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Hi everyone this is grand stratagem here and today I’m doing a kinship video on the topic of mods specifically the Mozza I use because I know who’s asked that question a lot in the previous video that I did a day or two ago so I figured I just go ahead and make a new video and we’re gonna go through each single mod that i use explain why i use it and you know if you’re someone who’s also playing Kanchi on Steam you might be inspired to go and use some of these mods yourself and we’ll talk a bit a little bit about you know compatibility issues and difficulty and what they add to the game etcetera etcetera so let’s get right into it shall we so we’ve got the portable mark to turrets mod in the beginning here this essentially gives you the access to create and buy those tripod turrets that you see in the game in certain bases I felt like you know if you’re playing in a certain campaign and you’ve gotten to the point where you have a bustling industry and you can send out expeditions of 20 30 guys no problem it makes sense to me that they’d be able to look along portable turrets if they’re setting up like a siege to a certain area or anything like that so yeah this just adds a bit more flavor doesn’t make the game more easy yeah for sure but it’s just a neat little thing to have that I felt like maybe should have been in the base game who knows.

So faction caravans is our next one here this gives the I don’t know just adds a bit more flavor to the actual major factions it gives them caravans that you can meet out in the world these caravans at least in my experience don’t have any cats on them so it’s not like you have you know little repositories where you can just dump all your gear too but you can buy food and you know medical supplies that sort of thing and yeah I mean I feel like if you’re doing a bandit playthrough for instance you’re very limited on the amount of targets that you can attack and most of your targets are gonna be military patrols that don’t have anything other than loot I thought it was a little odd that you can’t like rate a caravan to get food and like medical supplies and stuff of that nature so yeah this adds that into this game and I don’t know just adds a bit more life to the world I know some people don’t like that and their versions of kimchi which is totally fine but yeah I chose to use that so military crossbowmen this adds a bit of variety to the major factions military units essentially gives them range ability because they did not have that before and in any veteran can she knows if you just have a whole squad of crossbowmen you can pretty much roll over any major faction in the game and this kind of tips things a bit more in their favor and they’re not overpowering or anything but it does give them range capacity and I think that is useful for the NPC’s now we have the holy chest plate blueprint and this essentially just adds a blueprint that should have been in the base game in my opinion you can’t actually craft holy chest plates and the vanilla version of kimchi and this gives you access to that blueprint it was in the base coat anyways it just plopped it right in there so no-brainer mod for me extend camp site so this mod in particular is extremely useful if you’re looking for a more nomadic play style the important thing about this mod is it allows you to build buildings that don’t register you for base raids on the map so I know some people get a little frustrated if all they do is just plop down a single well and then the nearby major factions know immediately where you are and they’re sending a 40-man raid to beat your face on right so that’s always a little frustrating but this gives you access to you know a bit more structure to a camp other than just sleeping bags and a little tiny campfire and I don’t know it makes sense to me because I feel like you know if you see other NPC camps on the map where you’ve got like multiple dust bandits or whatever and they’ve got lice nice little tents and buildings and whatnot like you should have access to that too right so yeah this is a kind of a no-brainer to me it also has a prisoner poles for free which I find to be really useful alright moving on we have the cross pole arm mod I don’t really like the large menagerie weapon mods or whatever but I felt like this add just a little bit of flavor to the holy nation I use this it’s enjoyable to me moving on we have the hydroponics + yeah so and cactuses are not available for the late game hydroponics which I’ve thought was a little odd so you are limited in what you can create and in the late game and yeah this just adds that into the game I’ve had no issues with it personally and it makes sense so moving on we have the immersive furniture mod yeah this is totally just an aesthetics mod I really I’m a Sims player okay you know I like having my nice little homes and having the clutter and all that kind of stuff the the vanilla furniture and this game can be a bit barren and I think that this mod is really awesome moving on we’ve got the moisture farming mod here really useful as we’re gonna see that there’s a type of place down this game where if you wanted to just sort of set up shop in an NPC town and like I think the most effective way to do that is to make stuff like rum and grog and you’re gonna need water to do that which is extremely hard to come by an actual NPC town so this essentially fixes that now this makes the game easier obviously but if you’ve done that type of play through before you’ll notice how frustrating it is and there really should have been some sort of water mechanic in the first place that’s easily accessible in the town other than trying to buy a very limited amount of well water so I don’t know this is just up to you if you want to have a more seamless experience you can have access to that and also allows you to just sort of build out the more barren deserts a bit easily so now we’ve got the burned alive burn your enemies mod this essentially just gives you a prisoner poll that will eventually kill your victim I know it’s a bit gruesome but I yeah it’s kimchee you should have the access to you know deal with your prisoners as you wish and I kind of wish she didn’t have to have two building materials to make a single one of these because every time you delete one you’ll lose a building material but yeah and I guess it’s a small price to pay to be able to kill your victims here and yeah you don’t have to have this if you don’t want it but I often run to the unfortunate circumstance for a lot of my enemies just go unconscious and then I’m constantly trying to like rate a base or something and enemies that I’ve already defeated just keep getting back up up and up and up and just like it gets frustrating so now we’ve got the peeler machine this is basically just it’s already in the base game I’m not gonna dwell where you get it but it’s useful for not only killing your victims but peeling all their limbs off so you can give them cybernetic enhancements and all this mod does it just gives you access to the blueprint much much easier Lee that’s not a word but you get what I mean.

