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Description of the video guide «How to pump power from 0 to 40 in two fights, and so you can do up to 80+»

A quick overview of how to increase companion strength from 0 to 40 in just two fights, followed by a video showing how everything was done in detail.

This method can easily be used to increase your strength to 80 or more by just repeating the process and increasing encumbrance.

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Bluff gaming here with a quick tutorial on how to level up your strengths very quickly in kinshi both of these guys started with extremely low strength one of them started with a 1 strength the other one started with a 8 strength and now they are at 40 and 41 this is after only two fights and they are already up to 40 strength and you can use this method to go all the way up to 80 plus strength assuming you have the right materials the general idea is that you use martial arts so no weapon at all and a lot of heavy stuff in there in their inventory I’m using iron clubs which are very easy to make at a weaponsmith so I just make the highest-level iron clubs you can fill up the inventory and tell him to fight.

You can fight regular enemies outside or if you want a more controlled environment you can get some prisoners and fight the prisoners while encumbered ignore the strength combat rate that you see down at the bottom here we’re only looking at the strength XP rate for walking even though we’re doing combat to level our strength you want to weigh people down until that strength xp rate for a walking is up to 25% which is the max you can get to without carrying someone and then just putting them in a fistfight with somebody make sure they’re well armored so they’ll fight for a while and if you want make sure your opponent is well armored as well so you can get more punches in because it’s the number of punches that count again all you need are people heavy items and targets the best heavy item out there our generator cores which you can occasionally buy at a mechanical shop but are far easier to find in ruins and workshops and such so using generator cores if you have them you can easily level up your strength to 80 or higher in just a short amount of time again these guys only two fights went from essentially no strength to 40 and another two fights would easily bring them up just shy.

Sixteen so if you want to see this in more detail just stick around I’ll be going through all of it step-by-step after the cut alright we’re going to train up strength we’re going to need three things we’re going to need people to train going to need opponents to train them with and we’re also going to need some heavy objects that they can carry so I’ve already gotten some heavy objects now I know what you might be thinking I said starting from scratch so as you can see I only have these three people and if you want to know how I got to day twenty-seven with these things right here intact.

You can watch my money tutorial where I actually go to day 15 this is the same run so I go to day 15 and show how to make a good bit of money if you’re wondering why I don’t have more money it’s because I’ve been setting up less profitable things like gear for these three guys gear for two guys that I’m about to hire and I’ve only recently gotten back into into making money so first things first let’s make sure we have people to Train what I want to do instead of using one of the three people I’ve already hired I just want to get some regular cheap guys starting fresh preferably $3,000 guys because they should have ones in their stats I’m just gonna go to the bar here and look for somebody to hire this vashu person might do it.

6000 you know I’d why not just to save some time yeah sure that that looks good let’s see what his stats are like perfect zero strength one toughness index and zeroes and ones in these stats you couldn’t ask for a worst combatant which is good because we’re showing at a level someone’s strength up from from nothing basically and why did he call 6000 though looks like he’s a good cook alright no biggie I didn’t need a cook but you know.

Whatever he’s the perfect candidate I’m gonna send him over here and then with uh who was a hiring zoomy zoomy I’m gonna look for somebody else to hire anybody else who’s this piece he went six thousand okay sure a sheet and he says eight strength one toughness eight decks has some skills here but uh you know what I’m gonna go ahead and stick with it and we’ll be using martial arts anyways so it’s not like she’s gonna have a huge advantage just gonna have the decks and strength advantage but it’s not that big of a difference so let’s send everybody uh back over here and now we have people and we’re just going to be training strengthen vashu and peace so that’s one of the three things we need the next thing we need we need some heavy objects so the best heavy objects are generator cores they’re not easy to come by I have one right here you see it’s a three by two object and it weighs twenty kilograms that’s that’s pretty heavy that’s almost seven kilograms per individual square now I got that one from this machinist shop right here mechanical shop and mechanical shops have them occasionally it’s not a common item there but as far as I know that’s the only place that you can actually buy them but you can find quite a bit of a bit of them in the in the old workshops and ruins and things like that where you have a chance of finding different types of artifacts so that’s where you’ll go to find those I only have one so I’m not going to be focusing on it just have that one so I can use it as an example to show you the best item for strength training you’ll need it for or you’ll want it for higher level strength training the easy thing to come by.

