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Description of the video guide «Best Base Locations in Kenshi»

In this episode we go over how to safely get research done, and get the essentials for a in city safe house. This is to prepare your characters for eventually creating a settlement.

The technology I would recommend researching before starting your settlement is below: bed, cooking, training dummies, leather armor, basic weapons, makeshift walls, item storage, small house, iron plates, wind/fuel generation, and crop(s) farming.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey orange one here so in this episode I wanted to show off the pros and cons of setting up in a city with a tiny house and using that as a way to set yourself up to be more successful with a base out gang your settlements up anywhere in the map so right now I’m in style and I like to start off in the desert because I think it’s a pretty easy place to start off compared to some other places but if you go out and set up your base just like immediately after you’ve got like ten people you might be successful but you’ll be a lot more successful if you have some research done but to do research you need a research bench and to get a research bench constructed you either need to be already having a settlement with buildings or you can buy a building in a city so if you go into any city like this and you hold down alt you can see what businesses are around you and you’ll see these things that aren’t businesses these residential buildings so if I’m clicking on these things I can see what building these these are so I could go buy like a little shack or even sleep in these homeless camps which it’s not a half bad mood if you move if you’re just starting out there’s some general storage containers sometimes those can be like houses but this right here I could buy for sixteen thousand and I started recording this episode and I didn’t really like it and I didn’t save beforehand but this house I just bought for like twelve thousand and so when you buy a house and you to buy it you would like click on the house and then hit for sale and then you’d hit yes and after that it looks exactly like this it’s completely empty on the inside and on the top and what I like to do is just set my research bench first and get a couple thing other things set up but before I go into the research I like having these houses for a number of reasons not just research but you can start crafting some armor and some weapons you can set some beds for some free healing you can also have some training stations and like training dummies to fight on and get your stats up you can also if you have some thievery that goes wrong you can run in here and close the door and the guards won’t know where the person is if you’re stealth and just have as a little hideout anyway so if you really want to make the most out of this you gotta add some things the first thing I would add is a research bench I’ve got a ton of things researched in this game so I’m just kind of tell God tell you what you would research instead of actually researching it so you can place items and they’ve got the commands down here so I can get this in the corner by rotating with arrow keys and if I say I want it right there that’s that’s a pretty good place for a research bench so it’s like out of the way of other things but if you really want to get set up for a base ultimately what you’re gonna want is like a research bench — which is going to take up more space but that’s right now let’s just build a small research bench because it’ll demonstrate what we need to do so let’s say what we want to build that right there and these guys are gonna get on building it and there’s some materials I have I think on us and on the floor right there so they’re going to immediately start before we end the day though I’d like to have tuner go by Oh more stuff is they’re about to close for the night oh they’re about to close can I just before they close by oh just like one more thing they’ll get mad at if you if you’re in here too late so I’m just gonna pause through their fabrics cuz we’re gonna want to bed and that requires Fanta brakes can you buy from here yes you can sweet okay so the tuners gonna come back with those cloths.

And they should work on finishing this building up.

Oh we don’t have the building materials oh why don’t you drop this down rum in it I live closed ok well I’ll see you in a minute I’m just gonna wait for the day to come back because we’re gonna need it to be day to buy more goods all right so it’s a day again which means we should be able to get the materials that we need to get that bed set up let’s see yeah we needed like a couple more building materials right there we go so we get that research bench going so I can also just show off the basics with research and how you need to do that so if I wanted to research something most things require some materials but some things are for free like this has zero requirements if you look down below no requirements or sometimes it says free if I want to recruit or build something else I’m gonna need some materials like books or engineering research for the higher level things early on most of stuff you need is just plain books I believe we have some books right here yeah so I you can buy those at that store a mechanic short store that we’ve been going to if you buy it if you have books in here you can then say hey I want to research this technology and I would recommend doing that as soon as possible so that you can get some really good stuff um I’ll list these out and now but also put them in the comments in the or in the description of the video but the text I would say are essential or base-building.