And yeah pretty self-explanatory now we’re gonna go to craftable shackles this doesn’t mean you can suddenly have slaves I actually don’t use any slave mods I just thought it was a little odd that you know you can put people in jail in your base but you can’t actually put shackles on them you know if they tried to escape you know it does have a lot of weight on their shackles so it’s not easy to run away and yeah this allows you to craft shackles and I feel like that should have been the base game as well and yeah that’s all there is to say about that mod the Forgotten ones recruitable skeletons yeah so again I’m not gonna swell where this occurs but you can run into a large cadre of soldier bot skeletons and this allows you the ability to recruit them directly into your party this is a broken mod in the sense that it is overpowered and yeah that’s just its flavor and once you know the location of where these guys are you could with this mod just suddenly have 40 soldier BOTS under your control it just depends on what type of gameplay that you’re looking for we have recruitable prisoners mod I’ll actually talk about this a bit more later all this this month particular does is add more bounties and whatnot that you can actually recruit from because the original mod hasn’t been updated yet for a lot of the southeastern portions of the map minor fish are sorry minor mesh fixes this is a no brainer mod it sort of just fixed the the model clipping that some of these items or assets in the game have and again I’ve had no issues with this it’s just a quality-of-life mod now we got the enhanced shopping economy this is going back to that sort of bar shop sort of gameplay an NPC City thing this gives every.

Basically a universal basic income which that does a little funny and you main kind of gawk at that given the setting of kimchi but this just is for gameplay purposes I’ve noticed that people tend to run out money very quickly and then you’re kind of just sitting in your shop with nothing really to do so this kind of lightens it up a bit yeah I think it’s worthwhile you know I know it’s a little silly but it’s just a workaround to make that sort of game through our game play fun now interior and exterior design I am subscribed to this and I have mixed opinions on this because on one hand it is something that is very very awesome because it allows you to build a whole lot of stuff that you normally can’t.

And also the blueprints for these things are kind of hidden throughout the world so it is seamless and like I barely even realized I had this mod installed for instance however I did run into some crashing issues specifically with the emperor statues believe it or not and I don’t know I’ve only had the issues with the the statues in particular everything else seemed to work but yeah it’s just something to sort of keep in mind I think it doesn’t really go into a full extent of what everything that you can get from this mod is and the initial workshop here but I think you actually get stuff like faction banners and a lot of different cool things so if you’re really interested in sort of detailing your base out a bit more go ahead and use this just be careful with those Emperor statues I don’t know why I had issues with that so yeah also this is where the concrete walls come from I’m pretty sure some people are asking where do I get those those those walls that you had and whatnot and I think this mod is the one that allows you to build them actually so yeah there you go the free hair mod is pretty self-explanatory you’ll notice that there’s clipping on certain hats like the like the cap here but it’s really awesome for these more like oriental style hats and I don’t know it just kind of depends like if you’re smart with the way that you set your characters up you can make this work seamlessly but I know some people may not care for a hair clipping it just depends on what you’re going for quiver backpacks lots so this was something that I don’t know it’s a little odd to me because crossbows actually don’t shoot long arrows that are kind of depicted in this screenshot here but I think part of it is just the fact that like you know I don’t know it makes sense like these should have some level of quiver because I’ve noticed in my own gameplay that my archers tend to just have their entire inventories filled with arrows and that’s a little obnoxious but it makes sense to have something on your back that you’re you’re drawing from right so this has worked pretty seamlessly for me it’s useful pick it up reactive world so this is another big mod and I use it just because it adds a lot more variety to the actual game world itself so you may have noticed that you can actually affect the political role of kimchi by you know attacking certain factions and kidnapping their faction leaders what this does is basically adds a bit more complexity to that so certain factions can’t be destroyed and like you know three kidnappings and you’re done right it gives a bit more complexity to everything and I’ve really enjoyed this so I’m not gonna go through every single thing that this mod does in particular but if you’re interested I’d go ahead and read it what he’s done so far with this mod it’s a work in progress mod but it is a pretty popular one on the workshop so definitely take that into consideration copper ore drills this is something that should have been in the base game in my opinion you have an iron ore drill but you don’t have a copper one so you’re gonna always be using your pickaxe forever even when you’ve got like hydroponics you know for your farm so yeah this just I don’t know it it’s pretty self-explanatory if you’re familiar with what the iron or drill does in game.

Let’s talk so this is a flavor mod all it does is it basically allows them pcs to repeat their conversations which you may think oh that’s that’d be kind of annoying but really the reason why I have this is because sometimes you’ll miss really cool and awesome companion conversations and they will only say them once in the vanilla version of the game so yeah you may just completely miss out.