Favorite thing to use our iron clubs I have just a basic weaponsmith here and I have leveled up my weapon smithing through three research and as you can see I don’t have advanced yet but what I have done is I’ve leveled up weapon smithing as high as you can using just regular books the ones you can buy from a store nothing too spectacular and if you look in weapons smithing an option to make the up to the refitted blade version right here but actually when I’m making our the CAD in level or captain number ones because you can make if your skills high enough you can make a little bit higher than what it is you define in here as you can see I’ve made lots of these iron clubs Kevin level ones and they are 10 kilograms each and I think they take seven they’re seven wide so it’s a little more than one kilogram per individual square far less those generator cores but it’s good enough and I’ll show you some tricks for getting more weight when you need it finally the third thing we need our opponents opponents are usually easy to find there should be plenty out here in the desert if I were to be fighting people in the desert I would probably choose guru you can usually find a a pack of guru wandering around somewhere in the desert where those who look like people but anyway we’re not going to be using guru for this tutorial just because I want to be able to make things quick for you instead we’ll be using a few prisoners I’ve gotten some slave hunters made a mistake of getting into a scrap with a caravan or samurai or something I don’t remember and I’ve put four of them here and one of them still injured so we’ll start with these three guys and these are basically gonna be our punching bags but before we do that before we get into the strength side of it let’s take a look at vashu and peace you see their melee attack is zero eight not very good so I’ve made a couple of training dummies up here for the two of them so let’s let’s put them to training and once they’ve gotten up to around 12 or 13 we’re gonna let them go have a good time with those prisoners we have over there so I’m gonna sing send these guys up to train and I’ll be back with you once they’re a little better it at regular fighting okay so these two have been training their melee up a bit and let’s take a look at where they’re at this guy is a little over 13 and this one is about 12 and a half so they’re almost the same in that regard now and so if they ever decide to pick up a weapon if they don’t know how to use they should be able to swing it at least uh and hit at least a little bit let’s bring them down here and prepare them for their training first things first.

Just to put them on even ground it’s uh let’s strip them both down completely just get rid of everything they have stick it in this this chest I have right here.

So that you know a few days I’ll look at it and wonder what the heck I’m doing all this complete junk and I’ve already made with my leather crafting bench here I’ve made them some fairly decent leather gear that they can each we’re all specialist quality and should let them be fairly mobile when they fight while at the same time protecting them from a good bit of damage also let me make sure that everybody in the group is passive and on block and the only exceptions will be these two guys let’s take it off of them I just wanted to make sure that these three are joining the fight unnecessarily it doesn’t mean in none of them will be present I’m going to take a zoo me and bring Izumi as our designated healer and mule so weight is an important factor to leveling up strength and we’re going to make sure that there’s plenty of weight around that we can give them as their strength increases iron clubs are very easy way to to generate weight for low strengths they’re easy to make without using any kind of special ancient science books or anything you can get up to cat number one pretty easily which are 10 kilograms a piece they’re only 7 squares wide so it’s more than one kilogram per square but towards the high end you’re gonna want something extremely heavy and for that I recommend generator cores I bought that generator core from the machinist shop here in show batai they rarely have them in machine shops you can’t buy them anywhere else to my knowledge however you can find a lot of them wherever there’s ancient machinery around particularly any place where you can find artifacts so your ruins and your workshops places like that that you go rating for research materials or a good place to find generator cores next let’s let’s go ahead and take these three and bring them over to our opponents they’re gonna be coming over here it’s open the door up make sure they’re going to the upper level Izumi’s gonna be nice and slow.

And once the zoomy gets in doors I’m gonna go ahead and shut this door again because we don’t want any of our opponents here escaping because they will try to run so when the door shut they don’t see a path to run and they’ll usually stick around and that’s what we want to happen before we actually start we want to make sure we have the weight on these correctly so you see if I shoes again are a weak person with a zero strength and piece has a strength of eight and you probably know if you hover right here you can see your strength xp rate 0% and 0% that means if these people are just walking around running around they’re not gonna gain any strength the more weight you give them the higher that.