Are first of all having a bed so you can get some hewing done having a small house so you can build houses like this and not like a little shack like that because you’re not going to be able to fit anything in there also you’re gonna want I own plates because they’re used in making all kinds of things down the road like for example so the stuff I’m God building here is gonna need some iron plates which you can get from iron if you have the iron plate technology you’re also gonna want fuel generation or wind generation and you’re gonna want so that you can power some things around your base like lights and your Smith’s you’re gonna want some crops we’re farming so you can get some food you’re gonna want some cooking and I would set up in the tiny house as well so that you can start producing some of your own food and save some money that way training dummies so you can get your fighting skills up is always good Ganga leather armor researched so you can start actually making some armor for your guys is always nice and then also having basic weapons the same reason if you get that research then you can craft some weapons and if you have both of those things it’s really nice because you can start getting people trained in those skills and then later on you can make specialist and master work armor for like free essentially which then you can use to outfit your whole party of bandits or whatever you want to do also you need makeshift walls so you can actually wall off your base and have bandits only go through one entrance and then you just guard that one direction and having items storage is just nice for general organization so those are the research things I think are essential but what I think for having in the tiny home is first of all I want to have a bed so let’s go ahead and set up a bed in here you can also get sleeping bags that you can buy in some stores and then I think is in the camping so you can get camp bed and that if you have the materials you can build that I’m not gonna do that I’m just gonna build the bed for now and I think we have the materials for that we might not have the building material.

We’ll have the building material no he does not.

Let’s go get the building material because we’re gonna need it having a bed in here at least one or two is nice so that if people get really messed up they can heal up and then you can disassemble and get some the materials back you won’t get all of them back that you’ll get some stuff which you can then use to set up wherever you end up setting up base it’s also nice to have just a backup option if you need it and then let’s just speed up a minute so they should have enough fabrics to build this bed the other things I would say are essential for me is that cooking station and their leather crafting so I’ll show you how to do that in the menu before we end this episode we got bed I would say having a few of those is always a good idea let’s see what’s gonna do crafting you can always do clothing I prefer just getting straight into the tanning and the armor crafting you’re gonna need a fair amount I own plates though for that there we go so I can get those set up I don’t have the and plates needed for that though I’m gonna need quite a few iron plates but you get the idea you can go buy that from the store and then having a was food yeah food for having a cooking stove which you will need to research that opens up a lot of possibilities for you though.

One of them being that you can make like dried cactus from cacti which is nice for when you have a base set up and you start farming cacti or if you’re in a different biome you might be farming like rice or something else and then yeah you’ll be once these are once the tanning benches set up we’ll be able to tan the leather from gaara’s that we just hunted and once the that’s tan then you can craft armor with a little bit of fabric and before you know it you’ll have like a masterwork armor Smith and that will help you a lot in defending your base a lot of people think having high stats is all you need to defend a base no you need some decent gear which at first is easier to make than to like get from people I’m just gonna go all in with iron pleats maybe just drop that somewhere.

So they should have iron plates I want you guys to be crafting actually I’ll tell you what to craft just so I can show off how it kind of works this is pretty much automatic so I’m not going to show that off I would rather have the tanning station get made so we can show that off all right so I think I’m gonna make a cut to this point so basically I constructed this and got rid of that one so that we could just get this made if you want to make armor you have to have some materials and now give you some output so I think you have the traders Lowther’s by default which is a half-decent item and you can get that repeating being crafted by selecting this right here and then if you have those materials they’ll get put in automatically and to get the leather if you kill guru tan the leather with the tanning station and I automatically get put in here and you can make decent armor which you can a wear or B sell for a little bit profit and this is just the easiest way of gank decent armor so yeah if you’ve got a leather crafting leather armor crafting station cooking station some beds and a research bench I would say that’s the essential components of all these tiny homes and then you can get all the research done that you need done you can get some decent gear you can heal up it’s got all the stuff that you really do in a base just in a much smaller package and then you can when you go set up a base have a good kick start with your gear and the research and just defend it and get some things constructed so thank you for joining me this has been an orange one.

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