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Description of the video guide «The best mods for Kenshi»

Welcome to my first Kenshi video! In this video I wanted to go over and share some of my favorite mods that I believe are essential to the overall experience of Kenshi. These mods just in my opinion, make the game feel more like an rpg and fix a few things and mechanics. If you want to see more videos on Kenshi, whether that be about mods, mining or anything else in the game let me know in the comment section below! Anyways links to all the mods are below and can be found on the steam workshop as of April 23rd, 2019. Thanks for watching!

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Welcome YouTube it’s your boy cool-kid croc back in another video and today we’re gonna be going over some essential kenchi mods now these are mods I’ve been using in my playthrough since around the second or third playthrough i started using mods and these mods don’t really hinder the overall experience of a game like they don’t change anything about the game — too much that shouldn’t already be in the game or be a mechanic somehow also all these mods are on the Steam workplace I’m not sure about other mod sites I know if you just use steam though you can just subscribe to the mods and automatically download and be added to your mod list now let’s start missile with a 256 recruitment limit this mod basically increases the cap of characters that you can recruit from 30 to 256 basically when you have a big enough base and your self efficient you’re gonna need a lot of characters just to be mining or building or you know doing tasks that just need to be repetitively done over and over again so having this extra limit does let you have a lot more potential in what you can do if your party you know you can have a lot more engineers you can have a lot more checks and humans if you want until you find over races definitely a must-have for almost any game and I don’t see why you’d want to limit yourself to 30 anyways the next mod is dark UI this mod basically just turns the UI of the game into dark mode which looks I’d say like 20 times better be a dark UI a great mod to have the next mod I have is called reactive world basically this mod adds a few things to the overall world that just makes it feel a little bit more real also in every way station there’s a character added to talk to where you can see who is still alive in the world what the state of each faction is etc just a few notable effects are the dust bandits having a civil war over leadership if a dust King is taken down the Western hive going crazy for Queen is kid they’ll be pushed forward by the sole drive of rescuing her and will not have any mercy if anyone should stand in their way.

There’s a lot more about this mod adds to and I think to overall game it makes it feel a lot more like an RPG world which is sort of like what I want to feel when I’m playing kenchi going on to the next mod in her list some of these mods are a little bit less essential we’re not all like definitely necessary but I think these ones do help out a lot better crop fences just makes it makes farming look so much nicer because the fences in the base game usually get clipped through the ground or just look like crap they don’t appear at all better crop fences makes it so a lot of offenses actually have fences around them you know I’m not like somebody just stuck a piece of wood in a fucking dirt v mod is more names more names basically just adds 700 new names to the game so for all those random NPCs that you recruit at bars and you know those type of drifters they’ll have a more diverse collection of names seeing as you’ll runt you’ll start to be running into characters with the same name as people in your party or people that you’ve seen before in no time now the next 3 mods I’m gonna kind of bundle together and this is tame beasties recruitable prisoners with dialogue and crucifixion so first recruitable prisoners allows you to at a certain point in a game you can research imprisonment and this will allow you to create metal cages so when you pick up an enemy that you’ve beaten in battle or ever knocked out you can put them in the cage take your weapon off of them and then try and talk to them this will give you a whole dialogue choice depending on type of character if you’re an important character like a character with a bounty or if we’re just normal hungry bandit or you know dust bandit it depending on that it’ll be harder or easier to recruit them and the mod isn’t necessarily 200 P like you’re not going to be recruiting you know a bunch of like high high-level care right off of that you got to at least get to my point through the research tree and then right next to that is tame beasties which basically allows you to do the same thing but with animals so if you do get to you know knock out a wild bone dog you can pick it up patch it up and throw it in the cage you know and have a chance to recruit an animal other than always having to look for animal traders or having to go town to town bar Gabbar looking for basic units with no stats and the crucifiction mod just adds in a basic game asset that it’s already in the game but you can’t build it yourself now you’re able to build and crosses wherever you want now on your base and you yeah you can put people on them and it’s a good spot to let your prisoners rot that uh you don’t want to actually recruit anymore you know if you change your mind or if it just won’t join your group.

The next mod is nice map so this map looks way better than the base game map it adds in a lot more titles and it divides off of the biomes it’s a lot easier to see the roads and just overall it’s a lot better to look at you are gonna have to look at the map quite a bit in the game so having a better way to look at it and a better representation of where you’re going is definitely important so the next con the next one I have is longer mercenary contracts this mod is incredibly useful for when you’re just getting your base bill instead of hiring mercenaries for seven days at a time you can now do it up to 30 so you still pay the same amount it just means you don’t have to make the annoying trip to go and recruit them every week now the last couple mods I have in this list storage amount doubled this isn’t really a necessary mod but I think it is in my mind what it basically does is just make the storage amount for storage containers doubled now the reason why I think this is necessary and it’s not game breaking is because all it does is reduce the number of fucking iron ore storages and bread baskets you have to have or lying around your base and with.

Madonn already have like 8 or 10 iron ore storage containers so it just makes it so it’s a lot easier it’s less room that gets used up it’s a lot easier to micromanage you know 2 for trading so you’re getting a lot of positives all around I don’t see how you can play can complain with this mod if the last mod I’m gonna throw in is functioning market stalls I really like this mod because it adds into the base game there’s market stalls like everywhere but none of them are usable like or just while most of them aren’t but with this mod does is it adds in a lot of random NPCs to these market stalls and we’re not too broken either they usually spawn in or out with around like 2 to 4 thousand cats and they don’t have like that many where is like you know they have some food and basic stuff some random fabrics and shit like that but it is good just to make the world feel more immersive and like stuff is actually going on you know this also allows you to build your own market stalls so once you set up a base you can put your market stall down put a chest on it and then put stuff in that chest and people can go up to it and buy it if it’s set to public but that’s gonna end it off for this video I just wanted to go over a few kenji mods that I thought were pretty essential for while you’re playing there’s a lot more mods that I play with I’m but I’ve looked into that aren’t necessary to have but are definitely cool and can make the game experience a lot cooler so if you guys like to see some more videos like that let me know in the comment section below remember to Like and subscribe and thank you for watching a video peace.

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