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Description of the video guide «The best, popular mods for Kenshi»

As of uploading I also just found another mod Zombie Apocalypse, looks cool as shit.

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Hey boys kenchi is an amazing and dynamic experience without a doubt one of my top 10 games one of the best parts about Kent sheet is the mods you can alter the game in small ways like adding a couple new types of swords or you can go ahead and basically start as God you go around shooting lasers out your ass and start with a million dollars you know it’s really whatever you want to do and that’s the best part about it here’s my list of some of the best kenchi mods to look into number one cannibals expanded + cannibal hunting his job and reactive world these are three separate mods but they synergized very well the first mod cannibals expanded makes the cannibals a much more formidable faction in your game it introduces a number of new cannibal units such as the tenderizer the man catchers the Punishers it also adds new weapons and armours to all the cannibals and the cannibal leaders such as the meat Lord it’s a great mod if you hate the cannibals and want a bit more challenge and taking them down the other mod cannibal hunting is a job well that’s I mean that’s pretty self-explanatory what it does is it adds the ability for you to loot cannibal heads as an item from dead cannibals the heads sell for enough money for you to make them you know modest living out of cannibal hunting so that’s um that’s pretty cool because traditionally cannibals don’t actually carry anything on them except for you know sometimes shitty little weapons right and those don’t sell for very much finally reactive world is a huge mod that does a ton of things for your game but in terms of the cannibals it separates them into many different tribes that are actually at war with each other so you’ll have multiple cannibal tribes vying for supremacy of the northern region you know kidnapping each other’s members and cannibalizing them it’s pretty cool to witness and I think it balances the cannibals a bit if you ask me next mod race blood this is a super simple mod in fact it may have been implemented in the real game I just I still haven’t installed though it’s basically makes each race have their own color blood so you know if a human is injured he’ll bleed red blood if a skeleton is injured he bleeds like black oil a hiver will bleed some kind of I think it’s like a green kind of goo so that’s you know just super simple but why not it’s a.

Third MOT impossible start slash bad luck Brian.

Kenchi is a game that prides itself on this difficulty but for some people that really hate themselves they need even more difficulty in their lives bad luck Brian is perfect mod for these people it starts you off with no arms or legs 1 billion dollars in debt and with every faction in the game except for three hostile to you realistically this may be a bit far for most people and there are other you know difficulty based mods out there but this one is it’s just it’s fun you know I made a series on this mod and it’s a fun time 2:56 recruitment limit if you prefer to play Ken she is more of an RTS where you manage a sprawling Empire then this mod is for you it modifies the max party size to 256 which should be more than enough for you to command a big ol army if I recall correctly it’s actually one of the oldest and most popular mods for Ken she so um it’s it’s a go-to for most people the next mod is Ken she 40k this is really cool to mess around with for you know an hour or two it adds a start option of spawning in as space marines for more ham or 40k the models are actually quite good you’ve got a full set of armor chain swords Boulter’s and just broken as fuck stats for reference you can actually see my video with this mod where I punch Emperor tangu and all his guards to death and I also kill Lord Phoenix well naked a silly mod but really cool if you want to spend an afternoon purging country of its heretics next we have recruitable prisoners absolutely essential mod for most people this allows you to imprison enemies and cages and then enter a dialogue with them to try persuade them to join your squad this makes it much easier to amass a sizable army since you don’t have to pay random people in bars to join your squad.

You just have to kidnap them in addition to this there’s a mod called hippity-hoppity you are now my property which adds funny one-liners the slavers that they’ll save when they’re enslaving people ken she already has kind of a dark and goofy sense of humor so I really like this mod to just you know just just to add to that animal traders this is a really cool mod that adds a feature the community’s been wondering about for a wild life it basically adds a number of new starts to your game such as you know dude.

With beak thing dude with crab dude with skin spider where you can basically have any animal in the game as a pet to help you in your playthrough they start off quite small and fragile but if you keep them alive they can grow into formidable combat units this mod also adds animal traders that will sell you these kind of animals as well a good complementary mod for this is animal backpacks which adds backpacks for the new animals so you can use you know a gorilla or a beak thing as a pack animal these next couple mods are mostly just item mods Terran Empire adds in a number of new colorful medieval armor options as well as new weaponry and even rifles pretty cool if you’re going for a colonial-era vibe the hunting sabre mod just adds a cool kukri type saber which i believe has bonus damage versus animals so that’s you know it’s pretty nice for a hunter the custom weapon pack is a bit more silly and it adds items such as the giant anchor and a huge yellow war hammer.

But what I like about this mod is that it’s kind of like a quest right because in order to get these legendary weapons you have to seek out the special characters in the game who own them and defeat them in battle for both the weapon and for the blueprint and I mean let’s be real an entire army of people with giant anchors that would be pretty fucking cool so lastly we have a really popular mod the dark user-interface mod this one’s quite simple it just changes the UI from the usual color scheme to a more nighttime esque look you know very classy very very relaxing I like it so definitely check that out just as a final note whenever you’re using mods for kenchi the more you can kind of invest yourself into it the more you’re gonna get out of it right so don’t don’t go around using all of these mods and once that be oh people a little crazy you know pick a couple that you think you can really you know spin a story for so it’s like maybe with the cannibals mod you’re gonna have a playthrough that’s focused on you know being a cannibal hunter and like rescuing people from the cannibals or something who knows or like you could um you can basically have a slave Empire with the recruitable prisoners you could just you know enslave a bunch of people and have like what they have basically a rebirth so so try to get creative with with these mods and you’ll definitely have a good time with them anyway those are some of my favourite mods I think there’s a lot of good ones in there that everyone should have I’m working on a couple of new kenchi series right now and the mods always keep it interesting so if you have any suggestions please let me know and I’ll definitely look into them thanks for watching guys.

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