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Автор: Biscuit Dog

Description of the video guide «Some tips for a Kenshi newbie»

A few people have asked me to do a video with my tips for playing Kenshi so here is my humble contribution. There is undoubtedly some stuff I’ve missed so if you would like to add anything then please write it down in the comments so new guys don’t miss anything awesome. Thanks for watching and I hope this helped you in some way, remember to like and sub for more Kenshi!


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What’s up everybody hope you guys are having a cool day I’m biscuit dog and we’re back in Kanchi we’re going to do something a little different today you guys we’re going to do is tips and tricks video for beginners so there’s a bunch of stuff that I’ve learned while playing can she mostly from the comment section to be honest most of you guys have taught me all this stuff but there’s a bunch of stuff I’ve learned that I wish I knew at the beginning just a few little awesome things that make life much easier when playing kaanchi so I thought I’d make a little video and show you guys the ones I know it’s probably a whole bunch I’ve missed as well so if there’s stuff that you think should be in this video that isn’t please leave a comment and then anyone who’s new who’s watching the video can go look down in the comments and they can find the extra stuff that I missed it’ll be awesome you guys let’s do it okay so the first one is probably the one I use the most it’s my go-to if my guys start getting stuck or the part finding starts getting strange or people start listening or people start getting lost and lost going the way I told them all you got to do is press ctrl and then shift and then f11 and it will fix the meshes that have been saved with messed up data and it’s six buildings this time but sometimes it’s like 53 or whatever and it really really helps so maybe try that first when things start to go wrong it helps a lot everyone knows that you can pause the game or you could fast-forward the game but I didn’t know that you can pause it with the spacebar you can pause most things with the spacebar but it never occurred to me and I’d never hit the spacebar by mistake I suppose but it helps a lot especially in fights in sticky situations you just whack the spacebar and pours it right up go ahead check that out it’s a it’s a marvel of modern technology spacebar pours but it’s really really handy you guys especially if like you’re being chased by something awful and you need to think about it or you need to change weapons or whatever you just whack spacebar and you’re paused it’s way better than like panicking and searching for the poor’s button which is what I used to do so most people know that you can change the speed of your character like the walking speed of your character down here in this little block you’ve got walking which sets the Moore King which is pretty cool and then you’ve got jogging and you’ve got sprinting but then there’s a fourth one this one over here this one’s really really useful especially if you’ve got a lot of people into big squad take the hunting squad for example.

What this button does is it has everybody moving everybody in the group moving at the same speed which is really really useful especially for injured people since injured people lag behind so what it’ll do is it’ll make all the healthy people walk as slow as the injured people and everyone can match speeds and get there together slower yes safer definitely so that’s also another pretty cool tip I use that quite a lot I use that constantly really everyone’s always walking like that when we’re out because it’s not good to have people split up from the group bad things will happen you guys if bad things will happen okay so this next one is pretty useful while you’re looting if you’re looting stuffiness in a sticky situation the last thing you want to do is right-click and hold the beak thing and then go down to loot and then release it that takes a long time and it doesn’t need you all you got to do is just right-click on the beat thing and you’ll run right up to it and look inside take a look at that that seems really simple but I didn’t know it for the longest time and it wasted my time forever and the spoils of war can be yours in half the time so what you’ve got to do is just right-click the thing instead of right click hold and then loot yeah that’ll save you some time that’s also great that in combination with the spacebar pause in a sticky situation will get you out with most of the loot if you’ve got the space for it pretty handy you guys the other thing you could do is you can assign your guys jobs for those of you that didn’t know that any kind of job that can be done can be assigned to a person so if I assign blood gnome to looting he’ll just go about looting everything in this area forever until I tell him to stop and how I do that is I shift and right-click the beat thing and then in the bottom right it says three.

I’m foraging animals so any animals that happen to die or I kill in the immediate area will get foraged by the blood no automatically that’s really really useful he’s just got to be careful because if he starts firing while there’s 100 big things he’s probably going to die citizen so use with caution but it’s that can be applied to anything so I’ve got my farmers farming like that I click on.

