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Description of the video guide «How to choose a place to build a future base in Kenshi»

A short guide on how to import a saved game to a new start, allowing you to bring along your existing squad, money, research and buildings but enjoy a fresh database.

Welcome to a new tutorial series for Kenshi. Check out the playlist if you’re looking for help with a particular part of the game, otherwise stay for these short videos to learn a bit about the world and the mechanics before you jump in.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or ideas.

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Hello and welcome to another kenchi tutorial video my name is Toby and in this video we’re going to be talking about some suggested starting based locations now I’m gonna give you a couple of caveats here there are a bunch of threads already out there on reddit and on the steam forums about kenchi for good starting locations so all you have to do is Google you know great base starting locations and you’ll get some pictures and generally the location of where these starting areas are I want to show you some you know nothing spectacular but some easy starting positions especially as a new player if you’re completely new to the game these will be some decent areas to start that are relatively safe now keep in mind that you can be rated by other factions after you start building your base so what I try to include is areas that are in a friendly ish territory that you can run to a city the first place I’m going to talk about is this little intersection that’s just north northeast of stack it’s in holy nation territory so it’s right across from the valley and it has some okay resources let’s take a look at one of our science guys and this is all these characters are from a previous playthrough so they’re a little bit built up let’s use their prospect tool now I’m seeing quite a bit of an area here because this skill is so large so I’m seeing almost a 1,000 meter area in this little graph if I use someone who’s not as skilled for example I might see only it looks like 400 meters so a much more zoomed in view so if you don’t have anyone with any science skill that’s fine that’s not a problem but just keep in mind if you do have anyone who’s been skilled up use them as this example so right here in this intersection on this particular spot I have decent water availability and decent fertility there is stone nearby so if I like move my mouse over just across the road there’s some decent stone availability here so if I were to try to put down a stone mine you would see that the availability of stone across the road is at a hundred percent and it kind of tapers off as you go so you can even do this if you just want to find where roughly where stone is going to be a high quality yet so there’s some areas around here that aren’t too far from I would say this is the main section of your base right you’d be able to build some of your living quarters in this area this would be a smaller base but it might be nice to you know get your start let’s go back to the prospectors screen and we’ll see that there’s also some iron resources there’s some iron nodes over here there’s an iron node right there there’s also a copper Monod tucked in this area what I like to do is to relay resources so I will put something like a storage box here and it’s storage for the raw resource that way our characters will run that resource to the box and then whoever might need it can run over and pick up that resource to bring it back to base that’s how you can use kind of distance to if you’re stuck with an area that has a lot of distance between your base and the raw resource you can kind of relay it through the use of storage boxes and also of course we’re looking here at copper and it has some copper availability as well the downside to this area is this is an arid environment so the initial starting farming resource is a vegetable and it doesn’t really have that great of a yield because it’s in an arid environment you can still build this because it does have 10% again let me look at this to show you what I’m talking about it the area does have 10% green environment but it’s mostly arid there are some other vegetables or sorry there are some other farming areas or farm plants that you can use that increase your yield on arid tiles so I do encourage you to explore and to talk to different traders to see the different types of farms available once you have those resources you can unlock those types of things in the farming tab of your research tree so for example cactus is going to do decently I believe in an arid area it doesn’t say it right off the research screen so you might either have to reference this or just pick up the resource itself to unlock it and unlocking this requires a research bench and then also having a certain amount of that item so a cactus or cactus farming for example needs at least two times cactus two times books and you also know how to make need to know how to make wheat straw wheat straw needs two pieces of we straw and two books so it’s not bad to go ahead and learn other items as well other plants that you might need because you’re more than likely going to relocate during your time okay the second location I’d like to talk about is in another location that’s east of the hub and I’ll show you on the map but just as a warning this does include some spoilers for the map that’s in this local area and as you can even see here there’s some ruins that you can explore and you’ll encounter some other things in this zone so it is a little tougher you can note the flashing tabs here mean that my characters are actually in combat or being addressed as they’re trying to get over here anyways so let’s pull up the map and show you that this location that I’m gonna show you is just east of the hub so east of the hub north of the swamps and south of bad teeth so this is that nice valley that I mentioned in the last video or in the last section rather this is the nice kind of holy nation valley area so it’s south of that east of the hub and it’s on this little plateau I like it because it has a nice it still on some hills but there is a flat portion to build on and this can get built up however you are open to all sides of attacks and I will tell you that there is a couple of groups so there are a couple of groups that do patrol through here that are a bit tougher than your average starving bandit so this may or may not be a great location for you again I wanted to show you some different areas and you can use that information you know according to your playthrough how tough is your group right now can they defend against a pack of you know dust bandits or a pack of bandits of that equal caliber let’s find somebody who has science skill and I’m gonna use the here we go doc I want to use the prospecting ability here and we’re looking at a decent sized zone this should represent the most of the valley here and by valley I mean between this hill basically in that hill so the water resources are okay nothing to write home about but it should be more than enough water to with you know basically pull up and use for your farms and the rest of the things you need you may have to have more people using or you know more people working it for longer but for the most part you’re still able to get water here this is an arid zone so again just like the first example you will have to find arid type vegetables to grow if you like this area the fertility also is average but I think that compared to some of the other areas it’s for the most part okay it’s gonna give you a decent if you have an arid crop it’s going to give you a decent yield again you might just have to have more of that resource to put down to counteract the fact that it’s a little bit of a slower start little slower process for the for the harvesting not really slower it’s just less fertility less yield we have good amounts of stone here a little bit down here towards the outpost or toward this ruin this entire section down here has decent stone and there’s also some iron and copper nodes in the area that are close by each other so you can have some iron extraction and copper extraction I tend to have most of my gathering resources and Industry in this area we pull up my stone mine and you can kind of see that some of these areas are zeros but if you move along oh actually maybe it was on this side the stone is at a hundred percent over here so again a lot of this comes down to personal preference I like this area because it does feel like it’s in the middle of a quite a few many zones I’m not gonna move my map out too much I don’t want to I don’t really what I’m trying to really avoid spoilers on this one but the swamps are down here this leads to some interesting areas you have the rest of the eastern map and the Northeast the Northeast is normally accessed through the holy nation area but you still are in pretty close range of bad teeth and stack now the hub is more of a neutral city that once you go to it you’ll understand what I mean that it might not be the best trade location but you are in good range of bad teeth and stack and then some other options once you discover them out to the south it is a bit tougher though so if you’re looking for a bit of more of a challenge where you’re going to have tougher enemies this is a pretty interesting area this is another interesting location that I originally discovered when I was browsing the forums for kenchi for good base locations way.

