Самые большие награды за охоту на головы и незначительные фракции в Kenshi - Kenshi (Кенши) гайд

Автор: Orange 01

Description of the video guide «The biggest rewards for headhunting and minor factions»

I go over where to find large bounties and how to get them. The examples I go over includes the Sand Ninja Oni and the Rebel Farmers’ Leader Simion.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey orange one here so in this video I’m gonna go over where and how to bounty hunt some of the larger bounties in the game as well as why you might want to do that.

So the first thing that I I want to talk about is the where you’re gonna be finding bounties and a lot of people think that you’ll find them in the bar you might overhear a conversation about people talking about a bounty or like a important miner faction because essentially all of the major factions wants to get bounties on what they see is like terrorist groups or people in their territories that aren’t paying them taxes and so basically you’re going to be going after our miner faction if you’re going to be doing some bounty hunting and you’ll either hear something about that or you can go up to the bartender and they will give you some general hints of where to look for some of these bounty hunters so for example this guy right here is somewhere in the Forbidden Zone with his with his band group of bandits so I’ll tell you where in general to look and I know it’s making this sound like I’m spending money but I’m not if you look at my money down the lower right hand corner so now I’ve got all these little cool little texts that I’ll tell you where in general to look for these guys so if that you don’t want any spoilers you can do that but I’m gonna show you some locations um to kind of demonstrate how to go about doing this bounty hunting so also you might I’m gonna go to Simeon and show you where his is in just a minute but as you can see it doesn’t tell you anything about we’re in the desert he is so these can be really general and not give you a lot of useful information but yeah you can see that the general idea of what these these bounties look like and they’ve got some pretty decent rewards so yeah let’s go ahead and go to near one of these bases I’m just gotta load up the safe so give me a second all right so I’m at a minor faction base right here sometimes they show up on the map is just like a little X like this so you have to investigate they kind of look like the animal dens but if you hover over them I’ll tell you what faction is there the number of them they’re living there and how many of them are roaming and so you can see that there’s one group roaming I personally like to go off the people after the ones they’re roaming just because it’s kind of like a renewable resource if you take out everyone at this camp and delete or the just a leader then you’re not gonna get any more wandering spawns but if you do take them out you can get a good amount of cash so if I look at these guys right here these sand Inge’s this first one the Oney he’s worth 20 grand which is pretty good it’s not as good as those other bounties we were looking at earlier but I want to show you that if you nice if you go in here there’s our people with other bounties on them so that’s another 4k right there and I think there might be another person with another bounty on them as well yeah no I for K they’re not to mention there will be some good items in here as well so bounty hunting you get some good stuff from just the items if I was trying to be efficient about this though what I would do is I would just go back here sneak.

And try and knock this guy out they’re about to start attacking me though Oh also one thing I forgot to talk about is if you want to be doing this it’s if you’re trying to be an assassin doing this it’s nice to have some good gear this will up your chances considerably of being able to do this successfully that did not work.

All right so I loaded up a save because honestly I wouldn’t just run up to these guys like I was I’d do something like that I actually like snuck around the back here got close to them so he’s now knocked out I can pick them up and run him into a police station so I’m just gonna do that really quick I’m just gonna run him over to stouts gotta be our closest one I’m just gonna go do that it’s gonna make a little cut here because it’s got take a minute all right so we rinsed out and if I go to the police station which i think is it’s not that building usually it’s these big circular buildings the police station so where are you there it is so that’s the police headquarters so we can go ahead and drop the spouting off here it’s 20 grand it’s definitely not a huge bounty to get someone like the sand ninjas you’re going to need a decent squad but it’s not gonna be as much as like say for like the bug master or someone who’s worth a lot more so in general you should do your your research on who you’re going after if you want your parties to be able to fight them I recommend doing this asta nation but some people might consider that be a little bit cheesy so for like the sand ninjas I would bring it a squad that’s maybe like eight or so people with stats in the 30s.

So you’re similar in strength to the the sand ninjas but yeah it’s a good way of getting some good items too if you fight your way through so I wanted to show you another outpost and it’s kind of cool what you can do at these these outposts that first one was interesting but some of these minor factions give you some more interesting choices that you can make about joining them instead of joining up with the major faction so if you’re not aligned with the major faction you can join up with them so for example right here I’m at I think it’s fort Simeon.

It’s what’s called this outpost right here.

I haven’t actually discovered it yet and the save the orange ones right outside of it so if I come in here these are outlaw farmers which are usually hostile to you but because I’m in their base they’re not hostile to me because I haven’t attacked them to the point where our faction relations aren’t just in the gutter so if I look at these guys these are the not the starving bandits these are the outlaw farmers and they actually are they’d outlaw farmers now hold on rebel farmers that’s their faction group so they don’t hate me they don’t love me but you can see there’s a couple of them who actually already have small bounties on them love them aren’t worth a lot but what’s interesting is if you go into the the building over here you’ll meet some special NPCs and these guys are worth a little bit more that that captain but who’s really interesting is boss Simeon he’s one of the named NPCs and he’s in charge of a minor faction so he’s worth quite a bit to the united cities but you can also talk to him.

And I’ll let you read through the dialogue he’s kind of a funny dude he in my mind I imagine he’s like a pirate so if you say sword up obviously he’s gonna attack you but if you say actually I want to join you he says go attack a noble or something and survive the wrath so you can go and make the major faction mad and then these guys will be aligned with you and there’s similar things in other parts of the map I’m not gonna spoil it for you but there’s some factions where all you need to do is talk to them and you’ll be friendly with them but you could also do the sneaky thing and knock this dude out I mean I’m not gonna be able to do it right now because I he’s looking straight at me but you could knock this guy out and bring him back for 20k which is not half bad but I just want to emphasize these are two of the smaller large bounties you can get like 60 80 100 K even some of the bounties in this game but you’re not going to be able to do that unless you’ve got a really powerful squad like I would recommend starting out with these these small-time bounties of like 20k if you’ve got a decent sized group going much larger than that you’re gonna have a hard time but there are tons of people here with bounties they’re worth a decent amount so you could clear it out giel some of them up with the who have bounties on them and then put them in the cages and then come back for them and that would be a good good source of income in the early-mid game because as you can see and there’s at least I mean Boston is worth 20 but there’s at least 10k worth more in bounties here alone not to mention they probably have some weapons they’re worth decent amount as well so yeah that’s my tutorial and bounty hunting thank you for joining me this has been orange one.

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