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Автор: Two Bags

Description of the video guide «Best places to build a base in Kenshi»

A short video on the best base building location in Kenshi (IMO).

I believe the fences come from a mod called Interior (and Exterior) Design.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey laughs so this is a video about Kenji base-building education and I’m gonna show you one of the best if not the best base building locations that I found through out my journeys in Kenji so this is a base that I built in Shem and it offers a lot more than it might seem at the very start so the things that I’m going to cover aside from the fact that the location is beautiful.

It offers very rich resources in both iron and copper even more if you want to expand further than I have as you can see only in this one screen you can see five nodes as I see wind generation is next perfect you barely ever get wind power below 50% I still would recommend building some small wind generators but not standing it’s excellent another thing that it has is well it’s not perfect but at the beginning of your base building unfortunately you will only be able to grow cactuses which are not very nutritious and you’ll have to make two sticks from them so however when you advance a little bit and you are able to grow hydroponics build like robots.

You’ll be able to produce wheat from which you’ll be able to produce flour and from flour you’ll be able to make bread which when combined with the cactuses will give you the switches which are just an excellent source of nutrition second best in the game aside from that the location of the base is next perfect I mean it’s located in the early the dead center of the map so you will have access to all these other regions without too much hardship because it’s not.

That’s far from the place where you originally start it will also not be too overwhelmingly difficult to defend which I personally find enjoyable because I primarily like to have my base as a safe haven and venture out of my party for mostly time another great benefit is that right next to do you have settle nomads and even more importantly weigh station which takes very little time to get there where you can sell off your goods and even more importantly you can get the essential base building materials iron plates and building materials when you start so it gives you an easier store you don’t have to mine everything yourself and now the possibly best part about this place which admittedly can make defending the base a little bit too easy because it could be interpreted as an abuse of AI but I’ll leave that to decide to you is this gorgeous leg that we have inside so as you will see my main gate is left open and I always leave it open purposefully because well if you plate can’t you’ll know that gates get broken down rather fast and when when they when the enemy is getting to your base well you can be potentially screwed specially if there is a few raiding parties coming at you at once which has happened to me quite often however if you position your gate as such what you will have is that enemies will always flood straight through the open gate and find themselves in the lake and when they’re in the lake they’re really really slow so they will go venturing all throughout lake and give you perfect positioning to shoot at them from every angle so you can have turrets in the lake and all around it which is very good because well you’ll not shoot your own guys which is great but you will also have surround fire on your enemies with great elevation if you choose to build towers like this.

However the lake is both a blessing and a curse at the same time because once when you start building all of your pawns doing their duties and whatnot will always choose the shortest path which is straight through the lake and they will take so long to get through it especially if they have a robotic limbs as most of my main guys at least that’s not gonna make it unbearable so what I suggest and what has worked perfectly as you can see I have no points in the way even though they’re running all around it’s building these little fences all around the lake they have great clipping enemies don’t attack them and your pawns will always choose to go around the lake in that case because to get from say here to here it’s impossible for them to get into the lake they will have to go around it and that resolves the only issue that I had with this place entirely and as I mentioned the enemies won’t try to break them down so they will always choose the path through the lake and in my situation I have an exit right here so the defensive strategy that I have for the most part when I’m out with my main group or skilled up and great fighters is I’ll have one guy who stands here who is rather skilled very good and I’ll have all of my other troops firing down from the high quad which makes defending rather easy which you might like or not but as I said I prefer to explore the world and have the base as my safe head anyways this is about it the reasoning my reasoning for why this is a good place is resources wind food once you get hydroponics.

Beauty of the surroundings and excellent base defend defense ability anyways I hope you found this video useful I hope you enjoyed it if you did please leave a like and I wish you all a great day ciao.

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