Back a couple months ago either on Steam or through the subreddit for kimchi this is an interesting spot because it lets you straddle two different zones so we’ve got the border zone which is more this area here and we’re actually just a little bit away from the previous example I showed you so we’re still in that kind of that arid area but we’re close enough to the swamp that you can catch some of the swamp biome so if you’d like to grow things that are like swamp related which tend to have like rice and things like that you can’t in fact place a rice farm in the swamp area but you don’t have to deal with that permanent fog effect that happens once you’re in the swamp because this is not really a fun way to look at your base but if you’re okay with building on hills and in kind of some rocky area this is a very unique position I does have a couple of resources around so it has copper and iron resources and if we look at the prospecting it has an average amount of or rather a rather good amount of water and fertility so as you can see here we are catching this swamp because we’re it’s just far enough up the hill that we’re in the swamp biome and we’re not quite over into the border area it’s very interesting but you can basically get the swamp resources without the swamp effect so if that’s something for you you might want to check out this whole little hill that borders the swamp personally I’m not a huge fan just because I’m a little bit crazy about building on hillsides and if you have your camp here it might wind up being a little bit twisted sorry this is actually below the ground so it might wind up either you know leaning a little bit or having some problems with getting into the ground but you can always mess with it and try to find the good balance and able to you actually change the slope so you can jet you can generally try to counteract some of the effect from hills through messing with these settings here for your building so this is again just north of the swamp here and just east of squid which is a Czech city so this is the valley that runs south of the hub so this whole hillside here might be worth checking out if you’re interested in a unique area that has access to the swamp and also the irritate land all right so this area is kind of unique.

