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Description of the video guide «Beginning of the game, character editor for beginners at Kenshi»

Welcome to a new tutorial series for Kenshi. Check out the playlist if you’re looking for help with a particular part of the game, otherwise stay for these short videos to learn a bit about the world and the mechanics before you jump in. A new Kenshi Let’s Play will be coming in the next few days.

I also just want to leave a note of thanks for all of you who have recently subscribed. The support has been incredible and I hope to continue bringing you fun and useful videos in the future.

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Hello and welcome my name is tobo and this is a new tutorial video series for kenchi on the next couple of videos i’m going to be talking about specific topics within the game so if you’re looking for something in particular take a look at the playlist here on the right side of the screen and a feel free to bugs ahead if you’re already comfortable with creating a new character and learning the basics of the game otherwise I’m gonna be just jumping right in here and taking you through the character creation process so let’s click on new game and this is basically of course how you start out in Kanchi you get to choose your start much like if you’ve ever played Skyrim and they have the choose another life mod it lets you pick kind of what your situation is so sometimes you start in a different location with different items different amounts of money and things like that so I’m gonna cover a couple of these different starts and what to do about some of your character options and some of the advanced settings in the game ok so the default start and when you see difficulty it says default this is what all other difficulties are based off of so if we go to this one for example this is easy compared to the wanderer start or with the holy sword is harder than The Wanderers start so this is kind of our baseline and I feel like a lot of people who start the game are either going to start with this or one of my favorites guy with a dog but we’ll come back to that so in the Wanderers start you begin the game with 1,000 cats by the way the credit or the currency of the game is called a cat and it’s abbreviated by a see the play style kind of gives you a hint as to how this game might be played out and how you might think of it in your head so this is actually more of an RPG because you’re playing one character you’re leveling has stats up you’re getting gear his or her stats you’re getting gear and you’re progressing on through the game however at any point you have the ability to recruit other Wanderers basically to join your faction and we’ll cover that of course as well in a different video where we build up our little faction so what do we look at it the wanderer that doesn’t tell you exactly what’s in your inventory but it does give you a basic description so here it says that you’re just a lone wanderer with nothing but a few coins a pair of pants and a rusty sword ready to venture out into the world.

This start basically puts you in a neutral City with very little gear and of course very little money and it is in a nice position I’m not gonna spoil it too much about locations I really want you to explore the kenchi world on your own to find out you know all these different locations that are out there but it is in a decent spot where you can get to other areas let’s take a look at some of these other starts the wandering trader is a trader focused start of the game you begin with a bit of trade goods actually a backpack full of trade goods and a pack animal a pack animals interesting because you can in Kanchi visit a local farm and buy animals from them much like you could I guess visit a camel dealer perhaps if you are in the Middle East and get a camel to carry your goods for you so you start with a pack animal you start with the backpack full of goods now you don’t start with any cash however the backpack full of trade goods and the pack animal are probably worth a couple of tens of thousands of cats so it’s a decent start especially if you don’t want to bother with the initially grinding portion of the game where you’re trying to scrape together enough money just to survive this is if you’re really interested in and kind of building up your income or building up your capital to start your faction now this would be a really fun start if you’re just interested in trading only this is considered easy compared to the wander start a couple of the other starts in the game affect your faction standings.

So for example the holy sword the hive exile and son of a captain are just some of the few starts that do change your beginning standings with a faction so for example here as son of a captain which is a normal difficulty so kind of an average start you are allied with the United Cities however the holy Empire hates your guts because you were basically in the army if we go back to the holy sword you actually start with a very unique legendary weapon however you seem to have possibly stolen that weapon from the the holy nation so they’re not too happy with you you actually started as a wander a wanted criminal now you can just choose to avoid that factions lands or you could try to work kind of repairing your faction standing with them so it’s not like this is a you know forever you’re going to be damned by that by that faction but it is kind of a challenging start the cannibal hunters is more of a scenario you actually get put into a situation and it’s kind of can you survive and get out of that situation so it’s pretty fun I would definitely try it out at least some point just to see what it’s like and be terrified of giant cannibal bands so those are the basics you can kind of read into some of these other ones the slaves you basically start as a slave and you can she has a very unique system where you can enslave and be enslaved by other characters and NPCs and there’s a setting that makes your character basically be an obedient slave he’ll do whatever or she’ll do whatever they’re told which is kind of entertaining rock bottom pretty rough you’re alone unarmed naked hungry and you’re missing an arm have fun.

