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Автор: Orange 01

Description of the video guide «Overview of potential locations in Kenshi suitable for building a base»

We check out some potential base locations in shem, gut, leviathan coast, fog islands, and the great desert.

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Hey orange one here so in this video I want to show off some of the base locations that I had seen people talking about on my credit and saw our places and talked about why they’re so good and how I would set up the bases and some of the places of debugged bases in some places I’m showing off where I’ve actually set up bases in some places I’m just talking about what I would do so to start us off this place I’m just going to talk about what I would do in here this isn’t a sham biome which is really nice because it’s central to the map you can go to the desert you can go to the black desert of the dead lands you can come down to the southeast part of the map pretty easily you’ve got the swamps so you’ve got like the high vers over here everything is pretty close so it’s a really nice place in the map and if you prospect here you’ll see that it’s got tons of water tons of fertility a little bit stone it’s mostly over there there’s some beak things we’ve got tons of iron resources and copper I personally think iron and copper is extremely important for me because I like to make my own armor and weapons in the game but this place also has really high fertility so if you wanted to just go crazy and like distill your own alcohol it’s pretty efficient so yeah one other thing that I saw someone talking about was you can set up your walls and then have your gates right by the water so that people have to come through water to get your base so you would basically just place down the walls place a gate here and then place down some more walls coming out and across the water and then you can just place it on some turrets down and shoot them as they come through so that’s part of the reason why I picked this spot as well as that having these iron and copper resources right here so you can just kind of wall that off and put farmers around wherever you can okay that’s the Shem bass let’s go ahead and show you the next one okay so we’re in the next spot here which is actually in gut just this little blue area near the coast it’s a really cool biome if you look at it it’s not very much of the map has this color and this says really it’s really nice for a number of reasons first being that there’s a ton of iron around here as well as some copper notes and you can farm a lot of stuff really easily here so I found that this is you can grow vegetable vegetables and wheat here really nicely it’s 100% green which is kind of harder to find in this part of the map it also has a beak thing nest around here somewhere and so you’ll typically have big things roaming around here which if you watch my other video on enemy types you’ll see that they’re not too hard to counter but the AI is really terrible at finding them of course now that I’m recording I can’t actually see them but there’s there’s quite a few of them around here yeah here’s some over here so these these guys right here are really good sources of meat and leather they’re just down there one orange one oh are you oh yeah I D bug this location and so this isn’t actually my base it’s just something that I built here because you can build it there’s some big things right here there you these guys if you if you kill them you get tons of leather tons of meat so you don’t really even need to farm if you just attack these guys and use them as a food source but you can farm tons of food really easily these iron nodes are huge but you can get three people working on them and they’re really easy to spot there’s also these like three really close by which you could put some walls around and make that your base I decided to go right here though just south of the slave market because it does have some copper nodes right here that’s right next to the iron resource so yeah this is a really good location not to mention you can trade with the people up and hang pretty easily but you probably will get raided by a slavers every once a while but you know if you run them into the peak things the big things will clean them up for you pretty quickly because all I wanted to go over about gut alright let’s go to the next one okay now we’re at this really cool biome called Leviathan coast and as you can see it’s got some ruins it’s got these giant creatures called leviathans that have been sane health there are strategies to take them out but it also is a really good biome not just for hunting those guys but it’s got plenty of resources around here as well as well as garu which run by which is also a good food source if you’re feeling that you can’t take on like a three-story tall avaya —then so if we look here if we prospect right here got water it’s very fertile we’ve got tons of stone got tons of iron and we also have a copper node I typically don’t need more than one copper node this is pretty low quality but you’ve got more than enough iron to produce what you need you got plenty of Leviathan up there what is that.

Yeah it’s a love I — you got a ton of different things to get any industry going that you need the one problem with being at the Leviathan Coast is that it’s way up here essentially behind like cannibal territories and so you can’t really do much trading from here you can like send people down to World’s End or mongrel but it’s very far away from anything else so you’re not gonna do a lot of trading but you can get a nice strong industry going there’s a lot of ruins that are around here that you can raid for research books it’s it’s a pretty cool spot and you know it’s one of the more pretty biomes if you ask me I mean look at that like purple ground like red water and glitching leviathans beautiful let’s go ahead and go to the next location which is really nice okay so we’re at the next spot which is really cool which in the fog lands which is you can or fog islands which as you can tell has these patches of fog which have fog men in it um you want to be kind of careful with that because they can they just keep on spawning and you can kind of get over ran but they’re great for training for fighting but the nice thing about the spot that I found right here is that you’ve got nice flat land and it’s above the fog so there’s not going to be any of those fog men up here and it’s very fertile actually so if you look here new prospect there’s not a lot of water.

There’s very high fertility tons of stone tons of iron and even copper so you’ve got everything that you need right here you got tons of space to build up your base and there’s like iron resources there.

There’s Uppal up here as well I’m not sure actually that’s the copper resource right there I just clicked on I think where is it right there some iron so yeah I probably wouldn’t build walls all the way around those things but I would just build like a little base out here have people mind out around here but it’s it’s got everything that you need it has got honestly a pretty cool view of the fog lands so yeah this is one of the places I really liked that I found I think that’s all the base locations and I just double check actually no I want to show you one more base location it’s actually where I built my first base in the desert so ignore what it’s saying about the fog islands we were definitely in the great desert I don’t know why it’s bugging out like that but this is a really cool spot I really really really like it so basically what I had here was there’s a ton of that’s just the only these guys to prospect for us I was going around I was trying to find someone somewhere in the desert that had decent water supply and we found that here it’s got really high arid ratings on the fertility in this little valley good milestone there’s a ton of iron and some copper as well so this spot right here is it’s just I kind of southwest of show bowtie and pretty much north of the stone camp so you will get taxed by the United cities and the traders guild but aside from that it’s a very safe location you can get tons of food produce here the wells work pretty well let’s see let’s look at them we got 30% which is three times where we don’t know what I have at my current let’s play there’s this iron resource right here which we got set up at I think that this is a different source than that one theirs is actually a couple different resources around here and building the walls all the way up here because there’s a copper node over here as well which is actually had a pretty high quality so there’s there’s a couple good resources here the big reason that I like this is it’s a fairly central location in the desert and you can trade straight to show up at I and so you can just make a ton of money trading with them a thigh earn that you get from here so yeah that’s a that’s all the base locations that I’ve kind of seen people talking about biomes wise and I really think the desert is underrated but you know that’s just me a lot of people like to be able to farm and there’s a lot of really good biomes in the center of the map for that so yeah thank you for joining me this has been orange one.

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