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Let’s discuss the most effective money making strategies in Kenshi! Feel free to post your strategies in the comments for others to see!

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Hi everyone this is grand stratagem here and today we’re gonna be discussing in the most effective way to collect cats and kimchi now unfortunately I’m not talking about those cute cuddly bundles of joy they go meow meow but rather the numbing klaich err that the characters in this game used to describe their money if you look in the bottom right you see a little lowercase C and this is what stands for cats and the game tells me I have thirty-two thousand of them which I which was the case in real life but unfortunately it is not rest in peace dog lovers now with that out of the way let me preface this video by simply saying cats are not the end-all be-all in kimchi you don’t have to be exorbitantly rich for this game to be effective in the late game if you’re into base building after a certain point you’re gonna be self-sufficient anyways so you don’t need to worry too too much about cats if you notice I only have 32,000 this is basically a late game save and I’m sure other people who’ve put hundreds of hours into this game have far far more cats than I do but really after a certain point cats become fairly meaningless so don’t feel tied or attached to them too much however in the early game cats are extremely effective for bypassing a lot of the times things that you’ll face and what do I mean by that well you’re gonna be focused heavily on survivability in the early game of kimchi because I’m sure if you’ve started or played this game for more than five minutes you’ve realized very quickly that even the little dinky starving bandits will give up you the beating of your life if you try to engage them in combat early on so you need any sort of advantage you can get and what that means is buying higher quality goods and towns because a little dinky bandit out in the desert probably isn’t gonna have that high specialist quality leather armor that you want where you can survive maybe two or three hits where without armor you would have just died in one hit so with that in mind we need to find a reliable steady source of income we need to find a way not to starve to death in the streets right we got to make money somehow so one little spoiler warning before we continue I will be looking at the map a lot so I have a lot of it explore than the save so if you’re if you’re not interested in seeing any of that and you really care about the exploratory aspect this game click off the video now but for those of you who are still with me let’s keep on going so our very first money-making strategy and kimchi is drumroll please.

The try intrude mining copper and iron strat near settlement this is the most effective I would say early game strat especially for newer players because you’re not having to engage in combat at all and it is a shreddy sorry a steady stream of income and their early game now I’m actually looking at the city of stack and I’ve chosen this because it’s a very great example of where this strategy is most effective we look on the map here this is where stack is and this is the the entirety of the map so just for reference and the reason why I chose stack is it has copper ore nodes the reason why copper is better than iron is because each unit of copper is about double the price of iron so just save yourself the hassle and find a settlement that has copper ore nodes right here you can tell that I have two workers that could effectively work this node so that’s 80% efficiency which is pretty good now if you look over here we actually have a second copper ore node that allows one worker but that’s three potential workers that could be all mining copper and if you notice they’re very close to the gate itself so if we have any trouble that comes our way we can just run to the gate and they’ll do all the fighting for us especially because we can’t really fight anything in the early game now if you look over in this little mountainous region we actually have a hidden copper ore node nestled in the little mountains here now this is another two-person those will essentially have five workers working for us and this is only accessible through the town so if you’re especially paranoid about outward attacks this is the most safest copper ore node probably in the entirety of the game yeah and it’s basically free copper do with it what you will if you’re feeling adventurous there’s a fourth copper ore node and it is over in this region if you actually you can see my pickaxe cursor just came up I don’t have that part of the map loaded in right now because I don’t have a character out that way but if you have a character out there mining and you have a character within stack and you have a storage box created for copper which you have to build in a.