Empire citizen and holy nation citizen are just two starts that puts you in those particular factions main cities or nearby guy with a dog is fun because you do start as a random character with not much with them except for a little puppy which is in the form of a bone dog which is kind of fun the last two starts that I want to talk about are the nobodies and the freedom seekers both of these starts begin the game with other characters so you actually get a group of five other NPCs that then join your party and then can be controlled by you so you have a total of six characters to start with the freedom seekers start with 4000 cats and a good supply of building materials so you can immediately go out and start building your base however I will warn you that is a bit challenging and a bit dangerous I’m not going to go into the spoiler part of it I might cover that with a you know a little bit of a caveat of a spoiler in another video that’s dedicated to base building and what happens after you build your base but just be aware that there are some challenges that come up as soon as you start building your base that you might not be prepared for as soon as you start the game the nobodies are basically a group of five people of not including you so six total with nothing but your they’re already there in your squad so it’s kind of an easy start if you don’t want to deal with recruiting that many people and if we take the base cost of a ran.

PC that’s about 15 thousand cats worth of money that you get to save by just starting with nobodies okay so we’ve covered kind of where these beginnings start the game at I’d like to cover what the next steps are and I’m gonna go over to guy with a dog just as an example I’m also gonna crack open the Advanced Options here and we’re gonna cover a couple of these so hunger time you do get hungry in the game and require food hunger time setting here changes how fast or how slow you get hungry as you increase this number it takes longer for you to get hungry I personally always wind up increasing this number because I think I don’t like to deal with the hunger all that often but I don’t like to bring it all the way out because it feels a little bit too much like cheating so I normally bring it around two or three just to give it a nice a little bit of an extended period on eating chance of death is kind of an outright chance that your character might die from combat like wounded generation or blood loss so there’s there’s kind of some thresholds and some calculations in the game where if your characters is bleeding out you’re going to die after a certain point so if you have this very very high up your character might die at a much quicker rate or at a quicker point than it would have or they would have if it was lowered down I normally keep this right at one global damage multiplier is a setting that takes your base damage so say you do 20 damage with your sword it’ll multiply that damage by the multiplier so if you want to have faster battles which means you know you’re basically doing more damage per hit you could bump this setting up if you want to have slower battles you can bring that number down and it basically might have your damage of your weapon again it doesn’t affect the quality of your NPCs or your characters it just affects the speed of the battles production research and building speeds these are all part of your base building settings I find these pretty average I normally don’t change too many I might bump up something like production speed sometimes just because I don’t like to wait for ever to have some of the things get produced research speed is okay because really when you’re researching you can leave one person researching and take your main group somewhere else to do other things so I find that I always I’m able to keep myself busy while people are researching there’s always something to do okay number of nests this is actually a setting for any random spawn in the game not including only animals but also including random NPCs that could be bandits that might fight you so I personally like to bump this up to make the game just a bit more challenging and dangerous this will increase the amount of there or the likeliness that these types of camps will appear in the wilds so I wouldn’t bump it up crazy high just because it might have it might negatively affect your performance if your computer’s not super high speed if it’s just a normal computer and not like a power gaming rig I would go ahead and keep it maybe around one or two just so that you don’t have to stress it out because kenchi as it is is not always optimized in the best way so it might struggle with higher settings and more NPCs to keep track of okay finally we’re going to look at bandits loot the player this setting is an option where bandits will actually knock you out and take some of your things depending on who they are and maybe what they need so for example someone starving like a starving bandit might knock you out and take your food but another bandit might be interested in your pants or your sword or something like that.