Goes and will max out at 25% whenever you get to 72 percent encumbrance or higher you might also know that if you open up the statistics menu for any of your people there are two strength XP rates you have the walking rate which is the one we were just looking at and you also had the combat rate what you see is different it’s at a hundred percent now I wish I could explain this combat rate to you but I can’t because when it’s at a hundred percent you actually gain strength extremely slowly what we’re going to do is we’re going to weigh one of them down and not weigh the other one down just so you can see the difference and what we’ll do is we’ll wave a shoe down until he gets up to strength eight and at that time peace should also still be at strength eight as you give them more weight this strength expiry it goes down however they gained strength more quickly so again that’s why I said I can’t explain this because it doesn’t really seem to make any sense to me what you really want to pay attention to in my experience is your strength xp rate for walking even if what you plan to do is gain streak through combat if you want to gain streak through walking just weigh somebody down above seventy four two percent of their total encumbrance I should say they should say heavy whenever you’re doing that and twenty five percent down here and give them a job that involves them walking around a lot however that is a very slow way to level up strength fighting with martial arts is much faster okay we’re going to tell about shoe to trade with a zoomy here and get a little bit of weight we don’t want them using weapons so make sure they’re in the inventory slot and your weight doesn’t update until time runs so there we go we have heavy and provide shoe that means strength xp rate of 21 needs a little bit more weight twenty-five there we go you don’t want to weigh them down too much because any additional weight you add beyond this is not going to increase the strength xp rate but it will slow him down some so we have weak vashu with a high strength XP right but you notice the combat rate has actually gone down from a hundred to 28% so again we’re just gonna ignore that combat rate because it doesn’t seem to work as you might think peace on the other hand already has an eighth strength and we’re going to leave peace relatively unencumbered weightless so azumi is on passive and block just a watcher and is here to provide clubs to anyone who needs additional weight and also to provide healing you might wonder well why don’t you just have a chest full of clubs right here if you know you’re going to be training on top of a roof like this that’s the way to go I’m using my healer my nearby healer and backup fighter as a mule because I think most of the time you will or maybe you don’t but I do most of the time end up fighting somewhere out here like I said before I like to fight the Guru but uh wood doesn’t matter where your base is there should be enemies nearby and you may not be able to build a chest out in the open so that’s why we’re using as Umi as a mule we have a shoe weighted down and peace unencumbered let’s send them both over here to fight and we’re gonna let them fight the weakest of these four first we have a twelve strength person they’re 913 and then this person still hurt we’re not going to use that person yet we actually do want our person to survive as long as possible so we’re gonna use this slave hunter right here let’s bring our people over.

Okay zoomies backed off that’s good and then let’s free the person and start the fight okay time for some martial arts I probably should have put some armor on the the bad guy right here just so they live longer our goal is to hit and not necessarily do damage where again we just want them to hit with martial arts each swing is going to increase the strength um and they both been swinging a good bit now so let’s let’s pause and just see what this strength progression looks like so peace already had the eight strength and as you can see it has not gone up despite that combat rate of 100% so again we’re ignoring the combat rate and just looking at walking vashu in the other hand has gone up to strength from a zero and has an almost 25% XP rates drinks gone up so he’s not as weighted down and has a 31% combat rates so again comment rate who knows what it actually does so normally I’m not this detailed about how I love these guys up but he’s down to 23% needs a little bit more weight so I’m gonna say Mizzou me in to give him a couple more clubs that should keep him waiting down a little longer and weapons and let’s get sue me away and let them continue speed it up a little bit and let’s watch without shoes wait oh sorry if I shoes strength alright just got to eight so we have a shoe with eight strength piece with a strength they’re about the same so now that they’re the same let’s go ahead and weigh down piece sum as well boss shoe also needs some some more weight so we’ll just split all the clubs that Azumi and about you have between the two of them evenly my shoe currently has six so let’s let’s get six two-piece and see how many we have left over all right let’s give the other four to shoe and one of them has one more than the other but that’s fine and we’re gonna make sure that they’re not using them as weapons because as I may have mentioned earlier martial arts seems to increase your strength faster than fighting with whip and we’ll just let them go until the fight ends they’re not taking too much damage which is good it’s a look at the slave owner also not taking too much damage and this is on full speed so we should see some pretty nice returns out of this first fight all right so they’re done with the fight it looks like I don’t think they knock them down I think they knocked him out so let’s go ahead and pick this person up put them away and see how well our our strengths leveled up so we have vashu here who now has a strength of thirty and peace with the strength of thirty there they’re a little bit injured we’ll have to let him rest see their left arms here have been hurt that’s primarily from punching somebody else and possibly from blocking they’re not blocking so it’s basically just from them punching but as they level up that the amount of damage they do to themselves by punching will go down as you can see they also got a little bit of dex and toughness but that’s not really our goal right now to level up it’s just a nice little extra and dodge and martial arts went up just a tad on each of them as well so let’s uh take a look at how encumbered they are fourteen percent and seventeen percent which means if we’re going to run them through another fight we’re going to need to make sure they have more weight so a few things we’re going to do before the next fight we’re going to put these two guys to bed so they can heal up to full we’re going to get some armor for their next opponent that way that person will live longer and they’ll have more time to gain strength and oh and you might be wondering well if vashu for instance has a strength of thirty and it’s red right now because they’re injured but there’s a strength of thirty and you see only 17% expiry how are you going to get more weight without giving them weapons what we’re going to do is put backpacks on them and we’ll want two backpacks per person.