They operating all these hydroponic farms I’ve got people filling water tanks I’ve got people doing all kinds of stuff like that that’s really really useful and you’re going to use it you’re going to you’re going to need it you’re going to use it a lot most probably all right the next one requires loot so let’s see if we can gingerly make our way down here without getting found out by the Leviathans probably another good beginner tip is never mess with these things if you come across these don’t don’t mess with them they will tear you limb from limb it’s really a terrible creature this approach would approach with lots and lots of caution these things are super dangerous so yeah that’s probably a good tip in general run away from stuff when you start playing this game because you’re going to be weak and you need to build up your skills better to run away you’re going to get beat up anyway getting beat up makes you tougher to so you could fight them sometimes but I’d say pick your battles it’s not a beginner battle [Laughter].

The other thing when you’re looting instead of just using your eye to try find everything that’s out here which I mean we can’t see anything right now maybe that’s something what’s that fuel see ah we found it.

That’s ridiculous all you need to do is press and hold alt and it’ll label everything for you so you can you can loot with gay abandon you guys and know that you haven’t missed anything this obviously doesn’t show you the stuff that’s inside containers so you’ve still got to check the containers but this is really good for stuff that’s just lying around sometimes I’ll just press it randomly when I’m going through a place and I’ll find something I never thought I would find and would never have seen so that’s a really cool tip I think I use that a lot look at all the stuff here I mean you can’t really see any of this it’s just like half of the stuff doesn’t mean anything so it all looks useless until you press hold that’s a fairly good one so another kind of fun one that people often ask me about but it’s not really gameplay related but it does look cool is if you want to get rid of the UI to take some cool screenshots or something like that all you need to do is press f7.

Ah would you look at that majestic we might be in a spot of trouble here well if this defiant actually tries to attack me I’m gonna take his pearls mate we should we’ve got guys on the roof ready to take care of this Leviathan if he tries anything but yeah so f7 gets rid of the UI and that’s pretty useful it’s also it’s really nice just to play like this sometimes it really gets you in the mood man without a let crazy UI in your face but I mean obviously you need the UI and so uh another cool thing I found out is if you press the squad tab here or indeed the map you’ll you will get all of these tabs up here that you don’t immediately notice and some of them are not displayed down here for example the AI tab which is red it gives you options characters will automatically put any excess material they are carrying into storage that’s great.

Sleep when injured characters will automatically go to bed if they’re injured and have nothing else to do that’s great heal allies help allies rescue allies share food and follow formation those are some cool settings that you can play with that aren’t immediately obvious out here so all you need to do is hit the map or hit the stats box and this will pop up and obviously it’s got squads in it it’s got the dialog that you’ve had with people or eachother in it which is useful sometimes for remembering what exactly is going on.

It’s got like a whole crafting menu with not that you need it but it’s nice to check nice for reference it’s also got all your research it’s got your faction relationships that’s also really cool yeah.

Cannibal don’t like me much what can I say it may have it may have something to do with snatching the soul of the Grand Wizard but hey that’s the what are you gonna do I’m not scared good they could not like me until I wipe them off the face of the earth and then obviously your map which you can zoom in on if you didn’t know that’s pretty useful too because this is a large map and there is lots to see lots and lots and lots and lots all right you guys that’s pretty much it for my tips and tricks for beginners playing kenji I got one more tip I suppose that’s the most important tip none of these other tips will work without this one if you don’t have kenji yet go and buy it because it’s brilliant you’re thinking of it already just go do it it’s a great game I hope I haven’t missed out anything too obvious but like I said most of the stuff has been taught to me by the people in the comment section anyway thank you you guys you’re the best if I’ve missed anything just put more tips down in the comments that way people watching this can go read the comments and learn even more thank you very much for watching you guys if you enjoyed it please like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time peace.

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