Pretty awesome conversation if you don’t have that mod so now I got the 256 recruitment limit I don’t think anyone will ever have 256 people in their game at any sim or any given time but this definitely I think is a useful mod just to have that you know just to have the ability to go past the initial 30 person limit so yeah it also increases the squad limit and I think that’s useful too so recruitable prisoners this is a hugely popular mod on here and it allows you to recruit the prisoners that you take and what I like about this mod is you think it’d be broken but the chances of people joining you are very very slim actually I’ve had it only happen maybe like 10 times in total I mean granted I’m not like actively trying to recruit prisoners all the time but its factors and things like I believe like your strengths and whatnot compared to the prisoners that you’re talking to so it’s not like you can just beat up a really strong prisoner and then you know add them to your army and just have a awesome prisoner army like you actually have to kind of be on their level for them to take you seriously at least from last I read about this mod and yeah I mean it’s just useful to have another option personally I like it you know I think you know hungry bandit you know if you if he gets caught by a you know a city that has the capacity to grow all its own food and you’re willing to recruit him like he should want to join you right so yeah that mods pretty cool legendary weapons I was thinking about maybe unsubscribing from this but it definitely adds some really cool items into the game once you kind of figure out how to obtain them you realize like oh I have found this vault I will now get a super amazing overpowered item.

Yeah and that’s something where to me I don’t know it just adds a little something to the exploration the weapons definitely look cool don’t get me wrong but I noticed that once I added like three or four of these like these things hit like a truck and all you have to do is just find them there’s no like major awesome boss or something guarding it or whatever but it’s just there for flavor and you know I haven’t installed currently.

Moving on here we’ve got the crucifixion mod there’s just basically is another prisoner caged and it’s there for aesthetic you know if you want to do a really cruel bandit run you can have these crucifixes.

Yeah I’ve shown them off in my my previous videos and uh yeah they work pretty seamlessly wait bench and would it dexterity we’re gonna talk about these both kind of simultaneously so both of these you may have seen them before these are essentially what a lot of people consider quote cheap mods and I don’t really agree with that if we talk about how things are done in the base version of kimchi you’re gonna have three base stats that’s strength dexterity and toughness these all affect your combat stats so you know you’re gonna need a high strength not only to just carry a bunch of junk but to use heavy armor.

It also affects the damage from stuff like martial arts and the way you train it in vanilla is simply by overloading your backpack with a bunch of like heavy stuff like iron ore and then running around constantly and to me that you know it works when you have a small group of like five or six people but if you’re someone like me and you enjoy playing with you know larger squad sizes and all this other kind of stuff you’re gonna have tons and tons of more people to be micromanaging and I just don’t have the patience for that and a game that is already pretty lengthy all things considered so yeah this is just a workaround.

The same thing applies to dexterity I believe in game the limits on these are like 59 for strength and 29 for dexterity you probably won’t get anywhere near 59 because just the way it works in game but you’ll get close to around like 4050 strengths pretty easily about 20-ish dexterity for your characters if you decide to use both of these things the dexterity the dummy and the the weight bench so more names this just adds a bit more NPC names that you can run into I feel like the vanilla list is a bit limited so yeah this is this is another flavor mod works fine for me.

Faces plus so what this does is it adds a bit more texture to your characters in game.

I’ve used this pretty seamlessly I like that you can have face paint and stuff like that it adds it for you know your sheykh your high vers etc and yeah it gives a bit more variety to even to the skeletons and you can have cannibals and whatnot I’ve never used the cannibals but yeah just more options I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having more options moving on we’ve got four more we got the skeleton frame cover this is something that’s gonna make your game a bit more easier especially if you use skeletons you may have noticed that you only have access to two armored slots and your skeletons and what this does is essentially gives them a full body heavy armor suit which makes them much more competitive especially in the late game for kenchi veterans you may have noticed that Shakur obviously like the best min/max race if you’re into men maxing and all that kind of stuff a big reason for that is because skeletons actually just don’t have the ability to armor up their head or their legs very effectively.

So yeah this essentially curbs that weakness and gives skeletons an option I’ve noticed that other skeletons don’t really use this in the game so only your characters will have access to this and I just I don’t know I use it just because I like having my skeletons be a significant threat you don’t get access to many skeletons so I feel like they should be pretty powerful when you do get them and yeah so there’s that mod moving on we got the throne I like this mod because it gives you a throne what I don’t like about this mod is you actually get two different things you get the platform that the throne goes on and you get the throne those are the two things however you can’t put the throne on the throne platform which kind of sucks but you just get access to the regular throne and I’ve used this in my game and I feel like you should have access to that why not now we’ve got the arc hair and beards this is actually outdated because this is a believ baseline vanilla now but yeah it just gives you access to a whole ton of new hairstyles and beards and whatnot and you know again more variety and I have colored clothes but this is yeah this is a obsolete mod I need to actually subscribe from that so yeah this has been my mod video and I hope that this has essentially given you some insight on to some of the more popular mods on the workshop some of these are not so popular but I’ve found them really useful and yeah definitely add mods to your games guys like this is basically like free expansion pack tear stuff and since the major developer behind kimchi won’t be doing any more content updates this is essentially what you’re gonna be having to affect your game from years to come so hope this video was helpful and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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