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Description of the video guide «The best, popular mods for Kenshi (part 2)»

Список лучших модов для Kenshi:

  • Metalheads.
  • Baka Things.
  • Gun Manufacture & Guns Everywhere.
  • Blood and Thunder.
  • Flies are Muted.
  • Peeler/ Biofuel/ Soylent Limbs.
  • Harass Kenshi Leaders.
  • Strength Stone Mine.
  • Siege Equipment.
  • Deus Vult Crusader Armour & Start.

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Hey boys it’s me Reggie Games aka the greasy gamer aka patient zero aka dick face back at it again with another mods video it’s been a while since I’ve talked about kenchi mods and there’s quite a few good ones out there so let’s just get into it first mod we got is metalheads something is stalking the homeless and downtrodden of the wastes you’ve been hearing strange tales of whole groups going missing vanishing from their homes and being taken from the roads without a trace who is doing this and to what end tracked down those responsible and put an end to their malevolence this is a really in-depth interesting in lore friendly mod that adds in an NPC faction called the metalheads this gang of sadistic robots consists of skin thieves slavers and generally bad guys there are a variety of different types of metalhead enemies you can encounter such as metalhead converts which are human slaves forcibly augmented with robotic prosthetics and made to serve the metalheads this is of course hilarious because when you kill them in combat you can just steal their arms and legs and just you can just leave them as potatoes in the middle of the battlefield a little a little bad luck Brian challenge you guys know what I’m talking about this faction operates out at the bast region and are commanded by a big ol Ripper Jack they have recruits from various other skeleton factions and have the united goal of eradicating human life once and for all fun in addition to the faction the mod adds two new starts the first start is the squatters where you play as a captain commanding a small bandit gang in the middle of metalhead territory you either join the battle of bast on side of the outlaws or try to escape to see another day the second start the monsters puts you in command of a small group of metalheads meant to venture forth into the world and initiate the final purge of all humanity on top of this and the mod adds a fully-functional bounty system and best if you choose to join humanity and trying to bring down the metalheads it also adds many unique NPCs makes changes to the black desert city and brink as well as giving the metalheads control of the ruined city as their HQ honestly the notes for this mod go on forever and it’s all good stuff if you.

Wanna make kenchi a little more you know fucked up than it already is then I can’t recommend this mod highly enough now the counterbalance the gloom and doom of having an entire gang of people dead set on kidnapping you killing you and cutting off all your limbs replacing them with electronics you may need this second mod bakit things very simple mod but absolutely essential for any respectable kenchi connoisseur the mod adds cute or terrifying anime eyes to beat things in your game on top of this it gives them dialogue they will scream at you as they Peck you to death how charming definitely check this one out next mod we have gun manufacturer and firearms everywhere so this is pretty obvious it’s a gun mod this mod adds a variety of guns including the ak-47 the aks-74u m4 Mosin Nagant tommy gun and g42 you know all kinds all kinds these are craftable along with their corresponding ammo and tech level 5 and you know they’re quite they’re quite overpowered but tech level 5 kind of balances it though there are quite a few different gun mods out there and I haven’t tried them all but I was particularly taken with the level of details in the models for these guns so that’s why this one specifically is on the list.

I should mention though the models are great but sometimes they don’t exist so that’s you know kind of kind of 50/50 on that some certain models just are invisible I’m sure it’s a known issue and they’re probably working on it but you know just be warned when a band that comes up to you and it starts aiming an invisible gun at you it’s not it’s not a joke he actually has an ak-47 you’re gonna die now the follow-up mod to this is the firearms everywhere mod which basically turns kenchi into Detroit City by randomly giving NPCs late-game firearms yes even the hungry bandits they can afford fully kitted out m4s with night-vision optics but they can’t afford to feed themselves this is a little rough at the start but late-game when you’re running around with you know mg42 death squads it can help balance the combat a little bit if you’re going for a more modern feel for your country little guns and bullets I’d recommend bundling these mods together but be wary of getting absolutely annihilated by just about everyone this next mod is old the gold the blood and thunder mod adds in the orc race including three sub races shattered hand corrupted all kinds of them I played Alliance I don’t know this mod is great if you’re aiming for an old-school humans versus orcs play through you know the orcs have racial stat boost of 20% to laboring mailee defense toughness and survival this makes the orc race quite formidable at both combat in general laboring and the game start included with this mod is the Horde which starts you with three very powerful orc warlords forty core crown warriors and 55 peons for you to wage your war against the humans with in addition to that some works can be found roaming the wastes of kenchi and potentially recruited they also start your peons with enough building materials and iron plates to very quickly establish a foothold basically wherever you spawn in so I like that you know it’s if you want your country to just get right into of the late-game kind of almost like an RTS combat then this is a it’s a good start for you I just hope that your uprising against humanity goes a little better than mine did oh and one final thing certain orc models have a tendency to turn into the fucking Invisible Man so you got to watch out for that it seems like certain certain body armors make the models turn invisible so another little issue but at the end of the world all in all a decent mod if you’re looking for a little splash of WoW and your country experience next mod flies are muted if you’ve ever watched my drug empire let’s play then you know two things one suck dick at kanchi and two flies are fucking assholes in vanilla kenchi when you zoom in on a dead fly ridden body.

