you can do is have the pack animal followed one of your characters and when you go to loot that enemy with your character just switch over to your pack animal and they will be able to loot that enemy this makes it so you do not have to do a bunch of trading and switching back and forth from character to character and makes the whole process a lot easier and faster for you v tipper ino say you get attacked right and you get your butt kicked like we all do in Kenshi and a slave trader happens to walk by just like everybody’s luck can catch you right.

They are gonna enslave you and what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna take off your shoes put some shackles on you and then they’re gonna cut your hair off eventually right say you end up escaping later on what you’re gonna what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna become an ex-slave and you’re gonna look like a slave and all that fun stuff and people are gonna try to attack you and REE enslave you because you look like a slave well one of the cool things that you can do is you can decrease how much you look like a slave one by changing your clothes so you’re not in raggedy clothes and a lot of fun stuff but you can also go to a plastic surgeon and get your hair back so that way you are less likely to get caught and you can continue on with your adventure tip number six is for your range players either on a mounted crossbow or just a regular crossbow you can shoot through the gates of your base this allows you to not only train your crossbow skill when you’re getting rated but it also allows you to wear down some of the enemies before they get in the last and final tip that I have for you is I personally think that you should look into some mods if you haven’t already some individuals love to play with just the vanilla experience and I if that’s you I hope you enjoy but after you after I played a lot I kind of got bored and I started looking at the mods and it renewed that experience for me even if it’s something as simple as weapons or armor that they add into the game or they could add a completely new fact and also one of the cool things is that some mods add a quest line which is very interesting so I highly recommend that you look at some mods that being said it is time for me to leave you guys with the dad joke of the day what do you call an alligator detective an investigator hey thank you guys so much for watching the video I hope you liked it if you did like it go ahead and subscribe and then also leave the video of like alright thank you guys so much have a good one.

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