Building that you bought in town all your workers will then autonomously harvest copper and bring it into town and then you can have another character just simply do the job of selling it to all the vendors when they have available cats this is a very stable income for the early game and you probably will not have to worry about starving to death anymore which is very very great because that’s your first initial concern in Kanchi really now that’s the first strategy but it has the con of being incredibly boring yeah I’m not a big fan I’m just watching my characters mine away in an or node for an hour and a half and yeah maybe I made like thirty thousand cats and it was very easy but I mean I just can’t stand it I guess sorry so we’re gonna talk about another strategy which is trading yeah you can trade in this game you can play it like a trader RPG and to just showcase that we’re gonna go over to my bath this character and he is sneaking right now but we don’t need to do that what we need him to do is to come over and talk to this barkeep don’t mind the fact that he’s crippled and on the ground we don’t got to talk about that so what we want to show off here are the trade goods now if you look at my inventory I have a few different trading goods here mostly first aid kits and the skeleton repair kit now if you look at the price markup that’s the percentage that we’re interested in here because as you travel throughout the map you can look in certain shops and they will have markup so for instance there’s a markup here for a grog we don’t want to buy the grog here because it’s a hundred and two percent increase we want to find anything that’s below 100 percent that below the market average as it were and now these these markups are consistent with each new game that you start so for that world it will always be consistent so you can actually take notes and you’ll be able to track prices as you travel across the world now a lot of people aren’t into that sort of thing they might be too lazy for it but it is an effective strategy especially once you start maybe selling things like sales and repair kits which if you notice they can sell upwards to 3,500 and if you I mean they’re pretty light all things considered so this isn’t a very effective trade good item now it used to be in kimchi where you could find maybe like certain little cheat spots as it were where maybe you could find a skeleton repair kit for instance in the village of stoat here for 88% markup and then in hang down here you could sell them for maybe like 127 percent markup so you’re making humongous margins of profit and you didn’t have to travel very far trading back then was very good but unfortunately they changed that to where proximity does matter you’re not gonna be able to find the greatest deals very very close by however that doesn’t mean your trader RPG experience is ruined what that means is you just have to be a bit smarter about how you go about it you need to really pay attention to having a trade route which basically means you need a city hop from city to city to city to city and pay attention to what goods are cheap and which Goods sell well and that way you can kind of figure out a route where no matter where you end up as long as you keep buying things in a certain pattern you will essentially be making pretty good profit margins now it’s not the fastest way to make money but it’s definitely the most dangerous way to make money so maybe not the most effective strategy but definitely the most exciting strategy why well I mean can she is most dangerous when you’re just wandering around the map and if you’re like me you get a little bit lazy and you just right-click on a town and just hope that your character doesn’t die like he’s playing a game of Oregon Trail which mine always seem to do and then it’s a little frustrating but that’s besides the point.

That’s essentially trading in a nutshell now let’s talk about another effective strategy which is stealing everything you see yeah that’s actually a viable strategy and kimchi as well if we go ahead and start looting this bar for instance we can look and look in the wooden barrel and we have a 31% chance to steal this green fruit now we probably wouldn’t risk trying to steal something that’s only worth 30 cats but this is very effective especially when you are able to break in to save so late at night.