Easy prospecting really just realized that there is a prospecting skill in the game normally it’s tied to the science skill I believe I’m not 100% sure if it’s science or a different skill however it is tied to a skill if you don’t want that to be tied to a skill and you want everyone to be the best prospector possible you can check this box this winds up showing you more kind of a bigger like use the picture or doing an overhead scan of an area and the more skill you have the more of an area you can see zoomed out so easy prospecting is okay if you want to choose that otherwise I normally just keep it off because I like to dedicate someone to prospecting and I think it’s tied into science so you don’t have to make someone go around prospecting they can get good at something else and just be a good prospector okay I’m gonna go ahead and jump into the character creation part of the starting the game so we’re going to look at the different types of races not super in-depth there will be a video later on that covers some of those other races and what their bonuses are and maybe how to find the best character for your base or maybe your little group but roughly I want to cover a couple different things the first is that there are races and other sub races okay so it’s almost like you know someone who’s born who might be European but might come from Western Europe or Eastern Europe roughly here we’ve got a human race but we’ve got the green Lander and sports Lander sub races you also can then have male and female of each sub race or race you can see down here under race stats that there is a flat percentage bonus to certain stats and certain skills so certain races are better at certain things again we’ll cover all this in detail in another video but I just want to make you aware of that when you’re starting out I normally pick a green Lander it doesn’t I don’t find that I’m to be held back by these stat points or these restrictions if you want I would suggest that if you’re looking for a full combat start and you really want your character just to do nothing but smashing faces and you want them to be the toughest in the world.

The sheykh are not a bad race to start with they have really good hit points they have bonuses to toughness attack and strength now they tend to wield very large heavy over like over a over wheel d route you know over over your head type sized weapons so it’s not a bad thing to start with however don’t be restricted if you feel like you like the skeleton race if you like the hive race or back to humans you can play any of those I will warn you some factions are a bit sexist in a bit racist so if you have a female character you might notice in certain factions you get a more negative attention than you would elsewhere the same thing goes for skeletons and hive characters I believe sheykh as well to a certain extent so just keep in mind that in the game like much like real life there is some sexism and racism in the world so you might experience some difficulties I don’t want to spoil too much but if you do start as a skeleton just be on your toes if you enter certain factions lands not everyone appreciates a robot wandering around their area so that’s the rough part of the stats I mean here this is a traditional slider system for setting up your character’s body and you can change things like the height the frame you can go a little bit crazy with this I love the posture op option you can definitely change these around and make them kind of like go completely crazy if you want there’s also an idol stand so your character will kind of go in this position whenever they’re not moving around there’s one that’s like squatting we kind of make them look like schmegle I’m sure but you know feel free to mess around with these and you could have a hint you can make as ugly and horrifying or as beautiful as the creature as you desire so have fun with the slider system it’s pretty basic but you can find some pretty interesting and unique combinations there’s a separate slider system for body face and the hair so you can’t in fact change the hair and the color and things like that I don’t know why you can have neon green hair in the desert but that’s fine you also have the option to randomize all the stats or maybe just the body or randomize just the face stats here also when you’re done if you really like your character you can I would name them something custom and then export them by exporting your character if we start the game again and you would like to bring that character in without any difficulty so you can go to the import list and then import that character I think we name them beauty so if you notice here let’s click remember how he looks right little little spiky here in the beard we’re gonna randomize a bunch of things we can import beauty and it’ll go right back to what he exhorted as so I like this because sometimes if you start over a couple times and you wind up having a certain character style that you like you can just import them easily into the game the game does in fact start with I did not make that true story it does come with the game but the game does start with some imports that you can already bring so I made Tobal at Oba import here and you can also bring other characters as well that the game already includes alright the only other thing I want to cover is the fact that if you start the game.

With more than one character you’ll have a change character option here don’t forget this this is pretty important especially if you want to customize the starting groups so change character will let you see your other companions so remember we started with a guy in his dog so we start with the bone dog you could rename it to whatever you want we’re gonna name it Oden after my own sweet boy and that’s that now if you have another player another character that’s you know not an animal you’ll get to do the full customization again so you could do that for every character if you want give them a custom name rename this guy back to Tobal and that’s that so that’s the end of character creation I think I hope that explained a couple different things and I do encourage you to try out some of the different the different starts you’ll find your own balance as you go and you’ll kind of it find out what you enjoy it again not any real start makes you all that limited I would say maybe except for cannibal that’s kind of a dangerous start and it’s more of a scenario again but you can still accomplish pretty much anything you want to do I like wander because to me it feels like a true natural start to the game or you know starting with the dog but if you don’t feel like spending a bunch of time cuz really at the start of the game you do grind away a little bit just trying to survive and build up your money so if you want to skip a little bit of that but still have a good-sized challenge ahead of you feel free to grab something like the Seekers the freedom sneakers or whatever the other group of five that nobodies I think that’ll start you out with some different people so I do hope that was informative I hope it was useful for you if you have any further questions please go ahead and leave them in the comments below otherwise I hope you continue with this tutorial series and let me know again if you’d like to see any other topic but otherwise thank you so much for watching.

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