To do that you your inner eardrum will immediately be assaulted by what can only be described as a tsunami of repurposed chainsaw sound effects played at 1000 decibels hey guys this is Reggie James and you’re watching another episode of my let’s play series for kenchi this episode we’re gonna go after the dust King and try to get his bounty and then we’ll probably chop our balls off and die jump into an acid lake and then maybe light our fucking hair on fire that’s fun stay tuned for that we’re gonna go to stoat and see if we can find everything surprisingly this can get a little annoying so this mod simply mutes those little bastards simple mod but great quality life improvement if you’re dealing with a lot of dead bodies these next couple mods peeler machine biofuel cage and Soylent limbs Wow are all great mods if you’re looking to do an evil playthrough if you want to see these mods in action you can check out my catchy drug empire let’s play the peeler mod simply adds the skin bandits peeler machine which is a gruesome torture device that allows you to peel the skin and limbs from a corpse or live subject there are variations for this mod which allow you to actually peel the skin into like a lootable item and craft skin suits from it like fucking leather face and that’s quite useful for a skin band at roleplay if you’re you know that kind of person.

The second mod biofuel generator and butchers table is functionally similar to the previous mod it allows you to build a caged in vat of acid which you can use to dissolve your enemies alive or dead into biofuel which you can use to power your generators hey man take it easy.

We’re trying to save the ozone layer out here the fucking guy the generator also has the effect of violently ejecting the subjects limbs in the process of melting them that’s where the butcher’s table comes in because it allows you to butcher the limbs into raw meat which you can then cook and eat in this way you can kidnap people chop their arms and legs off and turn it into you know a food source and it’s a pretty cool way to supply yourself with a modest amount of food without breaking into you know full-blown farming or trading the next mod Soylent limbs is also kind of similar to the butcher’s table but it’s just it’s just conceptually cool it’s inspired by the 1973 Richard Fleischer film Soylent Green in which an overpopulated and starving world is dependent on Soylent Green as its main food source what no one knows is that with this mod you too can build a mega factory dedicated to processing human limbs into delicious Soylent Green to feed your troops the Soylent converters take quite a while to do their job so it’s best to build a lot of them and you know fill them up as needed the optimal setup for this would be that you’re attacked by say some hungry bandits you quickly defeat them because they suck and then convert their bodies to biofuel to power your base and process their limbs into Soylent Green unfortunately you can’t sell Soylent Green it has no value I think that’s a pretty big mistake at least you know give us give it a small value let me live out my fantasy of supplying the world with Soylent Green this next mod is classic and is considered by many to be actually absolutely essential I am talking of course.

About the sexually harassed the faction leaders of Kanchi mod I don’t really know why this mod exists but I do know there is at least one person out there who dreams of committing heinous sexual acts upon Lord Phoenix’s body yes that’s right not even emperor tangu is safe from your inappropriate touching now with this mod you can up the ante in high-stakes political discourse by exclaiming come in me daddy and other such charming phrases don’t don’t clip that you’re you’re either already sold on this mod or you hate me for bringing it up so we’ll move on now the next mod compressed texture project is an actual lifesaver this is a huge quality of life mod for kenchi that compresses a variety of textures to allow for a noticeable improvement to load time frame rate and performance in general simple concept excellent execution can’t recommend this one enough a really useful mod here strength stone mine allows you to divide the stone by the stone and raise the muscle strength to translate this mod allows your soldiers and laborers to train their strength skill while operating a stone mine which makes sense as that’s some pretty serious manual labour.

This is in contrast to the conventional method of strength training which involves loading your backpack with 900 pounds of rocks and running around in circles for days on end of course this has the effect of giving your soldiers are really high laboring stat but hey yeah that’s what I call getting two birds stoned at once anyway a useful mod that helps you save time especially in the early game our next mod is siege equipment this is a great example of a mod that’s not gonna change your life but it’s pretty cool it adds in a variation in the harpoon turret which is portable allowing you to assemble it and disassemble it at will it will store in your inventory as a tidy 3×3 item it’s relatively common in Keshi when attacking medium to large cities to make a small camp outside the city and deceit it over the course of a day or two normally this involves hauling a lot of cumbersome construction material over in order to make defensive turrets but with this mod you can assemble the turrets at your base easily pack five to six of them up on a single person and drop them down as needed this has a lot of uses even beyond besieging a city maybe you’re just out exploring you want to learn some unsuspecting enemies into a classic 10 turret ambush just plop these bad boys down and get to work on the poor fuckers ok next mod they are both Crusader Armour and start it’s that time of week again boys let’s retake the Holy Land with this mod we can add in Crusaders as a race as well as their standard equipment we’re talking the great helm coat top skirt armor plates long sword and of course some stylish Deus vult underwear on top of this we get three unique starts lone Crusader 8 Crusaders 15 Crusaders and the lovely retarded amount of Crusaders start just 99 Crusaders I think I shall I think it’s more this is a great mod for a theme to play through where you eradicate heretics and restore order to catchy as god intended it yeah.

No not enough.

No in in Asti though the Crusaders have pretty busted stats so maybe just start with one you know start with one anything more I think would be game breakingly easy well guys that about wraps up this list I hope you enjoyed the video and got some inspiration to add some of these mods into your game thanks for watching and as always subscribe or I’ll fucking jump in front of a train see.

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