One backpack that they actually wear and keep stuff in my backpack is going to reduce the amount of weight of the items that are carried in it or at least how much they encumber you so long as you’re wearing it so if you have a backpack that reduces encumbrance by fifty fifty percent all of these are gonna weigh half as much towards cumbrous while you’re wearing it however if you fill a backpack and then you move it to your inventory then that backpack will weigh the full amount it won’t get any kind of bonus so even though we’re just have these iron clubs we don’t have any of the generator cords or anything like that we could still get a whole lot of weight into a single person to inventory just by using two backpacks so I’m gonna let these guys go arrest I’m gonna get one of these guys armored up and make sure there’s plenty of plenty of weight for both of these guys and then we’ll we’ll see how far we can get on fight number two okay we’re ready to go again as I said we’re armored up the person they’ll be fighting now so that person will last longer that’s important because I only have so many people and the more hits the better also they each have 30 strengths so they’re going to be doing more damage now we also let them heal up as you can see they’re more or less full health I’m not sure why it’s showing 99 on some of those but anyway their full health and if we look at their strength XP rates they’re both up to 25%.

We got them there by giving them backpacks two backpacks each this backpack is completely full of these iron clubs and you see this one’s only partially full same situation here he has a full backpack and some in his inventory and partial there let’s get this out of there so there’s still space for more we just don’t want to slow them down too much right now so if after this next fight they they aren’t as encumbered as we’d like we can get Azumi to toss some more into there and and unfortunately we only had these pretty crappy wooden backpacks available wooden backpack and small backpack available over here in this shop but I’m sure you know there are much larger backpacks than both of these that you can use to go further so with all die without further ado let’s make sure the door shut it is shut and locked and let’s start this next fight to see how far they go with 30 strengths each attack unprovoked and there we go now if you’re very limited on the number of opponents you have available to you and you don’t want to go outside the walls for whatever reason you can pause in the middle of the combat to make sure that they have the best experiment ill they stop now for some reason fighting captives they’ll just stop when the captive gets to almost down because you see the person is not quite down they’re really close so you might have to tell them to keep on going at it until you’ve finally actually knock the person out like this once the person’s knocked out you can pick them up and put them back where they belong there we go and let’s see how well they did we’re at 40 strength of a shoe now and 41 strength of piece the difference is uh well let’s take a look a little more than 40 and a half 41 and a half and just barely over 40 it probably came down to one of them getting more hits than the other either because of position or luck or something like that.

So you can see after just two fights these guys are already up to 40 strength you can easily use this method to get them up to 80 strength or more and the way you do that again is just get bigger backpacks in a more full backpacks that you can weight it down even more and more and if you get to the point where iron clubs aren’t cutting it take a look and see if you can’t find the with more weight per square higher level iron clubs are great they continue to get heavier and heavier as you go higher end I think edge edge clubs get up to around 19 kilograms per which is really good almost as good as a generator core and of course generator cores are great if you have them it does not take long at all to to get to 60 plus strength maybe two or three more fights and we’d be there and it’s really not that hard to get to 80 either once they get that really high strength they can they can start taking out pretty strong things especially if their martial art starts to level up once the martial arts starts to get around in the 30s or so you’ll see them be able to take out significantly stronger opponents it’s not unheard of at all for for a pair of martial artists like this to to take out some of the strongest creatures out there in fact I have a have a game with three martial artists who have I think roughly 70 or 80 strengths or so their martial arts and dodge or both in the mid-60s and just three of them by themselves can take out a Leviathan using no weapons at all so martial arts is good but this isn’t a martial arts tutorial just drink tutorial and as you see two fights got these guys essentially from from one of the guys I got him from zero to forty the other guy from eight to 41 but keep in mind the eight forty one guy he started out unencumbered as an example so he could have been a little bit higher as well so I hope that helps you I’m not gonna take it any further I think you you believe me at this point that the string could continue to go up and you know how to do it so strength is by far the easiest attribute to level out of all of these the next easiest one is toughness and then despite this dexterity showing 11 you might think hey your toughness only went up a little but your dexterity went up went up more maybe it’s easier well here they’re about the same but that’s that’s not the case you’ll find that toughness is a simple is taken damage but dexterity is by far the hardest one of the attributes to level so go out get strong and punch people in the face let me know if you have any requests please like and subscribe and if you want to comment as well.

My sound wasn’t too great on the last one so hopefully it was a little better this time around you were able to understand me and hear me well and that’s all for now so thanks for watching Bluff gaming.

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