And I’m gonna pop up the map here but I do want to warn you that it might have some spoilers in it so if you’re very against learning where any of these locations are on the map without exploring them yourself you might want to wait a minute or skip ahead a bit probably about two minutes into the video and I can come back and not tell you where it’s at by a map I’ll just tell you rough directions so we are on this location this island that is to the southeast of the great desert in fact the city of heft if you go southeast from that you’ll encounter this rocky little island here there is a lost town there’s basically a ruin here that you can explore but in particular I like this crater looking footprint this almost like it’s been hit by a an impact way back in the day this area is very flat so that’s number one one thing I like about the area because I love to build on flat locations it also has pretty surprisingly decent resources it has 80 water availability 75 fertility and it is in a green zone so you can build normal green vegetables however it’s got a lot of friends number one it’s obviously acid raining here so we are getting damaged as we just sit in the rain we’re taking damage over time it also it has a bunch of crabs on it now they’re not insanely hard you can kite them around if you have a lot of crossbowmen and fight them hand-to-hand but they do tend to swarm you so you have to be a little bit careful that only nice thing is that I have not found many patrols in this area of random crabs they tend to spawn in a camp and that’s it they’re just there there is a faction that does come to raid you from nearby that is incredibly challenging and the only downside or one of the downsides of this area you really don’t have anywhere to run to there’s no major cities except for across the river there’s some in this area here and then of course up into the desert so they’re more challenging I would say this this start is a much more challenging start or not even a start a location is much more challenging of a location than anywhere else but it is really really fun just because of how challenging how out of the way it is are you also if we check the prospecting we can see that there’s decent stone iron and copper all in this little nook so I tend to build all of my gathering resources right here and by this time in the game I normally have really good walls research so I try to build a nice square formation or a star pattern depending on how I’m trying to set up my turrets and that’s how I defend this space so this is just a unique location very challenging not something that I would recommend off the bat but I did at least want to show you some more of an advanced location but the last thing I am gonna show you is one of my favorites for starting out this is my final and favorite suggested starting location in Kanchi this is especially good for new players who aren’t familiar with the game I am over here in the valley and I think it’s called Oakland’s pride I think this is the entire region but this is a very fertile valley it is a hundred percent green if we pull up the prospect you’ll see that it’s actually green one hundred percent as well as arid so you could grow any arid or green plants in this area let me change characters to use someone with a higher prospecting skill to show you the different types of prospecting resources we have around so this entire valley has really high levels of water and fertility stone iron and copper kind of dependent on where those resources are so you can see an iron resources right here but copper tends to be a little harder to find so I like this look in particular so you can see how the river runs through this area I like this section of land in the valley for my base number one look how flat this whole area is I love having a lot of flat land to build on because one of the things about kenchi I don’t like is I hate the way buildings that are placed on hills look I just don’t like how they curve I don’t like how they tilt I’m a little obsessed with it and I would love that an option to spend some effort to terraform the ground but you don’t really have to do that here because everything is 100% flat so the first benefit is it’s flat the second benefit is it’s very close to three major cities blister hill stack and bad teeth this does open up a lot of trade options if you need to go find certain items for.

Your bass or you’re looking to sell things that you’ve made at your base along with some clothes holy farms where you can buy animals or different types of vegetables the third thing I like about this is the security just the same thing with the trading all these major cities are nearby so if you happen to trigger a raid or a group that is just proving to be you know wandering but just too powerful for you you can run to those cities along with the security aspect though there are random roving patrols of holy paladin’s in the area although right now all I see are a ton of River actors that is a downside to this area is that River Raptors do patrol this area pretty heavily now by their own River Raptors don’t aggress against your players however they will try to come eat your crops so you could quickly get overwhelmed with River raptors if you’re not aggressively trying to keep that population down so that’s a nice trade-off about this area is that there still is a challenge in the fact that you have to keep the river up you River Raptor population down they do hurt so they can be a little bit dangerous in large groups so I tend to before I build my city of course have a nice group of fighters they’re pretty average but they should be able to handle a small pack of River River Raptors just fine so again this area let me pull up that prospecting tool real quick excellent water and fertility it’s okay on the wind speed I normally don’t use a lot of wind generators I sometimes use the biofuel for in this section here there’s plenty of stone as you can see oh this entire Peninsula here has a very high stone content the area over on this side has a lot of stone content as well and there are iron deposits and copper deposits all over the place I tend to in this example I build my raw extraction resources here so I like to build for example my stone mine on this side of the river and then I build my processing on this side of the river here this is not as you know it doesn’t really slow anyone down it’s just a just a second or two they have to swim and then they can drop the resources off in something like a stone storage box right here.

And the rest of the base normally takes up a good I mean you don’t even need all this space I just like to have this much because it looks awesome so that is my final and favorite position especially for new players again you’re never really trapped in one location you can always relocate anywhere you want in this game just realize that as you move along you might encounter different challenges like tougher enemies or different environments that don’t grow vegetables or your plant as well so you have to be ready to adapt to that okay if you have any questions about this video or different starting areas please leave a comment below otherwise I do hope that this particular video of the series has been helpful you can continue on watching the next video in the series is going to be the actual process of starting a base and we will wind up starting at this location here because this is again one of my favorite spots for new players thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you again in the next.

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