Unfortunately if you notice we only have a 31% chance of stealing this even if you break into a shop and you catch the shopkeeper when he’s sleeping he’ll still have a very small percentage chance of being able to detect you and they always seem to be able to detect me and yeah unless you’re save scumming or doing something of that nature you’re most likely gonna be caught and you will be labeled a criminal and if that’s the sort of gameplay you’re looking for well go for it because very quickly once your character becomes effective at stealing and knocking people out and whatnot you’ll be rolling in cats but it does become a bit mmm stale I guess is what I’m trying to say and a bit too easy after a certain point that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a thief character in your party if you look here I’ve got a very effective thief he’s very great lock picking because you will come across you know lock the vaults and whatnot that you know no one owns or anything but might have some really cool goodies in so that flame you should probably have a thief of some sort and your campaign now that’s stealing and basically in a nutshell where do you sell your stolen loot well you can sell between factions pretty easily so if you steal something from holy nation the United cities isn’t gonna care that you stole something from their enemy for instance but there is gonna be a bit of a difficulty selling your items to the same faction and definitely difficulty selling the items that you just stole from the same shopkeeper so yeah don’t make that mistake and you can also sell things to fences which are typically found in city bars but yeah you’re usually gonna take a price cut because of that now that’s stealing more or less in a nutshell so let’s keep on going and another effective way to make money is making your own stuff and selling it so were to go over here and this is my little base I’ve got going on and I’ve got a very effective Smith here he’s a very great armour Smith and a pretty decent weapon Smith and this is something you can kind of come across later in the game but it is a very reliable source of income in the sense that you’re able to make high-quality weapons in Armour and sell it whenever you feel like it’s definitely slow so I wouldn’t recommend it but you’ll probably be utilizing it either way because I mean you want to have high level equipment in the later game and the best way to do that doesn’t make it yourself so if you notice here I’ve got specialist grade leather pants which was made by the same character high-grade plated long boots etc etc you can make a lot of good money doing this it’s just it’s maybe not the most time effective but this is very heavily linked with base building and you know if you’re not into that maybe this strategy isn’t the one for you now say you’re not into base building but you’re into shopkeeping that’s right you can actually in certain areas of the game you can create your own shop you just have to buy a building in town and we can’t actually do it at the hub but if you pick a location likes Quinn or an area in the united cities oh yeah you can basically set up shop there and the civilians there will buy goods like rum and grog etc so that’s another thing you could do it’s a steady stream of income although it’s fairly slow but you do have the protection of being within a city so that is another option now we are at the grand finale and the I would honestly say the most lucrative way to make money and that is by selling drugs yes you probably guessed it at this point yeah I mean selling drugs is great if you look here I’m actually a drug dealer yep we got all our hashish right here now if you notice they’re only worth 144 cats which would kind of say well that may not be worth the effort but the the unique factor about drugs here is that when you sell them in a place that it is illegal they get a huge hike up in the price markup so for instance if we were to sell hashish to our friends and squid for instance we would get a 350 percent markup increase now you can’t actually sell them in squid why is that because they don’t have a shinobi thief guild there to sell them — that’s right there are shinobi thieves in certain towns for instance and they say I think show bataille where they are essentially nestled in a big giant Tower they’re pretty hard to miss but as long as you pay your 10,000 cat fee to join them you can then sell illegal goods to them ie hashish and if you sell this house she say in this region of the United States you get the highest markup you possibly can of 1200 percent so we’re taking a 144 cats item and we are hiking it up to twelve hundred percent that is absolutely crazy you’re making like basically a thousand plus cats off each single unit and if you notice I’ve got 50 here and I’ve got another box of 50 in a box of 28 and so on and so forth so you can very easily start rolling in the cats so to speak here’s a hot tip about that though you’ll typically be stopped at the gate and you will be searched by gate guards so there is a risk however if you look here you can actually just buy a pack animal and don’t ask me why but they don’t tend to search your pack animals and you can just fill your bull up with a whole bunch of drugs and then you can just walk into the city freely and sell to your local drug dealer yep that’s pretty much the most lucrative way to make money in this game however there is one more profession I have not yet talked about and that is bounty hunting now bounty hunting is something where I don’t really recommend it as a prominent way of making money maybe other players have had different experiences but the reason why I don’t recommend it is it is very combat oriented and by the time you are combat effective enough to start taking down high level bounties you probably don’t need cats at that point or at least the amount of cats are getting for these rewards is not worthwhile so if you notice here let’s just a little bit about how bounties work and what the benefits are bounties if you see here we’ve got Punk of the thrall masters locked away here he’s got a twenty thousand cat bounty and if I wanted to I could turn Punk here into the holy nation or the United cities for twenty thousand cats not a bad price tag when you consider it however the real benefit behind bounties is not so much the cats that are awarded but the fact that they offer reputation alongside them not if you notice a lot of people hate me in the save the shinobi thieves don’t but if I were to be considered enough to send this bounty to the holy nation I’d probably get a reputation increase of about maybe two to four points so yeah just keep that in mind they don’t necessarily have to be the big bear sorry big name twenty thousand cat bounties or anything but you’ll often run into just roaming NPCs that are just kind of spawn randomly so don’t be afraid to click on that bandit group you just found and their leader might actually have a bounty on their head don’t be afraid to I mean if a guard patrol comes by and knocks that bounty out hey no one’s gonna tell on you if you steal that guy’s bounty so just be an opportunist when you can with that in mind these are basically the most effective ways that I’ve found in this game to make money the only thing I other mentioned then it would just be the just scavenging in general there are definitely locations on the map that have very very lucrative loot but they’re usually hidden behind difficult and challenging enemies maybe that’ll be different in your experience but just be prepared don’t worry not going to spoiled where the really juicy locations are but they definitely are out there so this is grand stratagem signing off and I hope this video is useful and I’ll see you in the next one.

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